What’s your Soul Potential?


Do you have any idea how beautiful and eternal our souls are?
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One of the reasons why I love my work so much is the opportunity it gives me to get a glimpse of your soul. I’m not impressed by the car you drive, the money you make, how famous your are, the clothes you wear or your looks. I’m only impressed by your soul.

Your truest essence. Your spark of Divinity which you bring to this world. Which sometimes you cannot see but sometimes I can – an experience which can only be described as awe inspiring and humbling as I learn more about the Creative Source that created all our souls. And express to you in my own words what I see, sense, hear or feel about your soul and it’s potential.

If you’d like to know more about your soul get in touch for an exclusive soul report that will take you through the essence of your soul, your current lesson and your ultimate potential in this lifetime as a human being. Email/Whatsapp me for details on mita.bhan@gmail.com or on 9810138315.

Karmic Relationships – Inescapable, Unavoidable


“Shattered” by Shreekant Palapally

A beautiful explanation on Karmic relationship by Vijay Reddy –

“The relationship that drives people crazy with anger and frustration are from a past life. These are the people who really get under your skin and exasperate you endlessly. Very often, these karmic relationships are with people in your immediate family.

Karmic relationships mean that you’ve had prior lifetimes with this person, and you both were sent back to be together to work things out peacefully. This was your soul’s choice, although it was probably highly pushed upon you by your guides and angels who helped you script out much of your life. Usually a karmic relationship is someone with whom you had a battle or other harsh circumstances. You returned together in this lifetime to ensure that you’d work things out, and clear both of your energies.

If you don’t clear the energies in this lifetime, you’ll be pressured to continue to incarnate with this soul again and again and again.

And each lifetime, his or her relationship to you will continue to be close, either through genetics and familial bonds, or through friendship, marriage, or career. So, that annoying co-worker could be your mother or husband next lifetime unless you clear the energy with her in this one.

You’re brought together with the other soul so that you can forgive him or her. This doesn’t mean forgiving their actions. It means detoxing your soul by releasing anger toward them. You don’t have to hang out with the person, but you do need to release old pent-up toxic feelings. Holding in old anger is caustic and unhealthful.

It’s also a waste of time and energy to blame that person for family dramas and your own upset. Blaming is a projection of our ego, where we don’t own our own shadows and ego issues, and we put them in the basket labeled: “It’s their fault.” And while it may be true that that person is the instigator of traumas, blaming him or her doesn’t help the situation and doesn’t balance the karma between you.

Breaking the Karmic Cycle

The first step to break this karmic cycle is for you to take responsibility for its presence in your life. Your soul agreed to be with this person because it was necessary for your spiritual progress. So forgiving yourself is the ultimate secret to healing everything in all directions of time.

This involves forgiving yourself for entering this relationship whenever you did in the distant past lifetime. You probably were given red-flag warnings by your angels then, which you chose to ignore or override. Forgive yourself for ignoring those red flags, and vow to listen from now on. Life lessons only count if we learn from them.

You get infuriated by how this person behaves. But this is how this individual’s personality works and has always worked. You were the one who chose to try to be in a relationship with him or her long, long ago. You were the one who decided that all of those red flags that your angels sent you didn’t matter. You were the one who decided that you could change or fix the person.

Now it’s time to let go of that fantasy that this person could be as you desire or dream him or her to be. You’re not the other person’s Source, nor are you the author of his or her life scripts.

Karmic relationships are akin to having a tug-of-war. They’re power plays, where one person will pull and the other person will pull back. No one wins in karmic power plays. But when one person drops his or her side of the rope (through the process of forgiving him- or herself for getting into this tug-of-war in the first place), the power struggle stops.

Use prayers for forgiveness for other and self.
Saying bless you to the soul.
Find reasons to be grateful.
Learn the lessons by asking them to be revealed.

Live and Let Live


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The reason I dedicate a part of my earnings to the rescue and care of street animals and wildlife is because there are so many people who want to hurt them, move them out of the way, destroy their habitat and simply profit off them. Animals are living, breathing cohabitants of Earth. They too have their feelings, and every right to this planet we call home. They can sense the fear and hatred in some people’s eyes towards them and will do whatever they can to protect themselves. If you brandish a stick at a street dog during your morning walks, he is going to look at you suspiciously and growl. If you do throw water at a group of monkeys searching for food because their habitat is destroyed they will come after you. Karma doesn’t miss a thing. Animals don’t expect you to love them, just accept them, cohabit and be kind.

