No Guarantees

The wise ones tell us this a thousand times but we still don’t remember until its too late. Things we take for granted get taken. Appreciate the people in your life. Show them, tell them and cherish them. Appreciate all the things in your life you just assume will always be around. Make it a daily practice to count your blessings and be thankful. Appreciation brings more blessings.

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Try loving yourself again


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Give yourself a chance.

Start with getting to know yourself.

Understand ,approve and accept you.

Yes you.

Don’t quit so easily.

Give yourself another chance.

So what if you tried and failed.

Give yourself another chance.

Appreciate how far you’ve come.

How much you have learnt and grown

with every heartbreak.

Now is the time to reclaim yourself.

To commit to starting again one more time.

On a journey to self love where

everything ebbs and flows.

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16 years of gratitude


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When I began learning the Tarot way back in 1998 I never thought I’d go professional until a friend suggested it to me. It took me 5 years to feel I knew enough about the 78 Tarot card meanings and spreads to start my own practice and in August 2003, I took the leap. At first I thought, “ok let me try it out for a year”

16 years have passed and I still am trying it out:) Learning as I go along from books, from courses and most of all from all the wonderful souls who have turned to my deck for answers. And have supported and encouraged me down the years. As a token of gratitude, I’ve got a few surprises lined up for all of you who take out the time to come to me at my office in Gurgaon or opt for telephonic readings this month.

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you:)

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Peace and Blessings

Mita Bhan

Ever met an angel in disguise?



Lamp from Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Every now and then someone up there sends me someone so divine to meet for half an hour, or even half a minute and my life is transformed forever. Random people – clients, patients,neighbors, acquaintances…. – old, young, male, female – people who are just so likeable. Soooooo likeable. They have a glow around them. A certain purity. A rare ability to stay for long periods of time in the present moment. And a certain magical air about them.

Whenever I do get blessed by the presence of these souls, or they help me just when I need them, I thank and ask God to bless them for their ability to spread happiness. What’s even more beautiful is some of them don’t even know they have such a lovely gift. Such people are angels in disguise.

Think of the angels who you’ve met. Thank them:) And pray there be many more such angels in disguise on our planet. We could all do with a few more, don’t you think?:)

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Tarot Forecast for August 2019 for all sun signs



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Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Something’s bothering you and you cant put your finger on this growing sense of uneasiness. For a while you may feel like the others in the team are out to steal your idea or worse still, keep you out of the loop. Don’t run away with suspicion. Simply detach and return after a while. Overwork is taking its toll on your health, make some time for you. Personal relationships may be strained, realise it’s not them who needs to change, it’s your atitude towards them. Deep and total relaxation will be very therapeutic.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Work may be boring you, or perhaps a relationship begins to lose its thrill. A part of you want to start afresh or simply run away to the mountains and completely let go of worldly life. Whatever it is that is bothering you will stop the minute you realise that only you can make a positive difference into your life. Your body may need exercise. Or you may need to up your vitamin intake. If you’ve been finding it hard to relax, how about a day at the spa? Financially expect some good news towards the end of the month.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Stop being so stubborn and thinking only your view is right. Pause and truly listen to what others are advising you. A part of you may know it’s true but your ego isnt ready to listen. Keep your eyes and ears open for a sudden opportunity. Your work load may suddenly increase and annoying disruptions could hold you back from completing your tasks. Relax, you’re only being tested on endurance levels. How much can you take? You’re stronger than you think. Financially a month of gains and opportunities, just work on your time management.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Travel broadens the mind and this is a wonderful period for getting away from the mundane and the predictable. You may discover the student within you itching to learn a new subject or skill. What stops you? A young person may open your mind to a whole new perspective. And if single, expect the sparks of chemistry and a short, sweet affair. Married couples may find it’s time to change home or expand your living space. Children will surprise you with their intelligence and you could find ways to bond more with your loved ones.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

