Empress card

Like all love affairs that get better with age, I fell in love with the Tarot cards way back in the 70’s when as a 9 year old I peeked over the shoulder of an Australian houseguest who introduced the cards to me in a gentle and educative manner. I knew those beautifully designed cards were so much more than pretty pictures and I was determined to unravel their mysteries.

The feelings grew. And today, 3 decades later, I continue to feel passionate about my deck of Tarot Cards and the whole philosophy behind their creation. To me they aren’t just a set of pictures with bullet point meanings; they are a glimpse into the mysteries of Life. Tarot cards help me harness my clairvoyant, healing and empathic abilities and allow me to heal others by bringing clarity into their lives.

One of the things I appreciate the most about the Tarot is that it is always a unique experience. Each person who comes to me is unique, facing a unique set of challenges and the cards somehow reach out and make that special meaningful connection. They have a way of expressing the past, present and future in the most memorable ways. And not only do they bring bring clarity, Tarot readings also empower, inform, guide and offer solutions to whoever seeks answers

Tips for a Good Tarot Reading

  1. Think Your Question Through 
    In order to get the most out of a Tarot reading, it helps to think about your question before hand. Take a few seconds to pause and think what exactly would you like to know? And rather than limit your self to a Yes/No Answer, e.g. “Does she love me?”, why not ask “What do I need to know about my love for X?” And then you’re privy to a whole lot of other information, like what is happening in your relationship, what she feels for you, what you feel for her and where you may be heading in the future.
  2. Avoid rolling too many questions in one
    The Tarot does best when it answers one issue at a time. Avoid asking about your job promotion, your marriage and your past life in one question. Not only does it exhaust the reader, it also sometimes leads to unclear answers. Focused questions lead to focused answers. 
  3. Accept Responsibility for your life
    The Tarot believes we can shape our future and provides helpful insights into your present moment and what direction your life can go if you follow a particular advice etc.

    Ultimately we as human beings are responsible for our own lives, and the Tarot is simply a tool that gives us empowering knowledge. The more informed we are about our present moment, the better decisions we can make about our tomorrow.

    Avoid asking questions that deflect responsibility like “Will I get promoted?” Instead you can turn it around to “What do I need to know if I want to be promoted in 6 months?” In that way you are gaining from the wisdom of the Tarot and enabling yourself to work towards a more positive direction.

    The Tarot can lay forth your options, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, hidden influences and possible outcomes. Ultimately the decision lies in your hands, and no reading is 100% accurate or carved in stone.

  4. Examples of Good Questions to ask the Tarot:
    • “What do I need to know if I want to find a satisfying job in the next 6 months?”
    • “How can I improve my relationship with my mother/brother/girlfriend etc?”
    • “Where am I on my Life Path?”
    • “Why do I feel connected to this girl, did we share a past life?”
    • “Does my fear of failure have its roots in a past life?”

What You Can Expect from a Reading With Me

An insightful in depth look into your situation delivered in an empowering and positive manner. My readings aim to bring you clarity and hope and are a combination of clairvoyant abilities, knowledge of the Tarot cards, Reiki healing abilities and my knowledge of Crystals, Colours, Aromatherapy and Feng Shui. Ultimately, my role is simply to provide you with as much of information you need to walk away feeling clearer, stronger, lighter and more in tune with your path and purpose.

 For an indepth and personalised report write to info@mitabhan.com/mita.bhan@gmail.com