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With every Tarot reading, Reiki session, Meditation session or Workshop with Mita Bhan, a percentage of earnings goes towards the care of wildlife and street animals.

Tarot Forecast Survey

Thank you so much for all of your support down the years. And I’m privileged to be able to read the cards for some of you who have been in touch with me since I first began doing Tarot Forecasts for national and local supplements and newspapers and then online in 2003. If you have read any of my Monthly/Annual/Love Forecasts for all sunsigns, please take a moment to fill in the survey which shouldn’t take more than a minute. Just click on the link below and as always your privacy will be respected.


Thank you once again:)

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Why Learn Meditation


Ever so often I read the cards of people who are overwhelmed by the stresses in their life. They may be going through a divorce. Or have suddenly been retrenched. Or are juggling way too many things in their life at once. The cards answer their questions but as a reader, I always recommend learning meditation as a tool for handling stress for the rest of their life.

Meditation allows us to release worries one by one with breath work. It allows our minds to reach a silent space of stillness where we can view our lives as an observer and not get swept by the storms around us. It brings us clarity and peace, even if it’s for a few minutes. And it gives us the strength to face whatever life throws our way.

And that’s only the mental benefits. When we reach a state of mental wellbeing our body cells and emotions respond with a certain lightness, radiance and energy. Almost like being renewed everytime we open our eyes after meditation.

If I were to summarise why meditation should be learnt it would because meditation is the only positive practice which brings us in touch with the beauty we possess inside by letting go of the unecessary and the unwanted.

Interested in learning meditation? Or holding a workshop in your office? Get in touch with me for a Guided Healing Meditation session or group class on Meditation 101 at mita.bhan@gmail.com/whatsapp 9810138315

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“How to distinguish a real from a fake intuitive Tarot reader?” Quora Answer

This was originally published on Quora in answer to the question “How can you distinguish a real intuitive Tarot reader from a fake one

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Many people buy a deck of cards read the little white book that goes with it and then go professional within 2–3 months.

A real reader never stops learning the Tarot, they read different books, different schools of thoughts, and are constantly learning about the Tarot. A real reader will also:

1. Help you frame a question in a way that brings you the maximum amount of information in one spread.

2. Will know multiple meanings for each card and how they differ for each position of the spread.

3. Will never make claims of being 100% accurate because they know everyone is human and interpretation of the cards is open to error.

4. Will never try to scare you with cards like The Devil or Death and instead empower you with the real meaning of the cards.

5. Will end the session leaving you feel a little more clearer about the whole situation and not nervous or uneasy. 5

6. Will never try to ‘sell’ you remedies.

7. Will never make you dependent on a reading, as far as they go, a reading is a session in itself and never is the need to insist a person return weekly/monthly or ever. Their job is to give you what they sense and read about your situation and then allow you to fly free:)

Real Tarot readings are empowering and clarifying especially when used as a life guide and NOT a tool for prediction.

Mita Bhan

Meditation Symbols. The Butterfly



When the butterfly appears in your meditation expect change. Some of it will happen naturally for you. Some will be conscious changes you make in your life. Old habits and atitudes you need to let go of. Priorities you need to relook. Things no one can do for you but yourself to lighten yourself on your path.

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Meditation Symbols – The Macaw


Image from http://www.savacations.com

To see a macaw in your meditation means its time to revel in your magnificence as a soul. Be yourself. No matter what they say. You are unique, powerful and perfect just as you are. You don’t care to compare. You are you. And they are they. Your colours will always be true because you have nothing to hide.

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Recording the Present Moment in a Report



“While the spoken word can travel faster, you can’t take it home in your hand. Only the written word can be absorbed wholly at the convenience of the reader.” Kingman Brewster Junior

Recently I got a call from a lady who had re-read a few Tarot Reports I’d written for her in 2006. She was surprised that they still made sense. And had kept printouts for her now grown up children to read. We discussed the advantages of Tarot Reports namely:

  • The meanings of the Tarot cards never change. They capture the essence of the moment of a reading. Sometimes they make sense during the reading and if written, they’re deepest meanings are understood much later.
  • While spoken words are forgotten, written words endure. Everytime you re-read them you understand the different layers and levels of the Tarot.
  • Written reports offer greater depth and detail than a short telephonic session or a face to face reading which give you the crux of the matter.
  • Written reports can be saved and given as gifts for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for a detailed Tarot report on the following, get in touch for details.

  1. Love Report
  2. Professional Report
  3. Soul Report
  4. Childs Report

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