Crying Heals.


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Crying has come naturally to us since the day we were born. When we were infants, we bawled when we were hungry, sleepy, tired, frustrated, dirty, you name it. As we grew a little older, our tears rolled when we felt ignored, scared, reprimanded by adults, or we fell down. The tears didn’t last for too long, and within a few minutes we were back to our normal active, curious, childlike selves.

But what happened as we grew older? We learnt to repress our emotions. Not show our disappointment or pain so easily. We became big boys and big girls, and our parents and teachers reminded us again and again to stop crying over this or that and to be brave.

But fact of the matter is we all have to cry even as adults at some point or the other in our lives. And scientists have discovered that those who have a good cry periodically actually lead healthier lives.

Crying is actually beneficial for your mind, body and soul. Studies have revealed the following benefits of tears:

1. Release tension and the toxins of emotional stresses from the body. After a good bawl, don’t we all feel a little lighter?
2. Tears which flow with emotion actually contain higher amounts of protein and beta endorphin – natural pain relievers. Tears also kill bacteria, lubricate our eyes and help us see better.
3. Those who cry more often than others report less physical illnesses than those who keep it inside. Suppressing sad feelings leads to a build up of stress in the body resulting in disease.
4. Crying aids inner calm and peace. We can view the situation more clearly and calmly after a good session.

Being strong and brave is not about suppression of emotions. It’s about clarity, willingness to face whatever life offers our way. And knowing the power of release. So the next time you feel the tears well up, go get the box of tissues and cry your heart out. You’ll feel better in more ways than one.


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What’s Your Sun Scent?


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essential oils with herbal flowers for aromatherapy treatment

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One of the most popular ways of destressing and treating a number of ailments, aromatherapy has become a favourite among thousands of people worldwide. Claiming to restore harmony between mind, body and soul, aromatherapy is absolutely non invasive and natural. Here are a few essential oils that may suit your Sun sign.


The ideal essential oil for fiery Ariens is Pepper essential oil.

Pepper, is fortifying, strengthening and an excellent digestive stimulant helps when rubbed on the abdomen. Burn a few drops while meditating or if grappling with a problem, remember not to use more than 3 drops if you have sensitive skin



Ruled by the planet Venus, Taureans would greatly benefit from Ylang Ylang essential oil, a sweet smelling balancing oil that helps calm emotions. Distilled from a Malaysian flower, burn a few drops of Ylang Ylang to ease anger and anxiety and helps enhance sensuality. Great as an evening bath aid, this wonderful scent helps promote relaxation and aids sleep.



Peppermint essential oil is perfect for the restless Gemini. Ideal for clearing up the mind and the excess nervous energy, inhale 1-2 drops of this oil on a tissue to dispel headaches and confusion. Peppermint oil’s fresh, minty top notes makes it ideal to use as blends and helps to keep coughs and colds at bay.



The perfect destresser for the moody and emotional Cancerian is Roman Chamomile. Perfect for aches, pains and removing anxiety, use it regularly to soothe and calm yourself on tough and tiring days. Calming, balancing and deeply relaxing a few drops of Roman Chamomile in olive oil or almond oil makes for the perfect massage oil.



Frankincense for this fiery sign is what the ancients recommended for Leos. The perfect aid for calming and slowing down breathing in tense moments, inhale a few drops of this wonderful oil on a tissue or simple burn it. Traditonally burned as an offering to the gods, this divine scent is a valuable aid in meditation,purification rites and prayer and helps allay fears and anxieties.



The calm gentle qualities of Lavender makes the ideal essential oil for the Virgo person. This popular and versatile oil balances and normalizes emotions. Very effective in massage or in bath water, a few drops of Lavender on bed linen also aids insomnia. Use frequently and find yourself smiling more.



The sweet floral aroma of Geranium brings out the natural charm of Librans. Uplifting, balancing and refreshing the scent of the Geranium helps ease depression and creates a sense of security and comfort when burned regularly or blended into a massage oil. Used in perfumes and to counteract moodswings, Geranium uplifts in a few minutes.



