Love yourself. Love others.



Do you also go through a phase where you’re only drawn to a particular colour? I do. And for the past 2-3 years one of my favourite colours is Fuschia or Magenta, a deep, vibrant pink that simply uplifts me. In colour therapy as well, this colour is known as the colour of universal love. Not as romantic and passionate as red, but softer, and in colour healing , magenta is used to bring out feelings of self love and compassion. Personal love is the gateway for universal love. The more I accept and love myself as I am with my flaws and contradictions, the more I learn to love others, as they are.

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What has Love got to teach your sunsign?


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Tarot Love Learnings for all Sun signs by Mita Bhan

Loves transforms, love uplifts, love teaches. And the Tarot taps into the energies that surround you right now. Here’s what your sunsign’s love lesson could be :


Love cannot be planned nor it can be predicted. The energy will suddenly descend on you and you may be seeing stars once again. Expect the unexpected in Love matters always. You may find yourself falling for someone who’s totally not your type. Or making the most electrifying eye contact with a stranger. Or deepening your feelings for someone who’s already in your life. Is it one level higher or one level deeper?


It’s the tiniest things which can make two people disagree. Holding on to small slights and getting too lost in the expectations could lead to misunderstandings with a loved one.  There are no rules in love and if you want this love to last learn to forgive and let go. A friendship could turn serious in a moment without any notice.

Don’t rush impulsively and then later regret it. Step back a second, don’t run away with your fantasies. Whether you are single and looking or in a relationship, patience will bring you what your heart wants. Answers  about a special someone will be revealed to you by their actions and not their words.

You are no longer willing to settle in your relationships. It’s got to be meaningful or the friend zone . Love for you is something higher and purer and almost divine. You may find yourself more creative than usual, maybe reading or writing love poetry or cooking special meals for a loved one. When you learn to recognise all the love that surrounds you from friends, family and pets you discover how much you are loved for being so awesome.

Love doesnt play safe, love always asks you to take risks. If past experiences have left you bitter and a little wary about who to trust, the cards assure you it’s time to let go.A new relationship is on the horizon but first you must be ready for it. Release past baggage, forgive and let go. If already in a relationship get ready for a new chapter in your lives, greater understanding. Your heart will tell you everything you need to know.

Is there a pattern in the kind of people you are attracted to? Are you waiting for someone to accept and appreciate you? Or is there something similar in they way you’ve broken up in the past. Love teaches you a valuable lesson and until you learn the pattern may recur. Pay attention to the early signals and don’t believe things will magically change with time. 


Just because you are single now doesn’t mean it’s a state that’s forever. Step out of your comfort zone and start meeting new people. Don’t hide from love. Love is accepting and embracing our selves and from that state we attract others our way.Committed partners learn to overlook the small differences and focus on shared goals. Strive to include your partner in yourdiscussions, together you can achieve a lot.


Possessiveness can be flattering in love but when it gets too much it can suffocate. Learn to trust yourselfand your better half. If the love is real and strong, he or she won’t leave. Love teaches you to believe in a higher power because its energies are purely divine.  Experiencing unconditional love can be the safest purest space to be.SaggitariusWhether married or single, your love life begins to improve. You are ready to learn the lessons of love and there may be a special excitement in the air. The more you realise how connected we all are, the better you relate with others. Remember not to get so enthusiastic in the beginning, you run out of steam. Take things a little slower and watch the magic grow.


Be completely honest and open. Teamwork is required if you wish to build a lasting relationship. If you’ve been in and out of casual relationships, it may be time to make a choice. Love teaches you to be true to yourself andfind the courage to share your innermost secrets and desires. The more you share, the closer your bond could be.


Let go of regrets. What has gone was never meant to be. Love teaches but also guides us to learn and move on. You’ve arrived at a period of transition. Your loves have changed you and  you are no longer the person you were. Use love to determine who you’d love to be.

Love is not always written in black and white. Love is like a heartbeat that feels amazing. Everything you need to know about a relationship has been communicated to you and it’s timeto start believing your inner voice about a special someone. Pay attention to these feelings.  If involved with someone you will already get the feeling that it’s about to undergo a change.

Mita Bhan

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Dont Live the Past. Leave it


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One of the easiest ways to feel miserable about ourselves is by replaying the past. Not only do we limit ourselves from enjoying the present moment, we end up holding onto something that no longer exists or is relevant today.

Change is constant. And with it we must adapt or fall. Yet so many of us still cling to the past or live in worry about the future. Very natural, very human but truly a waste of energy. We do not heal the past by living in it, we heal the past by living in the present.

By practising mindfulness and being a little more aware of our thought patterns we can learn that present moment is where life begins.

