5 Ways to Beat Phone Fatigue



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5 Ways to  Beat Phone Fatigue

In a world that’s slowly getting run by mobile phones, it’s not hard to get phone fatigue. Best described as simply getting tired of hearing ringtones, pings, voices and feeling a slight headache you just know when you’ve had enough of your phone, or even the phone of the guy in the next cubicle, or the lady in the queue. Your ears, your brain and your voice-box (larynx) are simply drained out.

Here’s what you should do when it gets unbearable:

  1. Switch your phone off or put it on silent for an hour.
  2. Go outdoors, get some chores done, walk in the park.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration depletes the energy without us even realising it.
  5. Connect with nature. I like to tend to my plants or play with my pet cats.

The key is becoming aware that we are human after all, and do need to rest and recharge from that which is draining us the most.

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The Gurus of Patience



The Gurus of Patience

Christmas time at a busy airport.

The queue was endless.

And the passengers were getting impatient.

The officials at the immigration counter didn’t care.

They sipped their tea and chatted.

While a few voices cried out “We’re going to miss our flight!”

And babies yelled, sick of being carried, yearning to run free on their tiny feet.

One group of men in saffron robes stood apart.

in their demeanour.

Totally unaffected by the chaos, the crowds and the panic.

They held on to their passports and stood calmly, smiling inside.

They knew, their turn would come, in time.

It was pointless to shove and to shout.

Everybody goes where they are meant to go, when the time is right.

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Where would we be without the kindness of strangers?


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The Kindness of Strangers


person shaking hands

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It is only  a sense of deep gratitude  I feel for all the strangers who have helped me without me even asking them.

The security guard who carried my crying 6 month old while I fumbled in my bag for my boarding pass in an international airport.

The lady who held my hand tightly while I stumbled on the mossy pebbles in a temple pond.

The man who gave me his handkerchief when I received a call about the death of a loved one in a queue.

The old couple who emailed me pictures of my son performing in a street play when my camera battery died.

The cashier who lent me her phone to make an emergency call when I forgot my phone.

Or even the lady who let me stand in front of her in the check out queue because I had just one item while her shopping cart was full.

And countless other angels down the years who were there when I needed a helping hand. They came forward wordlessly, in seconds and I still thank each and every one of them.

Without even realising it, these people show us the world isn’t such a cold and cruel place.  By being themselves, they inspire us every day to extend our hand if we see a stranger stumble or fall. To pay their kindness forward and add a little kindness to our worlds.


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October 2018 Tarot Forecast

October 2018 Tarot Forecast


Something’s changed so much that you have no choice but to go with the flow. Though a part of you may be resisting things, or unwilling to open your mind you really have very little choice. At the work front, you may have to take a few more risks if you want to get ahead. And quit worrying about what the others are up to. The key is to stay grounded and willing to change. Relationships may go through a rocky patch this month as your stubbornness could lead to some differences. The more you learn to listen, the better things become.




Oops you may have been splurging a bit too much lately and may end up feeling the pinch in the days ahead. The month’s barely begun and you’re already broke. Resolve to spend carefully in the days ahead and learn from your mistakes. At work there may be a misunderstanding which could lead to a temporary state of confusion, but it will soon resolve. Your better half or your partner may be under the weather or simply moody this week. Don’t expect sympathy, remember, there are some moments in life when we just have to go through things on our own.


Wow, you make a killing this month when it comes to money matters. A bonus that was due to you comes your way. Or you receive some unexpected money. If it doesn’t happen that way, then you feel more secure than you’ve ever felt before. A good time to invest, or to sort out any bank matters, the cards promise greater wealth and gains for you in the years ahead. In the domestic front you may decide to renovate your home or buy that car you’ve been eyeing for a while. An old flame or suitor may rekindle feelings of nostalgia within you.


It’s time to start believing in your own abilities and stop relying on other people for their approval. The only way to grow and rise is when you trust your inner voice, and know that you have what it takes to be a success. You may have to deal with an extremely ruthless and ambitious person and if you don’t stand up for yourself you may get completely trampled upon. Even in your love life, speak up when upset. Repressing emotions and feelings will only lead to pain for you. Be bold and fearless dear Cancer, it’s time to seize the bull by its horns and make a name for yourself.


You’re your at your most optimistic this month. And if you aren’t out partying, you soon will be. Even at work, your cheerful attitude will be picked up and appreciated by the team. And if there’s a celebration due, why not asap? Just make sure you don’t eat or drink too much. Know your limits or else you may find yourself a little under the weather. Good news comes to you in your love life. The one you’ve been eyeing for a while now likes you too. Or you and your mate decide to renew and strengthen your bonds with one another. A good month to love and spread the love around!


