Raise the Vibe with Guggal


The ancient texts of Ayurveda have highlighted the innumerable benefits of Guggal as both oral medicine in its powdered form or as a therapeutic aid in the form of incense sticks and cones made from its resin. Derived from the sansksrit word “guggulu” meaning protection from diseases, it is considered an allrounder as it balances all the doshas at a mind, body soul level gently and effectively.

As a fragrance, Guggal is believed to work at many levels in your living and work space:

  1. Reduces anxiety and angst. The heady notes of Guggal work to bring in a sense of soothing calm in environments where there may have been tension, grief, worry or loss.
  2. Aids sleep and works as a gentle relaxant by gently easing out fatigue caused by overthinking.
  3. Used extensively in prayers and rituals, Guggal is believed to drive negativity away with its sweet scent and usher in divine grace and good luck.
  4. Works as an insect repellant especially in the rainy months.
  5. Promotes concentration and focus on study.

One tip, too much of a good thing is never too good. I’ve discovered one small cone of Guggal is enough to bring about a burst of positivity, when burnt for hours, it can make the environment dense and cloying.

Guggal can be found as incense sticks or cones, here I prefer to use the cones by AntarKranti, as it brings a short burst of positivity.

Guggal incense cones tend to topple over, here I’ve used a tea light candle as a stabilising base.
Guggal resin can also be burnt on coals as a smudging device. Image from Deccan Herald.

Additional Reading

A comprehensive look at Guggal’s therapeutic properties when taken in a medicinal form.


This is where I have been getting Guggal from


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Tarot for Today – Just Keep Going


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Cat Deck personal collection

Today is the day when you try a little harder. When you get up and give a little more of yourself. When you hang on to your dreams for just a little longer.

Quitting is not an option. Persist through the delays and the disappointments, the fog and the obstacles. One step at a time. One day at a time.

The dedication and the perserverance of 8 of Pentacles reminded me of my grandfather’s words. Active at work till nearly the age of 90, he witnessed 2 World Wars, the Partition, epidemics like Small Pox and Polio. And managed to raised his 8 children as a single Dad. His answer to any difficulty was to “just keep going” without defeat without complaint.

Key Message

*Patient and productive

*Ignoring the voice that says “quit”

*Paying attention to detail

*Unlearning the past. Learning new skills.

For insights into the week ahead, do see the weekly tarot forecast.


Wishing you peace, good health and persistence.

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Weekly Tarot Forecasts for all Sun Signs



Clear Quartz Ganesha and ShriYantra

Thank you for reaching out in the past couple of weeks with reminders about uploads and my apologies for the inconveniences caused by technical glitches, data transfers, upgrades and uploads on my part. Fingers crossed, looks like things are sorted for now and if I have learnt anything it is to be even more patient, even more adaptive to the newer normal and to continue taking precautions even though the wave is subsiding.

Now back to the Tarot for the week ahead. The main message that runs across the readings for all Sun Signs remains, “Don’t take people and things for granted, everything can change in an instant.” Cherish you selves, boost your health, count all the blessings and value those who truly love you. More insights and messages at :


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Mita Bhan. June 2021

Weekly Tarot Forecast for All Sun Signs (May 23-29)


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While many of us are still recovering from the shocks of multiple passings, many are still in the midst of this, praying for loved ones on ventilators, waiting for news from the hospitals, waiting for vaccinations or simply dealing with the grimness of Life that sometimes shrouds us all. The days ahead show ever so gradual recovery till the end of July of the current wave, and also the glimmers of awakening. All of us have received a wake up call be it about Life, Health, Humanity and the week ahead shows choices that stand before us as individuals and as communities. Take the high road or take the gutter. Choose to stay calm or choose to explode. Be mindful about your thoughts. They can take you to heaven or hell.

Wishing all peace, good health and recovery.

Mita Bhan

Weekly Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs May 16-22


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Vedic Wisdom Deck, Art by GLN Simha.

One of life’s greatest blessings is friendship. And one of the most blessed connections are those we share with our childhood mates. Kids we played with in the playground. Exchanged notes with during boring classes. Who saved a seat for us on the long bus ride home. Who made everything a little more special, goofy and magical. In the past few days I’ve been fortunate enough to meet up with some of my childhood friends on Zoom and in their own special way, they made living in lockdown a whole lot more bearable. We’ve shared tears, laughter and just been there for one another and I thank God for their presence and wish them good health and happiness until we meet again.

