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Why are you allowing what you see and hear outside you to stress you out? Let go of what you cannot control. Accept what is there. If something or someone is not making you happy then take steps to heal the situation or walk away. Challenge precedes change. But for change to happen, you must be willing to face whatever it is that blocks your path. It could be your own fear, or your habit of over analysing. Things begin to look a whole lot better and clearer when we clear the garbage in our minds.

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Our Planet. Not just for humans.



Underwater World Sentosa Island 2008

He was mesmerised by the jellyfish in Underwater World.

For a long time he kept staring and chatting with them.

“Come on son, let’s see the other fish” I grew impatient.

“No I have to meet their whole family. See that’s the mummy”

I peered at the graceful jellyfish who glided by gracefully.

Within seconds she was joined by a smaller version of herself

and we gazed at one another across the glass.

“Look son, these are humans. See that’s the boy and his Mommy”

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January 2021 Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs


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Happy 2021 everyone. January does bring a wee bit of relief in many areas of our life but also stagnation in some. A year for stepping out of our set routines and patterns, it urges us to to try something different. To look at Life from someone else’s perspective. To retain hope. And also to collaborate and cooperate with others, even those with diverse opinions. In short this year is all about learning to get along and innovate. However as the Pandemic rages in parts of the world, precautions need to be taken there is relief but not yet. Wishing everyone good health and happiness. God Bless.

Here’s what the Tarot had to say

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Keep Plan B in mind as things don’t go according to plan. Last minute changes and revisions and even delays may be frustrating but if you’re flexible, things should work out fine. There may be a lot of confusion to deal with in the work place and it would be wise not to get too involved. Maintain your clarity and calm with a sense of detachment. Personally things start look brighter. Old misunderstandings get cleared up and a heart to heart chat will renew your commitment for one another. If single and looking expect to find a few possibilities in the weeks ahead. One tip, don’t rush. Whatever is meant to be will happen in its own sweet time and pace. Learning a new skill or taking up a hobby will lift up your spirits.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Bored and restless are we? Not enough things to do on your job list. Or you may feel like a certain spark is missing. Time to reconnect with your purpose and follow your heart. Just do what brings you joy dear Taurean and the month should work out fine. You may find yourself communicating with new minds or learning new ways of thinking. Go with the flow, you never know what you may discover. A young, intelligent and dynamic soul leaves an impression in your heart. A good month to give your time, energy, money and love, the cards urge you to express yoursef. Praising others takes nothing away from you and in fact, will only shower you with blessings.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Few can match your brilliant mind. And a few will try to pull you down. Ignore your critics and do what you do best. Cooperation and team efforts with diverse groups will place you in a space of recognition and possible rewards. People notice your unique style of working and invitations may be extended for professional and online events, so spruce up and get ready to get noticed. Family brings joy and support when you need it. A short sweet fling may turn serious. And if already committed, wedding plans may be put in place. A month to celebrate who you are and who you love.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

If you don’t make the changes from within, nothing’s going to change around you. Could it be a career switch or retirement? What’s going in your heart is what you really should be doing with yourselves. Work begins to bore you and only you know you have the key to bring back the zing. A good month to get organised. Make lists. Make notes and put plans in order, you will thank yourself later for it when work begins to pile up and the chores seem endless. Old friendships get jaded as you find yourself dealing with a diva or a drama king. New love may take a little more time so be patient. The more honest you are with yourself, the more peace you will find.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

Time to seek out an advisor. An expert or a professional who you can trust, and then apply their wisdom. People in authority may block your progress, or question you when you are least prepared. Someone may be scrutinising you. If you want to make right impression ensure you have your facts, at all times. Hold back the spending this month especially on the little luxuries, keep it all for a rainy day later. A strange encounter could lead to a sparkling friendship. Or a stranger could become a friend. Keep your mind open and let go of old notions of Mr or Miss Right. They may turn out to completely different from what you originally imagined. And if you’re out and about, do take precautions.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

Relief comes your way via an offer of a job or a business. There’s more money to be earned but do you have your facts right? Don’t get swayed by get rich quick schemes, and do be wary when spending online. Thinking only about yourself is not going to help you, the more you support others and promote their welfare, the more blessings will come your way. On the health front a recurring ailment may need attention, ignoring it will not make the symptoms go away. The sooner you do it the faster you heal. IF a loved one feels neglected or taken for granted, don’t wait for them to complain, make amends. In the end it’s all about our loved ones and family.

Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22)

A part of you exhausted with the new normal and the multiple decisions you need to make. Resolve to make more “metime” for yourself and do what works for you. Long walks? Binging on netflix? Daily meditation? You’re going to need to do it for yourself before being the caregiver and the responsible soul. And the demands get too much, just chant “this too shall pass” And it will. When it doubt, stick to basics. Hope comes in the form of renewed friendships and reaching out to old contacts. An old friend may reach out to you and you discover a number of similar coincidences have taken place in both your lives. And if a special someone is giving you mixed signals, better to step back and let what is meant to be, unfold.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov21)

You may be required to change the way you’ve been doing things this month as the card of taking risks suggest. Open your mind to other people’s views, try out different approaches and do not be afraid of any new opportunity that comes your way. Risk is sometimes necessary for greater gains in the long term and the cards suggest that whatever you do in your professional and personal life will reward you in the long run. Financially you may be tempted to speculate in the stock market or invest in an upcoming business or property, listen to your instincts the cards say. Single people may meet prospective suitors but may shy away from a lasting commitment in the last moment. Healthwise, take care of your respiratory system and don’t ignore a nagging cough or cold for too long. Spiritual pursuits and an interest in spiritual matters is highlighted in the form of learning

Saggitarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Time to learn to let go. If you think you’ve learnt the lesson, then why are you still getting stressed by the same old things. Go inwards and find out which relationship, expectation or habit you may be holding on to and let it go. In work matters, learn to be a little flexible with payments. Impatience is not going to help you in the least. . Family matters go smoothly as long as you learn to let go of unnecessary expectations. Use your intuition to guide you about the people in your life. Sometimes, it is better to let things be, rather than ruffle feathers. If someone is really meant to be in your life, he or she will make efforts to stay in touch. No amount of persuasion will help them otherwise.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Are you getting too focused on material gain and forgetting the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life? Has it all been about money and work lately and little or no time for rest and recreation. Family members may need your presence. And if you’ve been ignoring your health of late, this is the month to start bringing a holistic view of your life  be it in your relationships, your nutrition or exercise.  Opportunities may come your way and it may be time for you to trust your intuition. Pay attention to your gut about someone or some thing, if it feels right, do it, if it doesn’t, step away. A good month for businesses and partnerships, negotiations will proceed smoothly.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Not everyone is you and that is your power. However sometimes, its also your weakness as you stress over the lack of ethic or dishonesty displayed by someone else. You’ve learnt your lesson, never judge a book by its cover. People may let you down and the only way to get over it is to forgive but not forget. Team efforts may slow down but that doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening. Those of you in a relationship may see someone’s true colours. It will be upto you whether you would continue or break away. Financial matters look promising but once again, double check the details.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

If things arent going your way, why are you repeating the same process again and again? Time to walk away, or change your game plan completely. Remember, the only person under your control is yourself. The others are going to behave and do things exactly the way they’ve always done. It’s pointless to fret over spilled milk, just pick up the pieces and walk away. You may hear about a divorce or a break up of a loved one and may lend a shoulder. A recent friendship may deepen as trust begins to develop. A boss may take you into confidence, or you could find yourself involved in a highly confidential project. You’re good with keeping secrets and people begin to trust you. Watch out for over exertion, you could sprain a limb. Moderation is the key.

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Thank you and God Bless

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Corona 2021 – What Lies Ahead

Never seen a year like 2020 before.

And will never will see it again.

Every single one of us has been affected.

We’ve all struggled, said sudden goodbyes to many, faced loss, dealt with the waves of fear, paranoia, hope and courage. We’ve all adapted to the new normal and somewhere are bracing up for even more changes in our homes, our workplaces and in the world around us. Faced moments of utter darkness and also moments of absolute light as we basked in the warmth of our loved ones.

As part of the Pandemic Reading series (links to other forecasts and insights below) I turned to the deck of cards seeking clarity and a little more hope with a single question “What’s 2021 going to be like for all of us?”

Destiny. We shall receive what we have sowed. A cycle of karmic balance begin. Deck used. Psychic Oracle Deck by John Holland. Personal collection

A cycle of ignorance comes to an end, replaced by a new cycle of wisdom that comes from experience and knowledge. As we face our deepest fears we move forward with renewed courage and self belief. We have learnt about precautions and social distancing. We have understood more about how the virus behaves. With awareness has come a certain fortitude. With grief we have understood how frail we are as the human race and how limited and unsure our time is on this planet.

