Weekly Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs (August 1-7 2021)


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Taking accountability for our lives and our choices is something we all have to understand at some point of our lives. How much can we blame others for our situation? How much can we resist the changes around us when we ourselves continue to feel like the victim at someone else’s mercy or totally discount our existence and our current situation.

This week the cards remind you that you are being called upon to be accountable for your actions and the Universe shall judge you accordingly. If it’s time to make a tough decision, remember the responsibility lies solely on our own shoulders. If it’s time to bring back the balance, see the areas in your life that are out of whack and take necessary action. If it’s about a negotiation, or a deal, play fair as the cards speak of Karmic consequences – some of them instantaneous. Play fair, play honest, take control of our own situation. If we cannot be honest with ourselves how can we expect the world to treat us fair? We get what we give.

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Sounds Good?


Have you ever come home from noisy traffic and rushed straight into your bedroom or bathroom for some much needed peace and quiet?

Or found yourself getting cranky by the sounds of the construction work in your neighbourhood?

Or got a weird headache from listening to your friend gossip and bitch about the people in her life?

Or kept waking up after binge watching a crime thriller on Netflix?

That’s what happens when we literally absorb and internalise discord be it in the form of loud noises, negative people and violent images. Our bodies react and we crave peace and solitude to recover from the impact. Most of the times it’s done unconsciously, we don’t even realise why we’re sighing with relief after stepping into silence. But the rest of the time we need to be mindful. About what we’re exposing our beings to. Especially our ears.

Today choose to listen to soothing and uplifting music. Let your favourite songs bring you back to balance.

Switch off the news channels.

Disconnect from the gunshots, the screams, the violence.

Surround yourself with harmonious sounds and vibrations that communicate love and peace.

Sounds good? 🙂

Wishing you a day of happy sounds of laughter and peace:)

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Weekly Tarot Forecast 25 July -31 July


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Thank you all for your support and feedback. Many of you may have discovered my beginner’s attempts at making Instagram reels and have encouraged me to try more. Maybe in the days ahead, as the cards do promise a time of wrapping up pending work, completion and most importantly self reliance. When we realise that at the end of the day we have to do it for ourselves and expectations only lead to disappointment we learn the lessons of self reliance. And in the process become stronger. Independence and freedom is highlighted as we may assert our individuality in a relationship, take steps to be single again, or professionally, choose to be self employed. Whatever you choose, this week promises a sense of freedom that comes from being accountable to our own selves.

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Wishing you a week of great inner strength and accomplishment.

Mita Bhan

Tarot Reminders

John Holland Deck, personal collection

One of the most difficult Life Lessons for me has been Patience. The ability to “wait” while things happen is truly a learned skill and a lesson that keeps repeating itself until we learn to just accept and be one with the moment and the process.

If you’re waiting for a reply from someone or something,do something else in the meantime. If you’re frustrated with your spouse or child, leave the room and breathe. If the wait makes you antsy and irritable, let off steam with exercise. The Universe has heard you and seen you struggle, and for now we just have to be patient

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Wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises:)

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Weekly Tarot Forecast (18-24 July 2021)



Thank you for your continued support, trust and feedback. And I pray the week ahead brings peace and clarity into your Life.

Weekly Forecast – General 18-24 July 2021

The cards foretell a time a time to take charge and take accountability for our decisions, actions and words.No more beating around the bush. No more blame. No more dependence on things and people who have already proven themselves to be unreliable. Direct. Authentic. Honest. Assertive not aggressive. And most importantly, don’t quit now. You’ve come this far and there’s no backing out. Deeper meanings of the cards reveal a time to be responsible for more than ourselves. To expand vision towards the needs of the collective and the Planet. One doesn’t need to go into details about the effects of climate change that are currently taking place with extreme heatwaves, devastating floods and fires. But we can be more mindful about our reducing our carbon footprint as individuals.

Weekly Forecast for All Sun Signs – 18-24 July 2021


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Wishing all peace and happiness.

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Tarot for Today. Filter & Refocus

Esther n Jerry Hicks cards, personal collection

There’s too much screen time. Too much time wastage on unecessary content. Too much information bombarded towards us from all directions. Today’s message is clear. Filter and Refocus on the essentials. On YOU. Regather your energies and get a lot more done in the process. Wishing you a productive and focussed day.

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Weekly Tarot Forecast for all SunSigns (July 11-17 2021)

calm body of lake between mountains
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If you’ve found yourself flitting from a feeling of being stuck to questioning your path, to simply gritting your teeth through the delays you’ve faced, the week ahead promises relief. A wee bit. But relief. Moments of tranquility. Moments of pure love. Moments of ease. Moments when you sigh with relief as things slowly aligning themselves with your path. The key messages being experiencing moments of happiness inside you. And I pray we all find that relief and joy our hearts yearn for.

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Wishing you peace, love and serenity.

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Meditation Struggle – A Buddhist Short Story



See no Evil Buddha, personal collection

“My meditation is horrible! I feel distracted, my body itches and I want to run away. I cannot sit still. My mind keeps chattering. I keep thinking of all the work I have to do!” complained the young monk to his teacher.
“It will pass” the teacher said matter of factly”
A week later the young monk returned “My meditation is wonderful I feel so calm and centred. Everything makes sense. i feel so connected with one and all. My body aches have gone. I feel eternity”
“It will pass” the teacher said matter of factly.

Author Unknown

Is This Meant to Be?


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Zen Deck by Daniel Levin, personal collection

“I always wanted to be a Banker, but somehow destiny found me acting in films and now here I am”

“We were childhood sweethearts and I never thought we’d meet again when he left to study overseas. But we reconnected after 30 years”

“Some things happened by accident maybe it was meant to be”

“I feel most alive while cooking for others. Is this my calling?”

Time and time again I hear these familiar phrases by people who seek out a Tarot reading. Sometimes they’re amazed by divine timing, sometimes they just know deep down that what they have found is their calling. Even if they don’t search for it, what is meant to be does have a way of finding us. Over and over again until we have no choice but to accept that what’s truly meant for us, won’t need any “effort” or “strife” It will keep finding us and each and every time, it will feel right.

Have you ever had a tryst with destiny?

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Stay well. May you find what is meant to be yours.

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