4 Way to say bye to Winter Morning Blues


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Ever experienced Winter morning blues?

That sluggish, I do not want to get out of my blanket feeling.

The heaviness of plodding around doing morning chores with the absolute reluctance of a teenager.

This morning I woke up with the sound of the doorbell and a grey fog around my head. Call it brain fog, deprived sleep or just the Wintry blues. Everything seemed to be in slow motion until I forced myself to exercise. Just a simple 25 minute full body mobility and workout routine and the endorphins kicked in, the sun came out and my cat chasing a grape on the floor brought back a little smile.

But why did I feel like I was going to turn 100 on my next birthday?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Winter is a dark time, so our bodies produce more melatonin in response. This leads to excessive feelings of fatigue and tiredness. The change in season can disrupt the balance of the body’s level of melatonin, which plays a role in sleep patterns and mood”

Aaah, and while simple exercise helped me, there were other ways to boost energy levels during the cold days of this season. Definetely worth practicing and sharing.

Natural Light in the morning is the best way to lift winter blues. Image from clickinmoms.com. Doctors recommend opening up your blinds and curtains upon rising to allow the maximum amount of natural light into your living space. Spending a brief time outdoors in the winter sun helps boost the sunshine Vitamin D in our bodies, acting like a natural energiser and mood uplifter. Natural light eases depression and anxiety associated with the foggy wintry days.

Pastel shades do a lot more for us than we think. Image from 123rf.com
Consciously Wear Pastels. Colour therapy believes lighter colours uplift us, raise our vibration and promotes feelings of wellbeing, where as wearing colours like brown, grey and black pull us down.
Citrus notes promote clarity, concentration and energy. Image from indiamart.com.
Certain essential oils when burnt in the morning or inhaled on a tissue help stimulate and energise the brain cells. Citrus aromas like Bergamot, Lime, Mandarin Orange are a few to choose apart from the trusted Basil which helps reduce fatigue and improves concentration.

Do note this tips are for the occasional case of winter blues which usually dissipate after a few hours of waking up. If you feel the tired, grey feeling lasts throughout the day or week and is affecting your personal and professional life, it would be best to meet with a doctor.

Mita Bhan.

Love is in the Giving


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La Douleur Exquise, a French phrase for the pain of wanting the love of someone unattainable
Goddess Deck, personal collection

He couldn’t help him himself. He didn’t choose to fall in love. It just happened, the only problem was she was married and leaving her spouse was simply out of the question. When I read his cards I could see the deep love he shared with her – the kind of love where happiness and sadness went hand in hand.

He was younger than her. Settled in a high paying job. Perfectly eligible for marriage himself. And his mother and aunts made sure they showed him pictures of various girls who they felt would be his Mrs Right. Most of the time he ignored them and sometimes would even shout at them for bothering him, his voice riddled in pain and frustration.

He had tried letting go. Multiple times. In multiple ways. But somehow she found her way back into his heart and once again they’d chat, or meet. And once again he’d return to his room lying awake through the night, wondering if this was his future.

His question was simple.

“Why has she come into my life if I cannot have her as my wife?”

For one second look at this question not as a human being. But as a soul.

Love is never limited to romantic love. Love is like an umbrella encapsulating the different shades of love. And if we as souls want to experience the true meaning of Love, we need to experience every aspect of love. The joy, the pain, the longing, the peace. In lifetime after lifetime. Be it unrequited love, sibling love, platonic love, romantic love, spiritual love. Each lifetime brings a different scenario, a different learning. Lessons would be repeated until the learning was complete. And the advanced lessons would get harder.

“So what is my Soul Learning?” he asked

To accept and not resist. Love is harmony. Love is being at peace. First with ourselves and then with the other. A part of you still struggles and suffers this way. Make peace with the side of you that cries in pain. Begin to fall in love with yourself. Which part of you brings you the greatest happiness, which part of you still struggles. Embrace the shadows, find completion in yourself. Accept yourself wholly.