The waves of the pandemic are palpable across borders. On the news we can see more than the numbers. We see the tired eyes of the nurses and doctors, the grief of those who couldn’t perform the last rites of their loved ones. Or paced their homes in frustration and despair facing unemployment and business losses. And we also see glimmers of hope in those who are recovering or getting vaccinated.

And yet beyond this.

There is a new beginning. And it isn’t all that bad either. However a beginning can only happen when we want it from within.

And can only be achieved when we as a collective step out of our comfort zone and begin to face our fears, one step at a time.

And slowly reach a new cycle of change, growth and success based on new rules of the new normal.

The more we adapt to change, the better things will be.

The more we do for others, the more growth we will see.

The more we hold back from others, the more we will shrink.

The more we approach 2021 with a spirit of cooperation, compassion and a willingness to do something for this planet, not just for ourselves but for future generations, the faster the world will heal.

As more and more people get vaccinated in 2021 a renewed sense of freedom may prevail. Individuals from all age groups and backgrounds will make their mark in new, unchartered territories. Medical and technological advances will allow for greater interconnectivity, ease and success. Visionaries may implement new ideas. New centres of power will be established politically and economically.

Key Messages

  1. If you quit now, you’ll be right where you started from. Just keep going. Just keep believing you can.
  2. Open your heart. If you consciously deprive another of positive energy be it in the form of words of gratitude, praise or even a donation, you will feel the karmic effects of your actions. If we don’t learn to give, we don’t get to receive.
  3. Be open to new possibilities and opportunities in emerging fields of healthcare, technology and education.
  4. Keep open to synchroncities, messages, unexpected alliances and partnerships (both professional and personal) and don’t delay saying yes.
  5. Love those who love you. Forgive those who don’t love you. Let karma deal with them.

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This is a time to regenerate, recalibrate and recharge.
Fill yourself with the knowing that deep down we are all part of a massive transformation and change.
Hope is there within all of us, but first we need to learn the lessons of unity. To the corona virus, humans are all the same. Yellow. Brown. Black or White. Compassion and caring for self and others. Collaborating and sharing learnings. Breathe.We are all one. And together we can overcome.

Outcome after 6 months (September 2020-September 2021) – Firm Foundation, Recognition and Renewal

Energies will reconsolidate and recalibrate. The turning point begins slowly on a positive note. More cases of Healing, Recovery. Significant advances in Medical Discoveries. New alliances between nations. More sale of weapons. renewed demands on oil. New Trade laws. Travel routes open up. Shift in School and University timings and modes of teaching. More Plant Based Diets. Establishment of new organisations in the field of health, mental health. New sources of income. Younger and younger leaders getting elected.

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Thank You


This morning I woke up with a fullness in my heart. 2020 is nearly over and what a year it’s been. The rollercoaster ride of emotions, the lockdowns, the horrifying news on TV and then the series of heartbreaks as I said good bye to so many dear souls who crossed over. The waves of gratitude engulfed me as I realised just how much I am thankful for. Still doing what I love. And so thankful to all of you who have trusted and supported me down 18 years of reading Tarot and healing. I wish you good health, peace and happiness. And will continue to read your cards and offer distant healing whenever I can and with every earning I can do my bit for a cause that”s dear to my heart – wildlife and street animals. Thank you.

God Bless and May there be peace and healing for all.

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Changing Careers? Focus on the Future

One of the joys of reading the Tarot is how ancient wisdom can be applied to contemporary and future scenarios. Especially during the times of lockdowns and layoffs where many professionals are considering a switch in careers. Not an easy place for anyone, the anxiety is understandable but the cards do have a magical way of bringing clarity and insights.

As in the case of a young woman who contacted me for a Career Switch Reading.

Career Switch Readings help in decision making , offering insights into the future potential of your choice.

Until the lockdown she thought she had found her calling in the Hotel Industry. Her days were busy with clients old and new, ensuring the hotel was perpetually booked with high profile events. And then suddenly it was over. Retrenchment. And the struggle and the stress followed. She had no choice but to switch careers if she wanted to work. She connected over the Tarot and we looked at all the options she was considering. Pros, cons and future possibilities were weighed. Her session ended with a clear direction she could pursue and did.

Her resilience and enterprise landed her a new job within 3 months managing customer relations for a large chain of hotels.