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February Tarot Forecast 2019 for all Sun Signs


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In your enthusiasm to do something different, you may start off with a bang but run out of steam half way. The cards remind you to stick with the process until the end. Success is yours but first you need to complete all those unfinished projects and ideas you’ve got buzzing around your head. A short and sweet encounter with an interesting person may leave you yearning for something more stable and committed.


So much to do so little time. You may find yourself stretched and pulled in different directions. Learn to prioritise and say no to the time wasters. A lot can be achieved in the days ahead as long as you stay focused and calm. In matters of the heart, someone may pressure you to make a commitment, if you still aren’t ready, be honest and ask for more time. Married souls may feel overworked and underappreciated. Ask for help when you need it.


Your worries about money matters need a reality check. Things are not as bad as you think they are. And a little more caution is required with the way you’ve been spending lately. Tighten your purse strings and learn to budget your resources and time. A friend may need your advice. And your spouse may continue to be on his own trip. Hold on tightly to him and he may rebel, just give him his space and know he will come home when he’s ready.


Expect a surge of activity in work and business matters. Your money situation begins to get better and better. And you may even buy something you thought you couldn’t afford earlier. A new job promises financial gains and a chance to show case your skills. If single, you may find yourself getting quite a bit of attention. Enjoy this phase, just don’t get carried away by your impulses that’s all.


Travel may be necessary this month. Or you may find yourself making a number of short trips for some work. Bureaucracy and red tape may get frustrating at times, but just hang in there. Don’t get bogged down by the demands on you. Learn to operate in a new way and develop more strength of will. An unpleasant confrontation with a family member or a friend will get resolved. And if you were planning to buy that home or car you’ve been eyeing for a while. Know that it will happen.


Someone or something may inspire you and give you new hope in your life and affairs. Things are working out in your favour. Just have faith. And know things will get better with time. A good period to do something for your soul, you may like to try alternative healing, or enroll in some classes which uplift your soul. Pay attention to what is not being said to you. Financial gains are indicated, and more is ahead.


As long as you keep believing in yourself you know that nothing and nobody can stop you from living your dream. There will be challenges and obstacles but remember they’re not here to defeat you, merely to test your resolve. People around you will be friendly and supportive and you may get unexpected news or assistance. In terms of your personal life, single Librans may get wooed by a younger admirer. Enjoy the attention, you deserve it.


A critical period has begun for you professionally. You may meet some important contacts or be involved in high level discussions. Open your mind to different points of view and know that all these experiences are going to add to your success later on. Just remember to address your emotional side as well. Shutting out your feelings to loved ones may help you focus on work better but it’s not helping the relationship is it? Work for a balance in your life.


Trying to control a situation or mould another’s opinion can only work to a point. Ultimately we are all free to do as we please and the harder you try to make things go in your favour, the more shocks you may encounter. Someone may openly rebel in the days ahead. Or your advice could be completely ignored. Don’t get hurt by what’s happened. Detach yourself and realize you did your best. And then just let go.


Ignore your critics and let nothing distract you from your course of action. You’re being watched but don’t get overwhelmed by attention. Straighten out your affairs, and refuse to accept anything that’s mediocre. In the home front, a family member may be a bit too critical for your liking. Remember it could be their insecurities which make them speak this way. A lucky period is ahead of you in negotiations, property and money matters.


You may find yourself at the crossroads again. Before you make any hasty decisions, take the advice of someone you can trust. It could be about your job or your life partner. Think things through and remember at the end of the day it’s your life. Pay a little more attention to all documentation and paperwork. Double check everything for errors. You may miss a special someone and if things go well, expect a pleasant surprise in matters of the heart.


The situation appears a little murky. People may behave in a suspicious manner. And you may feel as if you’re not part of the latest plot. Don’t try too hard to get to the answers, just stay honest with yourself and focus on what’s on your plate. A lot can be accomplished this month if you stay detached. A social outing may lead to an encounter with a very unusual or striking soul. Remember he or she may promise more than he can deliver. Take everything that’s being said with a pinch of salt.

Mita Bhan

Lucky or Unlucky with the Wheel of Fortune


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The Wheel Turns in Your Favour

The wise ones have told us that no phase of life lasts. Even the toughest of times have to be replaced by a period of pure good energy.  A slow and dull time is always replaced by a hectic phase that sometimes catches us off guard. A good time does appear. A time when the unemployed find jobs, the lonely find love , the broke get money and the disappointed receive pleasant surprises. These phases can be a brief incident or a series of positive experiences that gradually unfolds in our lives and it can also be described as a feeling of unexplained optimisim. Something good is about to happen and it will. It may not last very long but it will be a welcome relief.

In Tarot this phase of the soul’s journey is perfectly described by the appearance of the upright Wheel of Fortune, a truly special card. The tenth card in the Major Arcana it describes the path of the Sun across the sky, revealing how Life is constantly in motion. Some readers call it fate, others call it destiny while many just say it’s a time when Lady Luck is smiling down at you and only you.  Something good has been put in motion in your life and it’s time to grab the opportunities taking full advantage of its breath of pure, positive energy.