Intense and passionate Scorpions would do well with Patchouli – a popular scent used extensively all over the worlds. A powerful aphrodisiac, patchouli adds a sensuous, erotic element to the air and is wonderful as an uplifting massage aid. Also good for skin care, the soothing, stabilizing and slightly hypnotic qualities of this perennial shrub helps grounding in meditations.



Allow the clean, fresh and citrusy notes of Lemon to revive dullness and tiredness. The ideal spring cleaner for the mind, Lemon essential oil is useful in meditation to aid clarity, concentration on foggy days. Allow its unique fragrance to pick you up on days when you’re drained and disappointed. If you have sensitive skin don’t go beyond 3 drops in your bath oil



Deep, smoky and earthy, Vetiver essential oil is known as the “oil of tranquility”. It helps centre you when you feel disconnected and offbalance. Its earthy fragrance is popular in aftershaves for men and perfumes for women and helps promote grounding, stability and calm. The ideal aid for baths, a few drops in bath water helps relax, soothe and restore your energies after a tiring day.



Sensuous, deep and mysterious Sandalwood essential oil helps not only to purify but also soothe and relax tired minds. The longest lasting aroma among essential oils, the exotic and slightly erotic qualities of sandalwood make it perfect as a cooling, calming aid. Psychologically sandalwood aids spiritual practice and cleansing rituals and has been used in incense for centuries, it calms irritation born of frustration and helps still and quieten the mind, while bring harmony and balance into your life.


The powerful heady fragrance of Jasmine helps bring harmony and peace into the Pisceans life. Sweet, exotic and intensely uplifting this essential oil when burned or blended in a massage oil is emotionally warming and uplifting. An aid to those lacking in self confidence or lethargy, jasmine’s euphoric qualities have been said to immediately purify and uplift the energies around. Avoid in early pregnancy.

These are suggestions only and are not substitutes for conventional medical or behavioral health care treatment, but rather as an ancillary modality or as complementary healing.


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Why you can’t change jobs yet. A Tarot perspective.


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You’ve been wanting to change your job for months now but nothing’s materialised. You may have been called for an interview but then there was silence. You may have reached out to your contacts but no one’s followed up on their promise, or so it seems.  There’s frustration, there’s anxiety and the delays just don’t make sense as you think you deserve a change.

When it comes to these situations, the Tarot never fails to offer memorable insights.


Based on an analysis of career related spreads and the placement of Major Arcana cards, here  are a list of possible reasons why it may be happening in no order of preference. Reasons as to why you are not able to change jobs right now,  may differ from person to person to differing degrees.

1. Unfinished Karma with your current organisation and certain individuals.

2. Time for a Career Shift to a different industry, job description or location.

3. Time to start your own business or consulting practice.

4. Time for learning a few Life Lessons mainly patience and hope, among others.

5. Insufficient self discipline, self motivation and self confidence and unclear professional goals.

6. Your personal life needs more of your attention.

7. Hidden blessings.

If any of the reasons listed above resonated with your situation, introspect and reach a state of understanding. Where necessary take corrective action. Only you know your current professional situation best and trust that you will move in the direction you wish.

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5 Ways to Handle Cranky Days



We’ve all had mornings where we’ve either woken up too early or not had a good night’s sleep. And we all know what that feels like. Here’s what you could do if the crankiness lingers on too long, or begins to feel unpleasant.

  1. Avoid interacting with people while cranky.  Those who know you well enough will understand and keep a distance. If your child decides to suddenly bombard you with demands gently explain to him or her that you need a little time out to find your calm and hopefully he/she will understand.
  2.  Time Out. Yes just concentrate on doing things which relax you. I find soothing music helps take the edge off a cranky morning within minutes. Sometimes a brisk walk or a jog helps release the energy.
  3. Help someone who’s struggling with a difficult time. It could be an encouraging message. A prayer. A plan to meet up. Just step into their shoes.  Empathy between two people brings positive energy almost instantly.
  4. Express yourself. Write out what’s bothering you. Doodle or colour. The act of expression releases pent up feelings in a safe and peaceful way.
  5. Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Orange are a few essential oils you can burn in the room or apply to your pulse points for a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Remember crankiness doesn’t last. And if we handle it with conscious awareness, the feelings do eventually subside and peace reigns again.