Relax, your fears are not coming true. Stop taking the safe path, and will yourself to taking a few risks. The coming few months promise success and results but only if you take a leap of faith. In the personal front expect reconciliations or some form of making up with a special someone. Hearts get mended. And vows get renewed. A lucky break comes your way, don’t hold yourself back, say YES and see where you head. An old acquaintance may ask you for a favour if you’re prepared to give without expecting anything in return then do so. Acts of charity bring blessings your way.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

Tempers run high and you may find yourself irritated with a few souls at the workplace. Bickering may escalate into full blown arguments. Keep your temper in check. And if it gets unbearable, go for a walk. This is not the time to make enemies in the team. A young man may annoy you to the point of exasperation. Even in the home front family members may begin to wonder about your sullenness. What aspect of yourself are you denying? Can a little introspection help? Or how about practicing meditation? Be your own best friend and help yourself find the peace.

Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22)

One door closes, and another door opens. Don’t take rejection personally. And try not to get too disappointed. Bigger, better opportunities are coming your way. You just have to believe in yourself a little more. A project you were waiting for may get delayed or cancelled. Doesn’t matter, there’s a lot of other things you can do cant you? An old friend may need your help. And a sibling may require advice or aid. Financially a week of planning, keep a close eye on your expenses especially if you have a tendency to splurge.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov21)

An investment pays off. Your team bags a prized account. And sales figures reach an all time high. A week of celebrations. And knowing that somewhere you deserve every bit of it. Your astute business sense is not going unrecognised. And you may feel like starting out on your own or contemplating a new investment. Lady Luck is smiling on you. Your personal life can get better but first you need to look within and see what needs changing from your side if you want the harmony to return. Make a lifestyle change, give up the booze or give up the carbs, do something your body will thank you for.

Saggitarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Repairs and firefighting seem to be theme song for the days ahead. Something breaks down, and just as you fix it, something else goes bust. Relax, you’re capable enough to make it all happen for you. Try not to fret about things that are beyond your control. And nagging is not going to help either. If your spouse or mate has been stubborn, let them be. Children may be exasperating as well with their unwillingness to listen. Remember you can only do so much and no more for others.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Hope springs forth and you find yourself renewed and reinvigorated. Your energy levels are high and a lot can get accomplished in the following days. Just make sure things arent done to hastily. A careless mistake could prove costly. Personally you may feel like a makeover and opt for a new hairstyle or even revamp your wardrobe. Pamper yourself a bit, don’t you think you deserve it?

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Worrying is simply a waste of energy. And trying to control what’s truly not in your hands is only going to raise your blood pressure. Learn to let go. At work, a tiresome project or situation finally comes to an end, bringing relief for all. At home, a parent may need medical attention and should feel better within a few days. Watch out for overeating or overspending. Now’s the time for balance and moderation, and not indulgence!

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar20)

Be patient dear Piscean, things will work out the way you have planned but you need to learn how to wait. If recuperating from an illness or ailment make sure you eat the right food to bring your energies back. An annoying colleague may provoke you into saying or doing something quite surprising. In terms of your love life, you may need to improve your listening skills if you want more harmony.

Mita Bhan

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Why are you holding on?



Image courtesy Oracle Deck by Sonia Choquette

Of course it will hurt.

Your pain is real and justified.

He used you. She lied to you. They ignored you.

And they’ll never know how much pain you felt.

Only you will.

Because you’re still holding on to the memory

while they carry on with their lives.

And you have no choice but to let go.

Hard as it may seem, it’s necessary.

Easy to say, hard to do.

But once done, you’re free.

To move on and embrace a new path.

Try it. Let go a little at a time. Or let it all go.

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Meeting the High Priestess


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Sybil Rock, Delphi, Greece

Oh it’s good to be home. Carrying memories in my heart of the people I met and the places I’ve seen. And one of the images that will always remain in my heart is the rock of Delphi, right outside the Temple of Apollo in Greece. Where thousands of years ago, the Sybils or High Priestess sat delivering the oracle to weary pilgrims who came far and wide seeking answers from the other world.

