After the sharp highs and lows of the year gone by, 2013 nudges us gradually towards hope, healing and a sense of inner security. Many of us would be at a place where we feel things cannot get worse and that would be the case in the months ahead as things begin to slowly sort themselves out and balance is restored. If it’s been darkest before the dawn, 2013 brings with it a wee glimmer of light and hope.

Adopt a wait and watch policy. Impatience and giving up too soon will only lead to unnecessary despair. Keep your goals in mind and be willing to wait. Many will be forced to take a hard choice, something that could be a life changing decision. Focus on the positive and take a risk. The keywords for the year are healing, restoration and persistence. Do not give up on what you believe in. Do not sink into negativity or doubt. Things are getting better and the year promises smiles for many.

What will be required is a spirit of flexibility, compromise and cooperation. If you don’t reconcile and accept a situation, circumstances will force you to. Remember every victory counts, every blessing matters, no matter how small.


If you haven’t figured it out by now this is the year you will realize that you cant keep changing your mind, lover, job, car in the hope something better will come your way. Satisfaction and peace will only come when you accept and persist. Your mind may be restless or you may be filled with doubt and it would be wise to fight the urge to run. Stay where you are and show them what you’re made of the cards seem to say.

Watch your health this year especially if you’re prone to coughs and coughs. Resolve to give up something you know isn’t good for your health.

If single you may find yourself drifting from one short relationship to another feeling dissatisfied. The cards urge you to ask yourself if you are in love with love or if you are willing to learn about endurance in relationships.

Married couples may have their share of disagreements especially over other family members. A female relative may cause a few misunderstandings but things should sort themselves out if you learn to respond and not react to provocations.

Careerwise the cards indicate gain and prosperity. Reward or some form of recognition comes your way in 2013 but only when you learn to stick through the process and hang in during the tough moments. Job seekers may find a number of options and have a tough time choosing – your advice, think long term. Success comes to those who think of the long haul.

Overall a year for you to display your talent and your courage to take risks and think differently. Do not allow self doubt to creep in. Financial gains are indicated and if planning to invest in property, the second half of the year proves fruitful.

Lucky Crystal – Obsidian. Lucky Colour – Dark Grey


In many ways 2013 could be the turning point for Taureans the world over.  Problems that have been worrying you for ages could suddenly find a solution. And if you’ve been confused over a major decision, well meaning advice from an elder male could be just the thing you needed to hear.

Financially a year of gains and relief from the past. A loan gets completed. Dues get repaid. Or you choose a job with a much higher pay package. Though it may be tempting to splurge with your gains, the cards advise you to save and invest for the future. You may have learnt a few lessons during the dry spell and now it’s time to apply them.

Emotionally and mentally you may feel as you are under someone else’s thumb all the time and that feeling of powerlessness may actually lead to you thinking about making a few major changes in your life. You could start seeking other jobs or if involved in an unhappy relationship, find the courage to cut the connection and move on. Do not allow yourself to imagine the future has scary, it isn’t and it wont ever be.

Single Taureans may rethink relationships and introspect. If you find yourself falling over and over again for the wrong kind of people, this may be the year where you break the pattern and choose someone totally different from what you have been used to. Remember you cannot rescue someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

Married couples may enjoy a better lifestyle and may choose to travel to an exotic location. Children continue to be a source of joy and one child may surprise you all by excelling in a subject or sport.

Mind your health this year especially male Taureans and if the headaches recur too frequently then it may be time to go for a check up.

Overall a year of relief, a lot of nagging problems get sorted but somewhere you may need to take a hard look at who or what is pulling you down and start taking steps towards letting go and moving on.

Lucky Colour – Navy Blue

Lucky Crystal – Iolite


Spiritually 2013 is the year for higher learnings and the rewards that follow when we learn from the ancient and the wise. Meditation, Alternative Healing, Yoga and related holistic practices would be greatly beneficial for the mentally active Gemini. And if you were planning to study further, the year aids research, analysis, reading and writing, giving your sharp mind an extra edge. Your advice would be to learn from your elders.

Professionally you may find yourself more involved with large established organizations and institutions. Working Geminis who want to study further may choose 2013 as the year to take a sabbatical to pursue their study goals. Initial obstacles will be cleared if your goals are clear. Maintaining an upbeat, can do attitude will the key to your success even in the most toughest of moments.  You may achieve high acclaim or recognition for your efforts. And if you’ve been struggling with obstacles, the year ahead points towards freedom, victory and rising above petty quarrels and concerns. Team players may turn leaders.