Visually most Tarot decks depict the wheel with human and mythical symbols attached to it revealing that no being spared the wheels of time and karma. Some cards depict people with different emotions like joy, sorrow, anger etc on the 8 spokes of the wheel.  

Not a very common card to receive in a Tarot session, most readers will smile upon seeing it in an upright position and proceed to answer in affirmatives with the most positive outcomes. If it does come reversed, slowdowns or disappointments may be seen depending on the question asked. Special attention is always given to the Wheel of Fortune, a card that is indeed significant and memorable and many Tarot readers have expressed a shift of energies during a session, describing how the advent of the card made the reading lighter and happier.

However since a Tarot session is dependent on your question and based on the time of a reading, the meaning of the upright Wheel of Fortune alters with the kind of question you ask.

Here are a few general examples of differing meanings with differing questions.

If it’s a general forecast for the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even few years the Wheel of Fortune appears as a good omen. Things are moving in your favour and luck favours you.

If the question is related to a new love interest, this Major Arcana card reveals destiny is at play, the both of you were meant to fall in love and an energy as strong as love can never be resisted or controlled. We must fall in love.

Job seekers find an affirmative to their queries of finding employment. Energies start moving in your favour. If you’ve applied for multiple jobs and haven’t heard from the company you can be sure they will wake up and call you.

If the reading is about potential business ideas the Wheel of Fortune foretells profitability and a lucky start.

In spiritual questions the appearance of this card reveals blessings from the Universe and a nudge towards what you were born to do in this lifetime.

And if the question about health related matters, the card comes as a welcome relief indicating recuperation and recovery. Good health is restored but with a lesson to be more conscious of your health.

Whatever be the question or situation, the upright Wheel of Fortune reminds us that opportunity never knocks twice. Don’t get too complacent, thinking the good times will always last. Make sure you maximise the potential of this whiff of positivity while it’s around. Remember, the wheels of time are in constant motion and the wise ones were correct when they told us never to take the good times for granted. Even good luck comes with an expiry date!

Mita Bhan.

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The Real You – A Short Story




Ranterella was in one of her moods again.

You’ll know what I mean when you hear her.

It begins with the bitter tone

And ends up in her shouting expletives.

Who left the door open?

Why did you go there?

What is wrong with people!

She stomped out with her headphones in the dark.

And  literally stumbled over a monk sitting on the grass.

“What are you doing here!!!” Ranterella screamed.

The monk smiled.

“Why are you blocking my way you stupid man. Get up!”

He listened to her intently, nodding away at her words.

Made Ranterella even more angry. She brought her face really close to his.

“Don’t you understand me?”

“Yes I do. Which is why I’m moving to the other end of the park.  Bye


A little while later he heard footsteps and a softer voice ask him,

“What did you understand about me?”

The Monk knew the answer.


She knew he understood.

And sat down next to him and  wept.

For everything she wanted from Life but did’nt get

For every single person who lied to her and betrayed her.

For the man who cheated her.

For the father who did not stand up for her.

For the Boss who played with her.

For the daughter who told her other people’s mommies don’t shout.

For the Knight in the Shining Armour who galloped away.


“I know I know all this Buddhist stuff. Everybody’s going on about self love. La la la. ” she mocked.

The monk got up, dusted his robes and went towards the Neroli bush.

See this flower. He pointed to tiny pointed luminous petals.

She rolled her eyes.  Maybe she should plug in the headphones. And walk away from this weird old man.

But her gaze fell on that flower.

And instead of petals, she saw her own reflection.

A tiny mirror stared back at her.

She was shocked.


The monk suppressed his laughter. People always look so comical when they’re shocked.

Her reflection showed a young teenaged girl lying on the grass with a book.

Except she wasn’t reading.

She was dreaming about her true love.

She blinked hard. And the flower just disappeared into the night.

“What kind of trick is that?”

The monk stifled a yawn. It had been a long day. “No trick, that’s the real you”

Mita Bhan

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Meditation Symbols. The Falls



To see a waterfall or the Niagara Falls in particular during meditation means you are coming one level closer to you. As you go inwards you learn to befriend your essential self. Waterfalls a symbolise the letting go of a layer of emotion or conditioning that’s been holding you back. Sometimes the meditation is followed by an emotional release. When you let go of the pain, you learn to live again.

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Meditation Symbols – Cliff


Image by Zack Frank,

To see a cliff during meditation overlooking the trees and mountains reveals you have reached a deeper level of awareness and understanding. Certain life lessons have been learnt and you are now able to look at everything and choose your next step. Don’t underestimate your abilities.

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