The marble is slippery and the stairway is worn out after thousands of years of use. The ruins stand testimony to a time and a place in history that has influenced the entire world. And if you want to know about the energy, there’s still power and peace to be found on the grassy slopes of the Parnassos Mountain. An energy that speaks of acceptance, becoming a better person, of compassion and tolerance.

As I walked around the rock, I tried to imagine a lady in white robes sitting there lost in her thoughts surrounded by scribes and interpretors who’d translate her cryptic messages to the pilgrims and the travellers who came from far and wide for her answers. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze upon my face happy in the fact I had nothing to ask because I knew nothing. I was content just being there.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Socrates

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The Joy of Meditative Writing




How many of you have kept journals or diaries while growing up? Books that contained your most private of thoughts and most precious of words that reflected your inner self at its most authentic, pure and peaceful level.

How did you feel during writing? Peaceful, still inside, oblivious to the sounds and the chaos around you. And so relieved to just get the words out.

Your probably didn’t know it then, but you were meditating during the act of writing. Finding the little spot of peace within you. Finding answers. In a place or environment of stillness.

Meditative writing is a form of meditation where in you can either:

  1. Get into a meditative state before you pick up your pen or strike the key board and allow your subconscious mind to direct you.
  2.  Become one with your pen and keyboard and make the whole process one of peaceful expression

Benefits of Meditative Writing

  1. Greater clarity. When you write down your thoughts and see them on paper or on the screen. Meditative writing helps you to relax and see things clearly.
  2. One route on your journey to self discovery
  3. Slows down the mind and breath to the pace of the pen/kb giving space n expression to the subconscious mind.
  4. Allows you to stay in the present moment, builds greater self awareness.
  5. Great release for unexpressed/suppressed emotions like anger, resentment, sadness, grief
  6. Brings out challenges and helps you find your own solutions.
  7. Refreshing, its like rebooting your mind
  8. Powerful tool to stretch your mind, can be done anytime and anywhere
  9. Record of your own emotional/spiritual growth
  10. Healing tool, used successfully for those who have suffered a trauma or long term illness

How you can do Meditative Writing

To begin keeping a meditation journal, first pick out a nice notebook and a pen or pencil that suits your style. It is important for us to like the feel of the pen, and the look of the notebook and paper. These kinds of things may seem insignificant and unimportant, but they are like the subtle qualities in the food we prepare or the clothes we wear – they reflect who we are, and what our tastes are, so if we choose them carefully, we will be more inspired by them and inclined to write down our daily observations and insights.

Keep the journal nearby, and begin by always writing entries before and after meditation. Even if you just write a sentence, it is a good exercise to get you in the habit of putting some of your feelings and thoughts on the page. Later you can set aside time, just as you set aside meditation time, to write about your meditation practice in more detail. Or you may be satisfied to just write longer entries at the end of your meditation sessions.

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July 2019 Tarot Forecast for all sun signs




Realise that if something is meant to be, it will come to you when it has to. When you stop expecting or searching too hard, things begin to happen. You may discover that you are not the cause and are truly powerless to change what is happening around you. Let go of something that’s just bringing you down unecessarily. A relationship which was under strain shows signs of harmony again. And if you were worrying about a payment, it will be received.


Time to take a reality check, especially if you’ve been running away with your fears. What you fear the most is not going to happen so breathe easy. Learn to relax in the present moment instead of constantly worrying about the future. At work, a coworkers sudden resignation or departure may send everyone into a tizzy. A good time to hang out with your girl friends, women have a lot of positive influence in your life, and now’s the time to absorb it all.


If money makes the world go round, your world is spinning in the days ahead. Old payments, old dues, sudden windfalls, it may all come together. A good time to invest in something. And if you were planning to travel, plans get finalised. An old friend from a long time ago may want to meet with you. Watch out for a recurring ailment. Go easy on the exercises, remember everything is best in balance.