Similarly a young IT Manager got in touch. She had been on Maternity leave but was no longer keen to return to long hours and longer meetings. Work with more flexibility and passion. That’s what she communicated over a Tarot session. Her two loves were writing for kids and Teaching Dance. Could she do it? The Tarot foretold happiness in both and much needed flexibility. Perfect for a young mother. The only hitch? Writing would take at least a year before she could earn. While teaching dance revealed slow growth but better fitness levels and joy, not just for her but also her students.

We both smiled at the Tarot’s answer.

Both these professionals have displayed the very qualities required for survival and eventual success in today’s times. The courage to switch careers. Adaptibility to the new normal in their lives and in their professions. A willingness to research and explore their choices. To relearn and unlearn. And a view to recreating their future in a new field of their choice. Prerequisites for future success.

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Throwback Thursday. Planetary Reminders

“What are you doing to protect our planet?”

Eight years ago our children were reminding us to do something.

Eight years on, I still remind myself to be mindful about the environment and have reduced, reused

and recycled, forgotten at times, felt guilty at times, but it isn’t enough and I know it.

Here are some timely reminders which I hope will help you as well.

  • As far as possible go chemical free. Read more labels. Opt for natural, homegrown, organic and local produce.
  • Single use plastic and masks should be used as the last option. Opt for reusable.
  • How much stuff do we all truly need. Open the wardrobes and give to the needy.
  • Animals and Birds are far purer in mind and heart than many many human beings. Volunteer. Share information about rescued street animals, injured birds, foster appeals, fundraisers, missing pets. Something is better than nothing. If you can’t help them. Then don’t hurt them.
  • Reduce water wastage. Save all left over water in a watering can and water the plants.
  • Stay in touch with Nature. Go for forest walks. Start gardening. Meditate outdoors.

We have only one home and that’s our planet. Even the smallest effort to reduce our carbon footprint can make a difference, and if I live to see grandchildren I do hope they see a cleaner, greener world.

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The Wounded Palate



The most delicious desserts will never sweeten the one with the bitter breath.

He will always complain.

“Oh the presentation is bad.

Too many berries!

Lousy chocolate

“Ugh it tastes horrible”

He will spit on your table, scrape the chair backward

And head for the door.

Before you look at the mess he’s left behind, please walk him to the door and thank him for coming

and do ask him if you could sample

one of his desserts.

He will mumble something about not knowing how to cook, or

not having the time, or not finding the recipe. He may even look you

in the eye and tell you he can’t make desserts. And how his Father told him he couldn’t do a darn thing.

And that’s when you catch a glimpse of a young boy who was never praised, or approved, or accepted or encouraged. The harsh critiques he gives others freely and shamelessly are nothing compared to his self critiques. And the voices he heard as a child – he heard them so much he began to believe them, and eventually spew them on others.

For a second he looks at the door knob before stepping out and asks you how he can start making desserts.

You tell him to start by approving of himself.

Chances are he’ll slam the door on you grumbling to himself about incompetent cooks who waste his precious money.

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December 2020 Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs

Thank you so much for supporting my Monthly Tarot Forecasts with your feedback and suggestions. Do share the forecast with your friends and family. For telephonic readings/email reports and select personalised readings message 9810138315/ for details. If you would like to copy an excerpt or the whole reading kindly provide a link to this page.

Detox frequently this December. Go off digital devices. Leave online groups that only seem to tear each other down. Block the toxic caller. Fast for a day. Eat clean. Truths will start popping out. Stuff you’ve been hiding, stuff others have hidden from you.

Times are a changing, and so are you.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

When you don’t have a plan everyday is an everyday. December forces you to get a little more organised, a little less cluttered in your cupboard and in your heart. Let go of the grudge, it will only make you sick. Professionally things can start moving but your plans have to be perfect. Any oversight now may cost you a lot later. New friendships provide a different kind of connectivity. Have you found your tribe? A loved one may be feeling a little neglected so how about reaching out?

