Weekly Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs (19-25 September 2021)

If you were beginning to feel bored and stagnant, the week ahead promises a few hasty energy shifts until the 27th of September when Mercury goes retrograde (more on than later) Expect increased activity, starting new projects and even new relationships. One tip, do check out things before proceeding hastily. One reckless mistake and it could block your future happiness. You may start shedding a lot of baggage as well from the past, literally as in decluttering your possessions or emotionally as you release a painful memory from your past once and for all and heave a sigh of relief. Old suppressed emotions may reveal themselves as bouts of irritation or even an explosion so do be mindful about lashing out at someone who had nothing to do with the matter. Keywords for the week ahead are assertive action, pausing before you lash out, overcoming obstacles with one swift action.

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Wishing you a week full of peace and productivity. Stay cool:)

Mita Bhan

Reassuring Rose Quartz

There’s something very pure and sweet about the pastel pink rose quartz, a translucent crystal that’s common to almost every continent on our planet. Easily available and recognizable by its baby pink hues, this is hailed as the stone of infinite peace and love. And that’s what exactly it evokes in my every time I gaze at it, or work with its energies.

Holding a piece of rose quartz in the middle of a crisis, or when the stress levels begin to boing all over the place brings calm. Allow it absorb all the tension and replace the energies with reassurance and trust.

Rose being the symbol of love and pink the colour of loving vibrations combine to accentuate loving vibes with rose quartz. Placed in the marriage sector of a home, it can help towards restoring calm, harmony, encouragement and loving words. Placed on a work table, it helps to bring in a level of compassion and empathy between individuals.

A heartbreak healer, the rose quartz gently draws in the pain of grief and rejection and replaces it with a gradual acceptance of the situation and most importantly teaches us to love ourselves, a vital ingredient of a peaceful relationship.

In terms of physical ailments rose quartz has been known to strengthen heart and circulatory ailments, and is best worn as a pendant or necklace in the form of healing jewellery.

An aide for love in the highest sense, at a time when the world needs it the most, rose quartz teaches us the power of this powerful energy in the gentlest, sweetest manner.

(Don’t throw away your old crystals, they can be re-energised and reused effectively. Reduce. Reuse and Recycle)

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Going with the Flow


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Today’s Tarot reminds us not to force anything or anyone.

Let things happen when they are meant to. Trust that they will.

Resistance and frustration only deplete you. For now, you’ve done all that

you could and it’s time to let go a little and wait.

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Wishing you peace that comes when we stop resisting and start accepting our journeys.

Mita Bhan

Weekly Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs (Sept 12-18 2021)


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Thank you for your feedback and support down the years. The past week has peeled away many layers of deception around us and within us. Many discovered the true colours of those they were closest to or those they thought they knew. And as the trend continues, this week’s card takes it to the realm of our own Personal Truth.

Every single one of us has it. Our authentic being, which we believe in when no one is watching, when we are all by ourselves. It is the opinion we carry of our self when we look in the mirror, and the words we say to ourselves in our private moments. Do you know who you are, and are you being that person? Or are you giving your power away to others? Is your personal truth distorted? Are others controlling how you feel about yourself? In your meditative moments allow yourself to explore this.

One thing I have discovered over the years is that once you know who you really are deep within, then what others say or think doesn’t matter. Change your inner dialogue. If you keep saying “I’m not losing weight” chances are you never will. The person who says “My parents called me the problem child” will grow up believing that things are not going to be easy. The person with a strong sense and knowledge of their own personal truth will not be affected by the actions and judgements of others. They say No when they mean it instead of agreeing to something that goes against their grain.

While introspecting go inwards and find your own inner truth. It may take a few tries but when you reach that point, you’ll know it to be true by the way it feels.

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Wishing you a week of peace, productivity and inner revelations:)

Mita Bhan

Grounding brings you back to you

Feeling spacy? Can’t stop thinking about someone or something? Drained by a toxic environment? Lost in social media? Feeling disconnected from loved ones? Or just feeling lethargic by this whole pandemic?

One simple and effective way to cope is with Grounding. And its name suggests it’s got to do with coming back to the ground.

An age old set of techniques trusted by therapists and healers for centuries, grounding allows you to reconnect with yourself, release stress and most importantly, allow Mother Nature to heal you. For best results, grounding needs to be practiced at least a few times a week for 20-30 minutes.

Here are a 3 of my favourite techniques that offer relief:

Walking Barefoot on Earth releases free radicals and stress from the body into the Earth and at a physical level lessens muscle tension and stress. Reflexology, Yoga and Naturopathy have stressed the multiple benefits of walking barefoot on grass for a few minutes daily stating that not only does it help relieve stress, it promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, regulates the functioning of the body organs and leaves you feeling so good to be outdoors walking under the sky and the sunshine. And if you can’t find time to go outdoors, even working with earth doing activities like gardening and pottery help regain a sense of perspective and inner knowing.

image from preparednessmama.com

Meditate with Healing Crystals like Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Banded Agate and Pyrite. These stones not only reduce confusion and lessen the negativity, they also help balance our moods and bring us back to a practical, sense of reality. Do remember to cleanse and energize your crystals before use and cleanse them after.