A project comes to an end. And don’t be surprised at the amount of praise you receive. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. And if you continue this way, then there can only be greater gains and glory coming your way. You may find yourself appreciating and enjoying the finer things of life, and may even splurge on something luxurious or precious. Go ahead and treat yourself. An outing with your friends may be just the thing your soul needs. Enjoy yourself, but not for too long. There’s a lot ahead of you that you need to accomplish.


Your clarity and determination is unstoppable. With your principles and your values intact, you set out to get to the heart of the matter. A good time for study, research and planning. Your attention to detail is at its sharpest, and when it comes to intellectual might, no one comes close to you in this period. While you’re busy intellectualizing don’t forget to pay attention to your health. Remember, all work and no play? Take time out to chill.


With your determination to win, you’ll surely overcome all obstacles that stand in your way right now. Just make sure you don’t step on anyone’s toes in your climb to the top. A sudden change of plans or an obstacle may take you by surprise – stay grounded and prepare yourself for a minor detour. Remember your success story is all up to you. Take control of your situation and decide what risks are worth taking and what aren’t. Watch out for being a little too controlling in your personal relationships though, expect resistance and fireworks to your ideas.  Relationships could turn explosive suddenly.


Get in touch with your inner child again. Enjoy being playful and carefree. Spend time in the company of young ones and discover the joy of living in the moment. Work matters run smoothly. And in your personal life a part of you just wants to have a great time. Old school mates may have a reunion, or you may get in touch with someone from a long time ago and relive the old memories. Remember the more we give of ourselves and our energies, the more we receive. Money that was owed to you will be returned, be patient.


You’re restless, impatient and just can’t relax. Figure out what exactly is bothering you and try and do something about it. If it’s beyond your control, let go. Your heart may not be in your work in the days ahead and you may dream of leaving it all behind and going off to dream destination. Even in your relationships with loved ones you may feel like something’s missing. The dissatisfaction dear Capricon, comes from within yourself. Meditate, introspect and find out how you can change from within.


Whether you notice it or not, you are surrounded by well wishers and people who truly love you. Positive energies abound and it’s up to you to do something good with the love that’s flowing. The key to happiness may be right in front of your eyes and you need to pay attention to the signals. This could be the start of a lifelong love affair. Or a marriage. Or the start of a new chapter in your life where things work your way, and where you attract only the good things of life. Take advantage of the good feelings.


We all need our space and solitude. And this month seems to be the month for wanting time out. You may not feel like gossiping in the workplace over tea. Or going for the party you’ve been invited to. And besides who says you have to. Recharge your batteries and enjoy your solitude. Just make sure you don’t overdo it that’s all. A good time to reassess your work and achievements, and set long term goals. Lady Luck smiles at all those preparing for tests and exams.

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Don’t Waste Time on Your Haters



One of my regular visitors is a public figure. I’ve been reading her cards for over a decade. And she’s probably one of the realest, nicest people I know. Whatever she does and says is straight from her heart without filters. And with her talent she has achieved a fair amount of success down the years. Her happiness from living her life purpose is visible to all who have seen her on media and there’s nothing but delight while reading her energies, because she is who she is.

Recently she forwarded me a few messages that she received on social media. They were hateful, mean words with no substance from anonymous people she had worked with. I could see where her pain was coming from because she isn’t at all like what they described,  but their intention was clearly to put her down and make her look and feel bad.

When we spoke about it I could understand. Never once has she criticized a colleague nor viewed others with hate. Her philosophy was simple – focus on doing what you do best and let others follow their own path.  She couldn’t fathom why there was suddenly so much hate coming her way. She  contemplated quitting and retreating, leading a life of privacy away from the glare and scrutiny of the media.  Social media has its advantages about connecting people but sometimes it’s an easy, anonymous platform to spread hate about others. A trend that will hopefully be reversed someday.

Her cards revealed greater success coming her way. And along with that would come greater envy and hatred from those around her.  The higher she would rise, the greater the hate towards her. She’d have no choice but to deal with her critics and understand where they were coming from – a space of insecurity and misery.  And most importantly she would continue on her path, of living her truth and touching the lives of people with her gifts from God.

The cards as always provided guidance that was a learning for all. But was beautiful was her response.