The ball is in your court and everyone’s waiting for you to decide and choose. One tip, instead of postponing the decision how about listening to your inner voice. It knows exactly what you should be doing.  Avoid critical people like the plague, and make sure you’re doing something for yourself. If it gets too overwhelming tell everyone you need some me time and go get it! A lucky week for finding romance.


Sometimes a little white lie can lead to a major misunderstanding. Or sometimes something said inoccently could escalate into a fullblown argument. Watch your words. Before you shoot off your mouth, think, please. A lover or a mate may act possessive or jealous and it would best to handle it sensitively. Remember, they arent going to change. On the workfront, an important decision could bring about sudden changes in the whole company. Be mindful about how you treat your colleagues.


Ouch you’re irritable, and don’t we all know it. Though you may appear calm on the outside inside you may be boiling. Before you explode, introspect. Figure out what’s making you so angry and do something to release the emotion peacefully before you have a scene or a showdown. You may feel treated unfairly at work, or discover a friend was actually a rival. Pay attention to what you’re body is telling you.


Delays delays delays. Count to 10 if you havent yet, cause this is the month of learning patience. Deadlines may change. People may frustrate you with their attitude. And the plane may not take off on time. Beyond your control. No point reacting. How about learning to accept the situation and do something else in the meantime. Romantically the person you are eyeing in may be playing games with you. Figure out their game plan. And woo them before they lose interest.


You know it’s time for change when you just don’t feel like going to work anymore. How about polishing your resume. Or meeting up with some old colleagues. Get the ball rolling. The cards do predict changes coming up for you but first you will need to do some work for it. Personally things run smoothly, there’s peace within you which reflects in your relationships with your closest ones. A wonderful month to drop an old habit, your willpower is at its strongest now.


Someone lends a hand just when you needed it. Friends come out to help you. Or you get a job in a dream company because of someone’s recommendation. All the good things you have done for others is returned in the form of praise, help, advice and promotion. Revel in the good karma, you’ve earned it! A good time to feel grateful for your blessings. And if you were planning to get married, it may happen sooner than planned. Children bring joy and inspiration to your world.


A new chapter begins in your life. You may decide to adopt a new atitude. Or may have begun a new job, or a partnership with someone. Whatever it is, shows promise and potential. Remember communication is everything. Be clear and honest and nothing will go wrong. Resolve any differences before they fester into resentment. A surprise may be in store for you.


Expect the unexpected in love matters and personal relationships. A part of you may feel like walking away or forgetting the pain of the past, but it will be hard. Seek help or healing. Travel plans may be sudden and unexpected. Remember the pessimism you feel will be replaced by joy, and whatever is happening is only temporary. Hang in there, and if what you think or hear is negative, don’t believe it.


If you were feeling nervous about something new, don’t. You may discover your natural talent for something you never knew before. People recognise and value you for who you are. Don’t seek approval, go inwards and believe in yourself. A period is about to begin in your life where you will need to reach out to a larger audience. And the more self assured you are the greater will be your success.

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Our Children are Our Teachers


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This morning I walked into the Arushi Children’s Home for girls all prepared to take a Guided Healing Meditation Workshop on Self Love. What I wasnt prepared for was the amount these strong, fearless, cheerful young girls taught me.

Here’s where it began:
The Arushi Children’s Home for Girls is a residential shelter under the aeges of the Saalam Baalak Trust. Around 40 girls under the age of 18 live here under the supervision and care of a dedicated team of trained and compassionate people who ensure they are safe, nurtured and empowered.
The Apeejay Anand library was a sweet haven of knowledge with books for all age groups.
“Show them all the beauty they possess inside Whitney Houston
“I love myself just as I am”
“I love the people no one loves”
“I love only God. I see God in me”

The girls revealed such powerful answers about themselves in the writing and sharing exercises.
Embrace yourself. You are perfect just as you are.
And here we are. Thank you for the lessons you taught me in return. Lessons in courage, strength, hope, acceptance. Thank you to all my friends and family members who helped me with the stationery and the goody bags. Rohan, my little brother in heaven. This was for you:)

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