“And then……”

When you accept your self, you accept the other unconditionally and the situation for what it is in reality, not the way you would like it to be, something we all do when we fall in love. We think of “what if” “why isn’t it? instead of appreciating the greatest lesson in life. Love.

“You mean love her unconditionally but ….wouldn’t it would hurt so much…”his voice broke for a second.

The feeling of love we all seek, does not lie in the receiving. It exists in the giving.

“I get it”

The deck was closed. The lesson learnt. For not just the young seeker in love, but also his old Tarot card reader.

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.

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This too Shall Pass


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Once a king called upon all of his wise men and asked them, “Is there a mantra which works in every situation, in every circumstance, in every place and in every time – in every joy, every sorrow, every defeat, and every victory – one answer for all questions? Something which can help me when none of you is able to advise me? Tell me, is there any mantra?”

All the wise men were puzzled by the King’s question. After a lengthy discussion, an old man suggested something which appealed to all of them. They went to the King and gave him a ring with words engraved into it, with a condition that the King was not to read it out of curiosity. Only if, in extreme danger, when the King finds himself alone and there seems to be no way out, only then he can read it. The King wore the ring without reading the engraving.

Some time later, the neighbors attacked the kingdom. The King and his army fought bravely but lost the battle. The King fled on his horse and the enemies followed him. The King found himself standing at the mouth of a deep ditch. If he jumped into it, there would be no way out. The sound of the enemy horses were approaching fast and the King became restless. There was nowhere else to go.

The King remembered his ring and about the engraving. He decided to read the message.
“This, too, shall pass.”
The King read it again and again until something struck him. Yes! This, too, will pass. Only a few days ago, I was enjoying my kingdom; I was the mightiest of all the Kings. Yet today, the Kingdom and all its pleasures are gone. I am trying to flee from my enemies. But just as those days of luxuries have gone, this time of danger will pass, too. Calm came over the King. He remained still and silent. The King looked around at the place where he was standing and realized how beautiful it was. He had never known that such a beautiful place existed in his Kingdom.

The revelation of the ring’s message had a great effect on him. He relaxed and forgot about his pursuing enemies. After a while, he realized that the noise of galloping horses had receded and that his enemies had lost him.
The King gathered himself and reorganized his shambled forces and fought again. He defeated the enemy and reclaimed his empire. When he returned to the city after the victory, he was received with much fanfare. The whole capital was rejoicing and everyone was in a festive mood. Flowers rained down upon the King from every house, from every terrace as he trotted by. People were dancing and singing. In this moment the King thought to himself, “I am one of the bravest and greatest Kings. It is not easy to defeat me.” In all of the celebration an ego emerged in the King.

Then a ray of sunlight caught the King’s ring and sharply flashed into his eye reminding him of its message, “This, too, shall pass.”

He lowered his gaze and his valiant expression changed to one of humility. He realized, again, that if this, too, is going to pass, it is not yours. The defeat was not yours. The victory was not yours. You are just a player. Everything passes by. We are witnesses of all of this. We are the beholders.
Happiness comes and goes. Sorrow comes and goes. And Life?
This, too, shall pass.


"They will come in handy"


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We all have something we like to collect, keep or hoard in vast quantities. Stuff we don’t even realise we have too much of until someone points it out to us.

I recently discovered my mom who I thought was the queen of declutter was quietly hoarding a secret collection of hand towels. We were decluttering her store room and discovered enough hand towels to open a shop. Not only was she not using them, they were only taking space in her store.

While persuading her to part with bundles of pastel, fluffly hand towels she kept saying “They will come in handy” and I asked her “How many?’ and we both burst out laughing as we packed them in a few cartons for donation.

Do you hoard things which you never use keeping them aside for a rainy day? Have you ever thought how much lighter and freer you will feel without them?

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved

What Will Your Energies Be Like in 2020?