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Instant Karma

Once upon a night, an angry drunk man charged towards his sleeping wife and child. He roared and he thundered but they heard him not. He reached towards his son in rage, grabbing him hard by his shoulders. His wife, woke up and screamed “Oh God!” The drunk man slipped and fell, there and then. While the child slept on.

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May 2018 Tarot Forecast

May 2018 Tarot Forecast by Mita Bhan




Something’s changed so much that you have no choice but to go with the flow. Though a part of you may be resisting things, or unwilling to open your mind you really have very little choice. At the work front, you may have to take a few more risks if you want to get ahead. And quit worrying about what the others are up to. The key is to stay grounded and be willing to adapt. Relationships may go through a rocky patch this week as your stubbornness could lead to some differences. The more you learn to listen, the better things become.



Oops you may have been splurging a bit too much lately and may end up feeling the pinch in the days ahead.  Resolve to spend carefully this month and avoid being so impulsive. At work there may be a misunderstanding which could lead to a temporary state of confusion, but it will soon resolve. Your better half or your partner may be under the weather or simply moody. Don’t expect sympathy, remember, there are some moments in life when we just have to go through things on our own. Like we have always done.




Lady Luck smiles on you.  Enjoy it !  A bonus that was due to you comes your way. Or you receive some unexpected money. If it doesn’t happen that way, then you feel more secure than you’ve ever felt before. A good time to invest, or to sort out any bank matters, the cards promise greater wealth and gains for you in the years ahead. In the domestic front you may decide to renovate your home or buy that car you’ve been eyeing for a while. An old flame or suitor may rekindle feelings of nostalgia within you. Focus on priorities.




It’s time to start believing in your own abilities and stop relying on other people for their approval.  You may have to deal with an extremely ruthless and ambitious person and if you don’t stand up for yourself you may get completely trampled upon. Even in your love life, speak up when upset. Repressing emotions and feelings will only lead to pain for you. Be bold and fearless dear Cancer, it’s time to seize the bull by its horns and stop procastinating. A good month for making positive inner changes.





You’re your at your most optimistic this month. And if you aren’t out partying, you soon will be. Even at work, your cheerful attitude will be picked up and appreciated by the team. And if there’s a celebration due, you’ll let your hair down. Just make sure you don’t eat or drink too much. Know your limits or else you may find yourself a little under the weather. The one you’ve been eyeing for a while now likes you too. Or you and your mate decide to renew and strengthen your bonds with one another. A good week to love and spread the love around!




A project comes to an end. And don’t be surprised at the amount of praise you receive. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. And if you continue this way, then there can only be greater gains and glory ahead. You may find yourself appreciating and enjoying the finer things of life, and may even splurge on something luxurious or precious. Go ahead and treat yourself. An outing with your friends may be just the thing your soul needs. Enjoy yourself, but not for too long. There’s still a lot ahead of you that you need to accomplish. And secretly you love the feeling:)





Your clarity and determination is unstoppable. With your principles and your values intact, you set out to get to the heart of the matter. A good time for study, research and planning. Your attention to detail is at its sharpest, and when it comes to intellectual might, no one comes close to you in this period. While you’re busy analysing, don’t forget to pay attention to your health. Over thinking can be exhausting. Take short breaks for stress relief.




With your determination to win, you’ll surely overcome all obstacles that stand in your way right now. Just make sure you don’t step on anyone’s toes in your climb to the top. A sudden change of plans or an obstacle may take you by surprise – stay grounded and prepare yourself for a minor detour. Remember your success story is all up to you. Take control of your situation and decide what risks are worth taking and what aren’t. Watch out for being a little too controlling in your personal relationships though, expect resistance and fireworks to your ideas.