“I can not be like my haters. And that is why they hate me. I have too many things to do in my short life to let my critics pull me down.  I can either concentrate on their words or concentrate on being me”

Yes dear lovely lady. Yes.


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For privacy sake, no names and details will ever be revealed, case studies are shared for all of us to learn from.





Detox your Brain


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Without even realizing it we get addicted to our own thoughts. We start believing them and end up living the thought. Especially negative ones. For me it’s “Oh I can’t lose weight” and I try all kinds of diets and exercise regimes and, well, I don’t lose a gram. Am I giving up too early? No. Am I not focussing on inch loss? No.

I’m simply feeding myself a negative thought. And the results are evident.

And like white sugar and refined flour, negative thought patterns are toxic. It’s time to replace them with superfoods. Superthoughts. Thoughts that are inherently positive, even if we don’t believe in their goodness at first, but sooner or later we do. Studies have revealed that if we repeat a positive thought to ourselves, it slowly embeds itself into our brain and eventually becomes our reality.

The key to detox is to pay attention to a self sabotaging thought pattern or a thought that’s not helping anyone. The minute you find yourself thinking “Oh I can never lose weight” immediately replace it with “Losing weight is easy for me” At first it will sound fake, almost unreal but as your brain starts hearing it over and over again. It will happen with a few weeks of conscious practice. Scientists say it takes 21 days of repeated effort for something to become a practice. And the results are beginning to trickle in. I’ve lost a kilogram!

Tips for Detox

  • Pay attention to your thoughts. Identify just one negative thought pattern.  It could be related to yourself, your relationships or even the external world. Everytime the thought pops up, replace it consciously with a positive though. Or repeat it like an affirmation. Practice for 21 days until it happens automatically. Even if it sounds unbelievable try it.


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The Goddess and the Girl


Sometimes mom sent her on errands.

Sometimes that man was there.

Sitting outside the shop with his legs on top of the plastic stool

cat calling, whistling out to any passing woman, beckoning her to sit on

his lap.

With her heart racing she’d avoid his lewd eyes and leave the shop as quickly as she could, that creepy, trickly feeling inside her would tell her to run.

Run run run to a place of safety.

Run run run to the Goddess of Mercy.

Who’d be standing and smiling from the other side of the road back home.

Making sure she reached okay.

Every single time.

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“She is called Kuan Yin because at any cry of misery she ‘hears the voice and removes the sorrow.’ Her appellation is ‘Taking-away-fear Buddha,’ If in the midst of the fire the name of Kuan Yin is called, the fire cannot burn; if tossed by mountain billows, call her name, and shallow waters will be reached. If merchants go across the sea seeking gold, silver, pearls, and precious stones, and a storm comes up and threatens to carry the crew to the evil devil’s kingdom, if one on board calls on the name of Kuan Yin, the ship will be saved. If one goes into a conflict and calls on the name of Kuan Yin, the sword and spear of the enemy fall harmless. If the three thousand great kingdoms are visited by demons, call on her name, and these demons cannot with an evil eye look on a man. If, within, you have evil thoughts, p. 253 only call on Kuan Yin, and your heart will be purified, Anger and wrath may be dispelled by calling on the name of Kuan Yin. A lunatic who prays to Kuan Yin will become sane. Kuan Yin gives sons to mothers, and if the mother asks for a daughter she will be beautiful. Two men—one chanting the names of the 6,200,000 Buddhas, in number like the sands of the Ganges, and the other simply calling on Kuan Yin—have equal merit. ” Myths and Legends of China, by Edward T.C. Werner, [1922]

September 2018 Tarot Forecast



If you’re feeling frustrated about something, perhaps the Universe is teaching you the lesson of patience. Hold on to your impulses. Exercise a bit more self control. And wait till the situation clears up a little.  Relationships feel stifling or you may be just bored with the routine. How about bringing in some positive change in your life. Join the dance class you’ve been eyeing. Or just head to the spa for some much needed rest and rejuvenation? Financially a slow month, it doesn’t mean money isn’t coming, it just means, you need to wait a little more.




Life is asking you to learn to be more versatile and flexible. And the faster you learn to adapt to changing circumstances, the better it will be for you. Expect routines to go haywire and plans to change at a moment’s notice. Promises made by others are broken and you realise you have no choice but to be even more self reliant.  A move is indicated either job wise or home wise. Even in your personal life you may notice your mate has changed or your children suddenly grow up. How will you keep up with them if you don’t change yourself. Go with the flow, and keep an open mind.




After a whirlwind past few weeks, time to slow down and bring back the routine in your life. Get things organised again. Clean up a few wardrobes. Empty out your desk. And clear the clutter. To invite new energies into your life you will first need to clear up the old. You may need to sort out a financial matter and with patience, it should go smoothly.  A good time to begin a diet or fitness regime, the results will be slow but sure this time. Resolve to take more care of your health. And see how your body begins to respond to your decision.




At times you can be a little too naiive with other people. Learn to be a little more guarded with what you say and who you trust. At work the more self reliant you are the better (and safer) you will be. Someone may be dishonest with you and it’s better to be careful than hurt later. An ailing parent may act difficult. And if you were planning to go on a holiday expect delays.  Do not be taken in by appearances, look beneath the surface for the answers to your questions. A mystery could get solved.





The same old faces and the same old places. Kinda gets boring doesn’t it? How about bringing in some newness into your life. Hang out with a different crowd? Join a new club? Do something to reach out to absolute newness. If the job is getting to you, you may like to update your resume and consider a totally different industry. Someone may offer you a job or an opportunity that could change your world. Open your mind to different viewpoints. Let go of past regrets and stay positive regardless. In love matters makes sure to keep talking and listening, your mate may act defensive and difficult. Be patient.







A part of you is tired of playing the people pleaser and the diplomat. You may suddenly choose to tell people exactly what you think of them. Be prepared for a few looks of utter surprise as you go on an honesty mission. Just remember not to go overboard. An impulse decision may lead to regrets. And if you are rushing to meet a deadline make sure to double check for errors. A month of action and productivity, you may get a lot of things done. Love life may take a back seat as you find yourself preoccupied with work matters. Reassure your mate that you havent forgotten them!





Encounters with people become very lively this week. New relationships may take place which may be totally different from anything you have experienced before. Open your mind to differing points of view. And realise that you may be attracting a new circle of friends and colleagues who could be unusual or at times downright weird. Emphasis this month is on freedom, spontaneity and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Before you get carried away with the wackiness of the days ahead remember not to get into any binding agreements or commitments till you sober down later.





This is a time of huge responsibilities and hard work. Results will be slow but sure. And do realise though it may seem back breaking at times, all this is shaping your success story. Avoid taking on projects that don’t directly influence or involve you at this moment. As it is you have enough to do. Family may make a lot of demands on your time. Politely but firmly buy time from them. Monetary gains are indicated. And an investment begins to reap rewards. Slow and steady does the win the race!




Your creative juices are flowing again. A part of you wants to sing, dance, draw again. What stops you? A job or assignment may ignite your spark again and if all goes well this could be an enlivening and electrifying month for Saggitarians. A social outing could be the meeting point for someone who could play a very significant role in your life. Your children may surprise you with their talents. And if you’d been wondering about a delayed payment, wait no further. Just watch out for overindulging, too much of a good thing could lead to illness. Moderation is key.





Whatever you do, just keep your cool. Staying calm and patient is the key to rising above any conflict or confusion in the days ahead. Just because someone’s provoking you doesn’t mean you have to react. Learn the power of silence. And realise that this is simply a test, the rewards will soon follow. You may begin to get second thoughts about a special somebody and ask for time out to examine what is really going on. Avoid lashing out on loved ones, better to retreat and ask for space. Financially a good month, expect an increase in income in the following months.




Whatever you do right now will yield results in the long term. Every soul you meet now could be a potential ally or supporter someday. A business partnership turns out to be profitable. A period of success awaits you, but you must be willing to ask for what you want.  In the personal sphere a special someone may propose. Don’t allow pressure to make you commit.  Watch out for impulse shopping. And if you were planning to move house you may begin the process of house hunting and even finalise a place in the days ahead.





When it comes to learning you are a topper! And I don’t mean just studies. It could be skill, a spiritual lesson or simply a deeper understanding of your world. You’re moving up the ladder quickly with your alertness and your willingness to learn. Every experience is shaping the soul that you are. If you’ve just joined a job ask for more responsibilities. And if you’re job hunting opt for something you’d love to learn more about. Friendships get deeper in this period. And you may find yourself wanting to commit to someone. Marriage is also on the cards for those single and looking.



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Even one sided love is true

He calls me for a reading frequently and it’s always about her.

How she’s doing. Is she happy. Is her husband treating her right.

And each and every time the cards point to a deep, long lasting love

but only from his side.

His pain is indescribably real.

And so is his deep concern for her to be happy.

In all the readings I’ve done for him, he’s never asked about himself.



Bless his heart dear God.


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