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Happy New Year:)

The beauty of the Tarot is it tells you about your energies especially when you get a personalised session wherein the readers tap in and reads your energies and cards. Far more specific than just your Zodiac sign, a personalised reading looks at how the New Year can be for you professionally, romantically, financially and spiritually and throws lights on what your learnings could be this year.

Get in touch for details. Message me on 9810138315/mita.bhan@gmail.com

One Day/Day One.

Image from Wikipedia commons

When we were kids my Mother believed whatever significant happened on the 1st of January would recur the whole year through. Initially Dad would laugh at her words but one year we did fly on the 1st of January, and guess what, we travelled a lot that year. Another year unexpected house guests came on New Year’s Day and you can guess just what happened in the following 12 months. Her theory was proved right year after year with examples.

Soon Dad became a believer.

Each 1st of January, he would insist we write down our resolutions for the year ahead and if that wasn’t drudgery for a 9 year old, he also made it a point for us to study a bit on 1st of January, believing thats what we’d do the whole year long! While Mom ensured we did housework with her. On Dad’s part he worked and he cleared and organised the papers and bills. Something they both still do.

Today when I look back at our family traditions, I realise I have imbibed quite a few of them on every New Year. My teenager will agree as he shuffles to his books with that sullen bored look I must have had at his age, my husband will skip the carbs. And I sit down to write to wish all my readers a Happy Peaceful Productive 2020. Sharing with you what I have learnt.

What rituals and traditions do you practice on New Years Day? What would you like your future generations to learn from your Elders?

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.

January 2020 Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs


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January 2020 Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs

Thank you so much for supporting my Monthly Tarot Forecasts with your feedback and suggestions. Do share the forecast with your friends and family. For telephonic readings/email reports and select personalised readings message 9810138315/mita.bhan@gmail.com for details. If you would like to copy an excerpt or the whole reading kindly provide a link to this page.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Temper temper dear fiery one, this months sees you encountering a number of people who will test your patience and tolerance levels. Take a few deep breaths or count to 10 if you have to. You may be in a rush to complete tasks, just make you don’t make too many errors in your scramble to meet the deadline. It’s a busy month ahead so make sure to stay organised and look forward to a pleasant change of events. On the personal front, a part of your soul starts getting ready for a love affair that could sweep you off your feet later this year. Financially your hard work starts bringing rewards your way. One tip, work on staying calm.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Suddenly you get the feeling that you no longer need to engage with people who try to dominate you all the time. You may rebel, fight back or just walk away. Relief will come when you feel free to be who you are, and do what you were meant to do. A good month for getting long term plans into action and seeing results. Even on the health front you start noticing the positive effects of diet/exercise. Just be you.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Security has nothing to do with numbers but a feeling inside. That all’s well and things can only get better. Influential people start to notice your work and an interesting offer may come your way. Job seekers can look forward to pleasant news in this quarter and students get closer to their dreams. Significant developments for start ups and self employed, the cards promise long term gains. At home, loved ones may get a little demanding and miss your company. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Rise up from disappointments and start afresh. Leave the past disappointments behind. The worst is over and things can only get better when you make positive thinking a daily practice. A hidden blessing will be revealed. An old friendship may be rekindled. You may find yourself drawn to spiritual and artistic pursuits. And if you’re planning to think about settling down, starting a business or even pursuing a course of study, this month is favourable for long term success.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

The more organised your world, the more successful will be your outcome. Use the weeks ahead to plan, restructure and reorganise. Declutter if you have to, and focus on what’s truly essential. A great month for making progress, not just on the work front but also your love life. If someone special needs to be persuaded, you’ll do it, if a misunderstanding needs to be resolved, you’ll do it as well. Your health is good and if you were planning to join a sport or even the gym you won’t regret your decision!