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

You slowly stop caring about certain people now who never saw your worth. You move away from a stifling situation at the work place. Or literally pack and move out. This month is all about leaving things behind and exploring new territories. Work and money matters proceed smoothly because you’ve learnt to be patient. Watch your health for signs of accumulated stress and boost your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. A young admirer could get closer, or a budding friendship may take a serious turn, one tip, if you’re not sure, take your time.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You know that impulsive side of you? That leaps out and says or does something without thought. Please keep it in check as you may be tempted to lash out an annoying someone. Or press SEND before checking the facts. Financially new avenues begin to open up and be ready for some interactions with experts in different fields and domains. A great month for Geminis in IT, great things are about to happen and with your brilliance, you could get on a roll in the following months. Joy and solace comes from old childhood bonds, and if single, you may decide to stop looking actively and allow whoever is meant to be, to come looking for you.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Loved ones are truly our treasures. And this month may see you reconnecting with an old flame, or a cherished family member or a soulmate. Your heart is open to giving and receiving and with it you may experience peace and calm. You could even recognise a hidden talent and allow it to lead you to new horizons. Your only limit is your imagination. If searching for a job or applying for higher studies, remember to follow your heart. Happiness is short lived, make sure you hold on to the moments.

Leo (July 23- Aug 22)

Team work is highlighted and so are public appearances, if not in person then certainly online. A busy month of Zoom calls and your collaborative spirit will be shared. You’re generous with praise and your coworkers will respond. Matters of the heart may be a little confusing. Is someone giving mixed signals? Or acting cool again? A heart to heart chat will clear the air and make way for a better bond. While you’re busy impressing others with your charm, do remember to give back a little to your favourite cause or charity.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sept 22)

Discipline is essential if you want to get things done this month. No slacking. Pending tasks and chores may pile up on your desk but you should be able to handle things promptly and efficiently. Just watch your tone with others especially if you’ve a tendency to be a little sharp. Others may not be so forgiving this time. Money that was stuck for a while shows promise of movement. And people you met ages ago, may remember you for an interesting proposal. Friends and family may act aloof, and if you’re missing them, then make amends. Your health may need attention but timely treatment will heal.

Libra (Sept 23- Oct 22)

A little voice inside you tells you that it’s slowly getting better. There’s hell but there’s also heaven, if we pause and look. Ideas may start pouring in about a new business partnership, a new line of designs, a new book, it’s bubbling inside you for a reason. Pay attention and start acting upon those hunches. Money that was owed to you will be returned, and negotiations will proceed smoothly. But aren’t you getting a little bored by your routine? Think about ways to change your life, even if it takes time. You after all, are can shape your own destiny.

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov21)

To win we have to learn how to lose. To get we have to learn how to give. To fly we have to learn to fall down. Don’t allow the setbacks and the obstacles deter you. They’re only stepping stones. An old rival may make things unpleasant for you, but you won’t need to do anything in return. Karma will do it for you. Financially you may find yourself relooking your paperwork and thinking of long term returns. Family matters remain smooth as long as you learn to respect the other person’s space and time. Travel plans may get altered so remain flexible.

Saggitarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

Your mind may be making things worse than they really are. Whatever you are worried about isn’t as bad as you fear. A nagging sense of anxiety needs to be released. Surround yourself with positive influences. Don’t expect your loved ones to read your mind or mood, and extra effort would need to be made to be patient with them. Singles may make a special connection with someone who may not have gotten over their past. How much of their baggage should you carry? A good month to detox your body or embark in a new lifestyle regime. Results could come sooner than you think.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Getting out of the comfort zone isnt easy. But once you do, you won’t regret it. A month to open your mind, take risks and do something so different that you’ll always remember it. A great month for self employed Pisceans or those who are working on an innovative idea or product. The future holds immense potential and what you do this month will determine your future success. In love matters, that special someone may not be as perfect as you imagine. Be a little realistic in your relationships, we’re all human after all.

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)

Financial security takes centre stage. Discussions about money, increments, investments and savings plans may dominate the days ahead. A growing sense of inner security assures you that the future will be bright. A good month for job seekers and students, your hard work and determination will pay off, just make sure you to take some time out to relax. Emotionally watch out for possessiveness. An innocent third person may feel like a threat to your relationship, one tip, get your facts correct before you react. A short holiday will be just what you need to recharge your batteries.

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar20)

The more you take charge of your life, the clearer things become. Quit expecting so much from others. Your mind is sharp and people will listen to what you’re saying. A good month for promotions, presentations and anything to do with public speaking, the cards foretell success especially for students. Emotionally you may feel a little detached from things that you used to hurt you, and the more you let go the more freedom you will discover. A recurring ailment may require medical attention and if you were planning to start a new diet or exercise regime, the cards urge you to go for it.

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