Smokey quartz, personal collection

Breathe & Stretch remain my favourite ways to ground. There are many techniques for deep breathing, and personally I have found the 636 (breathe in to 6, hold for 3, exhale for 6)and the Box (inhale to a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for a count of 4)method of breathwork have helped bring calm within seconds. Stretching and accupressure releases pent up tension and helps better sleep.

image from freestockimages.com

From improving blood circulation, easing pains and restoring a sense of clarity and connectedness, grounding is one healing technique with zero side effects, best done regularly.

Wishing you peace

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Throwback Thursday – Tarot Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Tarot in India has come a long long way since my newbie days of 2003 when it was considered to be a fad – Western substitute to Vedic Astrology. Today it is widely accepted as not just an alternative tool of divination but one of self discovery, self empowerment and guidance.

While cleaning up my files in my laptop I came across this memory from January 2004. I had been invited to give a talk on “Tarot FAQs” at a bookshop in Gurgaon. Just completed 5 years of studying Tarot and had recently gone professional in August 2003. Back then, awareness was scant, and the audience was curious, engaging and eager to learn.

Till 2002-3, people had been mainly exposed to traditional forms Vedic Astrology or Numerology and exposure was limited to television. The Tarot was a new and Western concept to people used to planetary movement and Lal Kitab remedies. It spoke of self empowerment, self love and being the master of our destiny, rather than blaming our misery entirely on fate, karma or the stars Tarot began with taking responsibility for our own lives and our choices and free will.

This deck of European cards was based not on the skies and the stars but the present moment. “What do you need to understand right now?” kind of question that would empower the querent with information.

These 78 cards lay between the querent and the reader. The Tarot was not passive, it was interactive. It depended on questions, answers, discussions and dialogue between the humans. The Tarot Reader was only an interpretor of symbols, images and messages that lie embedded in the cards and the querent sought answers through dialogue. Nothing sombre nothing grim. Never was and never will be.

From the 14th century to beyond. Today as I look back nearly 2 decades I see how truly adaptive and contemporary the Tarot is. And why it’s been such a source of intrigue and fascination since the medieval times. Many of the questions asked remain timeless – questions about love, loss, karma, money but the context has changed as we humans have evolved. And the philosophy of taking responsibility of our own lives, being in the present moment and shaping the future we want, remains eternal and intrinsic to the Tarot. I’m grateful for all that I’ve learnt from the decks and all the seekers who have come for sessions down the 18 years, simply a dot in time for this 800 year old timeless tool of discovery. May the Tarot continue to empower and inspire for centuries to come.

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Meditation only needs You


You don’t need to take out hours from your busy schedule. Or make the perfect spot to meditate. You don’t need to be anything but comfortable. All you need is just a few minutes of deep breathing and a willingness to go inwards and befriend yourself.

Wishing you many moments of inner peace and reflection.

Mita Bhan

Today’s Tarot



Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. Trust the process. Trust in your ability to get through this. You will overcome.

Wishing you a day full of learning, endurance and productivity.

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Weekly Tarot Forecast for All Sun Signs (5-11 Sept 2021)


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Happy Teacher’s Day:) Today is Teachers Day in India. A day when students bring presents and cards for their teachers and honour them with words of gratitude and appreciation. And the teachers take the day off to watch a movie with their colleagues or just go off to celebrate while the senior students become teacher substitutes, realising just how hard their job is. And with time these students grow up to understand that there can be so many kinds of teachers on our journey. And each one, be it a formal school teacher, or a tutor, or a parent, a child, a friend, an experience, enriches us our world and our awareness of it. Leaving us with a sense of gratitude.

Thank you all my teachers – I am grateful for all that you have taught me and hope, you continue to show me as I learn from Life.

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Wishing you week of teaching, learning and unlearning 🙂

Mita Bhan

Weekly Tarot Forecast for All Sun Signs (Aug29-Sept 4 2021)

“We must learn to live together as brothers

or perish together as fools.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you heard the old adage “There is no I in Team” and “Two Heads are better than one” that stress on the importance of stepping out of ourselves as individual entities and focusing on our part in the whole unit. A critical part of growth on our journeys is collaboration and cooperation. Be it in the family, in our neighbourhood, in our offices. Together we can, and we should. And that’s when wonderful things begin to happen.

The week ahead highlights that some things cannot be done alone. We will need to rely on the capable shoulders of another – be it professionally or personally. Instead of asking for help, help another, brainstorm and pool together to create something better.

Alliances, mergers, teamwork and coalitions may be planned, initiated or launched – a trend that will continue way until 2024. Even on the global arena, announcements will be made to collaborate across borders, new alliances may be formed politically, economically or strategically to tackle the threat of international terrorism and climate change, speak out for human rights and the rights of marginalised communities. Pooling talent and ideas creatively for the greater good across borders by way of film, music and art. The Pandemic has made us realise we’re all in this together and by working together, we can create a better future for our children. And though our generation may only witness the wee beginnings of positive change, the cards foretell eventual peace for the next Age/Cycle.

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Wishing you joy and success in your collaborations 🙂

Mita Bhan.