The week ahead is all about reconnections with people and places from our past. It’s about learning from yesterday and realising how precious our childhood connections and memories really are. For more on what to expect for your Sun Sign, do click on the India Today link and search for weekly horoscopes.


Wishing everyone safety, good health and a memorable reunion (even if it’s online) with a dear old friend.

Mita Bhan

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5 Ways to Let Go


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Letting go is one of the hardest practices we will encounter, but once we do it, we wonder why we did’nt do it sooner. Many a times we find ourselves stuck about someone or something and people tell us to “let go”.

But how?

Here’s a few tried techniques that may work for you if you are struggling with something. Remember very very few of us have the ability to let go in a second. For the majority of us the process takes many tries. and time. Be patient, be persistent.

  1. Write it down and burn it.

Struggling with a relationship that’s over. Disturbed by someone’s insensitive behaviour which you find difficult to forgive? Psychologists and Healers recommend writing a long letter to them, pouring out your feelings and allowing the process to be cathartic. Get in touch with your feelings, remember what happened and write out your soul. When you’re done, just burn the letter. Chances are you may feel lighter and purged of your pain.

2. Connect with the Inner You

Meditate and focus on your breathing. Start paying attention to your mind and your body. Start getting aligned with you, your space, your feelings and thoughts. Too many times when we find ourselves too attached to others the pain comes as a reminder to detach and focus entirely on your seperateness from them. Get in touch with YOU. Appreciate and accept your who you are. Understand you cannot change anyone but yourself. Allow any feelings to arise and be kind with yourself.

3. Look for Closure

Most relationships break up without closure. People disappear without giving answers. And those who are left holding on wait for a final goodbye or some sort of sign from them to close the chapter. When it doesn’t happen, we have no choice but to find closure within ourselves. Say “My relationship with X is over” out loud during meditation, write it out, or talk to a trusted soul. Acknowledge and accept that it’s over. When you reach a space that someone or something was not meant to be in your life for a reason (which you may or may never know) you allow yourself to disconnect and restart.

4. Forgive Yourself. Forgive Them

The process of forgiveness can take a long time and comes with its share of reliving the pain. The pain is but a passing energy, let it flow out, once and for all. Contemplate on all the mistakes you made, realise your humanness. Contemplate on their mistakes, realise their humanness. Consciously work at forgiving and allow the peace to come in.

5. Distract Yourself

I find this technique works the fastest and at a practical level, it’s do-able. The key is to be mindful. Whenever you find overthinking about someone or something, do an activity that breaks the pattern. Clean your drawer. Delete the Junk mail. Go outdoors. Use your hands. It works in seconds as an important part of the process of letting go.

Letting go takes time and when it doesn’t happen naturally, we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to speed up the process. Not easy but necessary for our own growth. We allow ourselves a second chance and as the wise ones have always told us “when one door closes, another opens.”

If you’re still finding it difficult to let go, reach out for a guided healing meditation on Letting Go to get you started on your process of restarting and reshaping your life. Email me at mita.bhan@gmail.com for details.

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Weekly Tarot Forecast for All Sun Signs (May 9-15)


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What have you learnt in the past week? With so many passings and so many people struggling for breath I learnt to cherish and appreciate breath. Our prana or chi which we take for granted. I learnt to be more mindful about my relationships. And cherish those who love me. Life is a gift. This week teaches us it’s time forgive those who hurt us, life is too short and precious to hold on to grudges. Stay safe all. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions and treasure your loved ones.


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Weekly Tarot Forecast for All Sun Signs



Niagara Falls image by beutefulplace

My prayers for the healing of all lives affected by the current wave of the Pandemic. It’s been heartwrenching and at the same an awakening for many of us at all levels. Cherish your life and your loved ones. Make every moment count. Help others in whatever way you can. Stay safe and look after your health.

For the time being, the Monthly Tarot Forecasts have been discontinued and replaced with a weekly forecast for all sun signs across the globe on India Today. Here is the link to follow:


May all beings free of suffering. May all beings be healthy and safe.

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Mita Bhan

Weekly Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs



My prayers for all those who have been affected by Covid 19. Stay strong, stay safe, the current wave will recede.

Here’s the forecast for all sun signs for the week ahead of us. Thank you for all your support and feedback. For personalised readings and Distant Reiki message me on 9810138315/mita.bhan@gmail.com

May all beings be free of sickness and suffering. May all beings find peace.

Mita Bhan