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

The good old day days were wonderful but now it’s time to pull yourself into the present and see how you can make your future even brighter. Changes will be implemented in your attitude and your work and within a few weeks you should start feeling a positive difference. Old friends and loved ones remind you just how special you are. Look forward to warm reunions, and if single then the possible return of a love from the past.

Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22)

Things are not going to shift unless you do. Take a stand. Stop sitting on the fence and delaying important decisions. Your opinion matters and it would be wise to speak your mind at the right time. Opportunity doesn’t knock twice remember, so be ready to change something at the drop of a hat. Financially a month of gains and a feeling that you are getting closer to your dreams. You are you know, but first you will need to make a few necessary alterations!

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov21)

With so many calls, mails and messages you may find yourself more on the phone than ever before. A busy month of communications, you may come across an interesting discovery that could help your work immensely. A friendship could turn serious, but if you’re not ready then say so. Travel plans may get finalised and something you’ve been wanting for a while will be yours. In your quest to rise to the top, just make sure you don’t ignore your health. A nagging ailment could require medical attention.

Saggitarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Roll up the sleeves and get set for a month of completing tasks, tying up the loose ends and double checking everything. Your keen eye will ensure everything that leaves your office will be perfect. Responsibilities come easy to you and people may seek out your shoulder for some wisdom and guidance. Love matters take a back seat for a bit, but you will soon be back to your charismatic self in a social event. A flirtation could get a little more intense than you anticipated.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

New beginnings. And with the added bonanza of the energies of Love! A month that favours harmony, wellbeing and loving relationships, the cards urge you to express your feelings and do what you love doing. Even at the work place people will sense a renewed energy around you, something that was delayed for many months may get activated. Payments that were stuck or delayed show movement. And you may decide to indulge yourself a little with a few luxuries.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Multi tasking seems to be the flavour of the month for Aquarians. You may find yourself involved in numerous projects at the same time, or dealing with multiple demands on your time. Money may come from more than one sources and if you’ve planned your finances right, this month could bring a number of pleasant surprises. A good month to socialise, you may meet some interesting people, and if single, a certain someone may just steal your heart away. One tip, if in doubt, pause.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar20)

January sees you overcoming a bad habit by mindfulness and sheer willpower. A part of you is stronger, wiser and a lot more focussed about where you’re headed. Don’t pay attention to your critics, and take nothing at face value. Your ability to understand the depths of a problem will help you resolve matters and offer solutions in your own unique manner. Meeting up with friends and family will remind you just how deeply you are loved and just how much you matter to this planet.

Mita Bhan

"No less than the trees and the stars "

Tonight she contemplated jumping off the 18th floor. She stood out on the foggy night and stared down the misty floors leading to nothingness.

A chill ran up her spine.

She remembered the image of the man on TV who stood on the ledge while someone stuck his head out of the window and talked. Something that man said made the suicidal man change his mind and walk towards the window.

How she wished she could be rescued tonight.

She walked indoors.

The man she loved was not ready for marriage and had blocked her on social media, her heart was now broken into an unrecognisable mess. Her mobile phone was her salvation. She scrolled mindlessly, seeking connection, a reason to live.

After many calls to many cold and bland souls, she heard a voice tell her “child you are no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.

The fog lifted. Someone cared. The tears of gratitude eased the pain, healing her.

Image from www2.palomar.edu

Mita Bhan.

Walk away from Hostility

“They had felt so much hurt that hostility was their only defense against being crushed again” – Melody Beattie

There will always be hostile people in our life who seem to find fault with everything and everyone. Perpetually angry and critical they will pick fights and drive people away from them with their confrontational and combative atitude. It’s taken me many years to understand that the battle they fight is within themselves. And I have the choice to engage in their energy or walk away. We cannot help them, we cannot heal them, but we can understand why they’ve become so hostile but if they’re not willing to see how their behaviour affects others, there is nothing anyone can do for them except pray they heal from their traumas and pray they see a little beauty and love in this world.

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved