Code Of Ethics

(World Tarot Network – USA.)

  • I respect a client’s right to confidentiality
  • I will interpret and read the cards honestly and to the best of my abilities
  • I will share with a client all possibilities and offer any suggestions I feel will help a client focus clearly and intently. A tarot reading is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, legal counsel or stock advice – that is left to those professionals.
  • I will advise the clients of the costs of a reading before the appointment is made. There are no hidden extra charges.
  • I may refuse to read for any client if I feel the reading at all is unethical.
  • Time in the future is in transit – unformed and undecided. The future is not a fixed event. Decisions we make today affect our tomorrows.
  • The Tarot experience is a way of looking at what energies are currently in the life of a client and a possible outcome if certain actions are taken or not taken
  • Tarot cards are neither good or bad, they can be used to encourage, give hope, identify options for future behaviour
  • I believe we control our destiny and are responsible for our own decisions. The Tarot provides insights based on current circumstances and as those conditions change, so does the outcome.
  • I believe all people must act according to their own beliefs and to search their own consciousness for the answers from within.
  • I serve only as a guide or tool for my clients.