Get in touch with your inner child again. Enjoy being playful and carefree. Spend time in the company of young ones and discover the joy of living in the moment. Work matters run smoothly. And in your personal life a part of you just wants to have a great time. Old school mates may have a reunion, or you may get in touch with someone from a long time ago and relive the old memories. Enjoy the moments of happiness:)




You’re restless, impatient and just can’t relax. Figure out what exactly is bothering you and try and do something about it. If it’s beyond your control, let go. Your heart may not be in your work in the days ahead and you may dream of leaving it all behind and going off to dream destination. Even in your relationships with loved ones you may feel like something’s missing. The dissatisfaction dear Capricorn, comes from within yourself. Meditate, introspect and find out how you can make a positive difference.



Whether you notice it or not, you are surrounded by well wishers and people who truly love you. Positive energies abound and it’s up to you to do something good with the love that’s flowing. The key to happiness may be right in front of your eyes and it’s up to you pay attention to the signals. This could be the start of a lifelong love affair. Or a marriage. Or the start of a new chapter in your life where things work your way, and where you attract only the good things of life. Take advantage of it, remember nothing lasts.




We all need our space and solitude. And this week seems to be your week for wanting time out. You may not feel like gossiping in the workplace over tea. Or going for the party you’ve been invited to. And besides who says you have to. Recharge your batteries and enjoy your solitude. Just make sure you don’t overdo it that’s all. A good time to reassess your work and achievements, and set long term goals. Students preparing for exams will be at their brightest.

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Breaking the Silence with The Hermit



And suddenly out of nowhere. There were lights surrounding the old man instead of shining bright inside him.

An eager news reporter grinned and said “An honour to meet you sir, you are the wisest man around, please share your wisdom”

The old man cleared his throat reluctantly.

“What is there to tell you all?

You have all the knowledge inside.

You don’t need anyone’s approval or audience.

The spotlight is INSIDE.

Just close your eyes, focus on your breaths,

123, that’s it

And tune in to your own channel.

Your unique space on this planet.”

A voice cried out about a multi million dollar scam

on that side of the timezone.

And the footsteps, the mikes and cams, thundered away.

Leaving the Hermit alone with a smile.


Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved.




Facing our Fears – a short story



One day, on the plains of Africa, a young buffalo named Walter approached his dad and asked him if there was anything that he should be afraid of.

“Only lions my son,” his dad responded.

“Oh yes, I’ve heard about lions.  If I ever see one, I’ll turn and run as fast as I can,” said Walter.

“No, that’s the worst thing you can do,” said the large male.

“Why?  They are scary and will try to kill me.”

The dad smiled and explained, “Walter, if you run away, the lions will chase you and catch you.  And when they do, they will jump on your unprotected back and bring you down.”

“So what should I do?” asked Walter.

“If you ever see a lion, stand your ground to show him that you’re not afraid.  If he doesn’t move away, show him your sharp horns and stomp the ground with your hooves.  If that doesn’t work, move slowly towards him.  If that doesn’t work, charge him and hit him with everything you’ve got!”

“That’s crazy, I’ll be too scared to do that.  What if he attacks me back?” said the startled young buffalo.

“Look around, Walter.  What do you see?”

Walter looked around at the rest of his herd.  There were about 200 massive beasts all armed with sharp horns and huge shoulders.

“If ever you’re afraid, know that we are here.  If you panic and run from your fears, we can’t save you, but if you charge towards them, we’ll be right behind you.”

The young buffalo breathed deeply and nodded.

“Thanks dad, I think I understand.”

We all have lions in our worlds.

There are aspects of life that scare us and make us want to run, but if we do, they will chase us down and take over our lives.  Our thoughts will become dominated by the things that we are afraid of and our actions will become timid and cautious, not allowing us to reach our full potential. – Darren Poke, Betterlifecoaching blog