In the personal front, single Geminis may find themselves more choosy about their potential partners. You may be ready for a deeper, lasting commitment and may reject or avoid casual encounters. Family life continues to be harmonious for married Geminis but things may get a little disappointing towards the end of the year when you discover a promise is broken. Singles may need to learn to be less critical of other people’s faults, by focusing on the strengths of others you may learn more about relationships.

Healthwise this is the year of recovery. If you’ve been ailing or too stressed out, the cards urge you to take a break. Remember, nothing heals quite the way a good rest does.

Lucky Colour – Pink. Lucky Crystal – Rhodocrosite


No more procrastinating. 2013 marks the year of making an important life changing decision. Or taking a stand on something you’ve been humming and hawing about for way too long. Decisiveness is the key word for Cancerians, and you wont regret it. Risks will pay off. And choosing to take more responsibility for your life and actions will bring in peace.

Your moods however are a different story altogether. Expect frequent moodswings both at the home front and at work. There will be days when you’re raring to go, and days when you wont feel like getting out of bed. Your best advice would be to enroll for a fitness programme or regime where physical exercise and a good diet give you the energy you need and keep your highs and lows stable.

Professionally, moderate success is indicated for self employed professionals, freelancers, and those who with start ups. The more focused you are, the better things get. Corporate Cancerians may have to deal with inconsistent and irrational behaviour of the boss. Sudden changes in the company may lead to temporary insecurity. If looking for a change, the second half promises better results.

Family life may be a bit disruptive at times. An elder male’s behaviour may be cause for concern and if the bickering gets too much, nothing like open and clear communication to clear the air. Single Cancerians may decide to settle down this year and if looking you may just find the person of your dreams.

Watch out for recurring stomach bugs and coughs and colds. Timely checkups are recommended. If you’ve been feeling low and out of sorts lately, check your nutrition intake.

Lucky Crystal – Carnelian. Lucky Colour – Rust


Opportunies and possibilities abound in 2013 for Leos. A chance to travel to an exotic place. A chance to learn something new. Or a new vocation may open your mind and show you just how beautiful the world can be.

Multiple sources of income may open up. Investments could pay off. And if looking to put your house up for rent, or start a business on the side, the year promises luck and the right contacts. Just don’t get your plate too full as juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks may take its toll on your health.

A wonderful year for students, 2013 promises good news and great opportunities. First time job seekers may get the lucky break. And if looking to enhance your skills with a short term course or a weekend workshop then this is the time. You may get bored easily by routine and structure, one word of advice – don’t leave things halfway.

A new love may sweep you off your feet this year. Expect excitement, adventure and a lot of happiness. Married Leos may take a much deserved vacation together and if planning on babies, expect the stork to deliver in the months ahead. Watch out for giving too much and expecting the same in return. Realise not everyone loves the way a Leo does, so either practice moderation or let go of expectations and give for the sake of giving.

Healthwise things look good for Leos. If you’ve been planning to still your mind, take a course in meditation or yoga. Not only will it bring peace, it will be just as good for the body and the soul.

Lucky Colour – Green Lucky Crystal – Peridot


Stand up for what you believe in and do not believe anything or anyone that tries to pull you off your course. 2013 marks a new beginning, a time to gather up your resources, muster up your inner strength and show them all the good stuff you’re made of. Be honest, speak your truth clearly even if it means stepping on a few toes. Your decisions will be the right ones and doubt should not be allowed to creep in for even a second.

2013 favours leaders, businesses, self employed and startups. Your clear mind, your willingness to work hard and your vision for the future will see a number of people aligning with your thought and way. Prepare for greater responsibilities at the workfront and even within the family.

Personally you may find yourself attracted to stubborn, strong minded and outspoken people. A relationship that begins in this time may be fiery, passionate but not very long lasting. Marriages may face their turbulent moments in the months ahead but if the foundation is strong, there shouldn’t be a threat. Children especially teenagers will defy your authority openly and you may need to lay down the rules again.

Financially expect slow but gradual gains and growth. Be patient with investments and increments. They will live up to the promise but for now you may just have to wait it through.

