“…….You see, in the final analysis, It is between you and God…”

Mother Theresa

The Tarot has a beautiful way of telling us what we need to know and not necessarily what we want to know. Its beautifully designed pictures have a way of evoking not only images of the past, the present and the possible future. But also in bringing forth inspiring Messages from the Universe which help us evolve into better states of being. By simply understanding why something is happening in our lives.

10 of Cups
10 of Cups symbolizes marriage

This point is well illustrated in the case of questions pertaining to marriage, probably the most popular question posed to any reader of divination tools. Most of the times,  the cards answer the question in a clear, straightforward manner, describing the time frame of marriage, the kind of bride/groom you’ll marry and how happy you’ll be.

But every now and then I come across the most memorable, inspiring and unique answers to questions related to Marriage.

Take the case of anxious parents who turned to the Tarot to help make a choice between three beautiful girls from equally good backgrounds, each one a potential life mate for an only son. They looked towards me and the deck for verification and as we turned the cards, we discovered all the 3 potential girls come with a mixed bag of messages. One girl makes a lovely mother but an awful daughter in law. The other ushers prosperity into their home, but may go through long bouts of depression and homesickness. And the final one may choose to persuade her husband to live separately. Why do the cards do this? Simple – because in real life, no human is perfect and neither is any marriage. The Tarot simply mirrors our life, and throws up possibilities. Offering a forecast but leaving the choice in our hands. ‘Go with your first feeling’, I advise the confused parents, and they point at the picture of the lovely Teacher from Baroda – the one who may bring luck. And who may suffer from intense bouts of homesickness. The father breaks into a smile, and says “this is our choice, after that God will decide.”

And then the case of the  oft repeated question, “will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage?” Which brings me to the soft spoken Engineer who sat in my office a little nervously. When he pulled out the cards, I noted that he was already deeply in love with a girl, and there may have been objections from her side of the family, especially her mother. He confirmed the situation, informing me that the woman he loved was from a business family and belonged to another caste, while he was just a humble salary man. Her parents weren’t too happy with him as a prospective son in law and had forbidden them from meeting. Close to giving up hope, he turned to the Tarot and wanted to know what was to become of him. His cards indicated he may get a better paying job overseas very soon, and there were chances of a possible reunion with this woman. Love Marriage was the final verdict.  He looked at me disbelievingly, thinking perhaps I was just being nice to him because of his state. When I stated that objective reading was the job of any Holistic Reader, he smiled wearily and left my office with a heavy heart. A year and a half later, I received an email from this Engineer. He did indeed get a job overseas he said proudly, and what was even better was that his true love had contacted him. Her engagement to a prosperous businessman had broken, and she had persuaded her mother to consider him as her groom. Their families were meeting to fix a wedding date he wrote joyfully. Was this a coincidence or destiny?

And finally, the case of a successful 32 year old Project Manager who was still waiting for Mr Right. Her worried mother felt she was to blame for being too picky with the marriage proposals that came their way in the past. And berated herself for letting some “good boys go”. And the daughter wondered if it had anything to do with her high income, which may have intimidated a few good men. After recounting their woes, they looked at my deck of Tarot cards and asked  “Why hasn’t marriage happened yet?”

Sitting across them, I felt their impatience, and the cards seem to take eternity with their answers. Karma they seemed to say. Unfinished business. The learning of spiritual lessons like self reliance, patience and Trust. Everything happens for a reason, and the time is not yet ripe for wedding bells and vows.

The young woman looked at me quizzically and then at her Mother who  understood and responded intuitively, the way only Mothers can. She faced her daughter and whispered gently  “Marriage is in Gods hands and the time isn’t right yet”  Tearfully all of us  smiled, somewhere we had all learned a sacred truth.