With the New Year tomorrow, it’s the right time to begin the process of renewal and revitalisation. Not only does this allow us to absorb the positive new energies that are being ushered in, but it will also help us to get rid of stubborn habits and patterns of belief that are no longer useful to us in the future.

Change is good
You can start by spending a few minutes thinking about how you would like to see yourself in 2012. Write down your thoughts in a journal. Visualise what you want to be — slimmer, happier, richer, falling in love or getting married or getting a promotion or doing better at studies. See the picture of the future you in your mind as clearly as you can.

When you have a fresh perspective, think about that one habit of yours which you’d like to release. Something about you, a personality trait perhaps, that you know is annoying or a relationship that drains you and makes you anxious. At a physical level, look around and see what you need to let go off. You need to de-clutter, so clean your surroundings and purge yourself of negative emotions. See what you want to keep, if you can reuse it, recycle it or else let it go.

Say bye to negativity
Freeing ourselves of negativity does take effort and willingness to recognise our own patterns of behaviour, which may be responsible for our current state of being. In terms of time spent, once the process of regeneration begins, it can carry on till complete transformation takes place. Courage, too, is essential, especially in emotional issues, as you need to work towards finding closure; it would help to seek the assistance of a guide.

Once the wheel is rolling, keep it running. There may be days when you don’t feel like exercising or don’t want to stick to your diet plan or whatever you want to change. Don’t stop. Take a break, rest yourself a bit and then get back. Start again. This is for yourself.

Change is a constant. Positive change is a choice and what better time than now to work towards making 2012 the year of the sparkling new you.