Healthwise don’t get carried away by your imagination and too much research on the net. There may be a simple solution or remedy at hand. A recurring health issue may need a second opinion and you may feel a sense of relief.

Lucky Crystal – Rubelite Lucky Colour – Burgundy


The year of new beginnings. The old way no longer works and now’s the time to open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities in every sphere of your life. You may feel enthusiastic and excited about the future, and rightly so. Lady Luck smiles your way and your hard work finally begins to show positive results.

Workwise there may be a change for the better. Businesses prosper and self employed people may even find themselves turning away work because there’s too much to handle. A partnership may come your way and if you take it up, expect it to be lucrative. One word of caution, double check all documents you sign and don’t take anything and anyone for granted. Express appreciation and gratitude to all those who have helped you get where you are.

When it comes to love and romance, Librans are naturals. And 2013 brings the start of an exciting, passionate new love. You may meet your soulmate if single, and if waiting to get married this may be the year for wedding bells. Married couples may have a joyful addition in the family. And differences will be resolved among family members.

Summer months prove to be very fruitful. You may buy something you’ve longed for a long time. A surprise call could turn out to be one of the happiest moments in your life. A good year for travel and exploration. And your health couldn’t get better. Just be careful not to overindulge in too much of the good stuff. Remember, moderation is the key to a long, healthy life.

Lucky Colour – White Lucky Crystal/Gem – Diamond


2013 proves to be a valuable year for Scorpions. You may learn certain home truths about yourself. And if you’ve been finding yourself repeating a pattern in your behaviour and relationships, somewhere you will realize it’s time to change yourself.

When it comes to work attitude, nobody works quite the way a Scorpion does. You will take any job in order to pay the bills and will are not afraid to undergo financial hardship in pursuit of your long term goals. However your fixed views of security may lead to some tensions as you may not be willing to take a few risks workswise. Overall, a financially stable year. If you’re heart’s no longer in the job, the cards urge you to make a change, there could be a better job waiting for someone like you.

Emotionally you may need to relook your insecurities. At some core level you may feel fear of loss and would need to work on your possessive behaviour. Too much jealousy may cause you to lose the person you love. Make an effort to loosen up before a personal crisis comes up. Bring back your sense of humour and realize everyone and everything changes. Learn to go with the flow.

If there’s anything that will be the matter with you healthwise, it will be overwork and stress. Attend to the symptoms before the escalate and learn to quieten your mind. Meditation and yoga will be highly beneficial and bring you back in touch with what’s truly important and valuable in your life – your family.

Lucky Colour – Dark Blue Lucky Crystal – Labradorite


The key to 2013 dear Saggitarian is confidence. The more you believe in yourself, the more things happen in your favour. Even the smallest doubt can affect your performance and your state of mind so work doubly hard to erase any negative self talk and make sure you keep reminding yourself that you can do it.

Workwise things may get dull and monotonous. You may not feel like plodding on and wish to get out of the circumstances you are in. Once again, if you believe you deserve better then do something about it. Changes are in store for you but only after you make the move in that direction. Businesses may need a fresh burst of energy and you may consider diversifying or expanding your product line. Students may have a difficult time staying focused and frequent breaks will help break the monotony.

In terms of relationships, single Saggitarians may find it hard to commit to one person. Differences in values and beliefs may lead to second thoughts about someone you want to marry. Marriages may have their troubled moments but they will be only temporary.

A good year from travel and relocation, if you were thinking of migrating, or having an exotic holiday, 2013 may be the year for you. You may sell of ancestral property and if involved in a lawsuit, expect further delays.

If there’s anything that needs healing this year, it could be your inner self. Learn to develop a more positive self image. Work on loving yourself more. Remember the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more harmonious your relationships will be with others.

Lucky Colour – White Lucky Crystal – Clear Quartz


2013 comes with its share of challenges for Capricons in the first half of the year. You may find yourself facing a few fears which once you confront, you will realize weren’t actually fears at all. Avoid running away with your fears or imagining the worst during moments of stress, everything will work out just fine, if you maintain a calm mind and a positive outlook. Change may come suddenly and take you by surprise, so an open mind is recommended plus of course a flexible outlook towards circumstances and relationships. The second half improves drastically. You would have learnt whatever life lessons you needed to and would have reached a place where you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

On the personal front expect temporary turbulence in a close relationship. You may want to move away from each other or take a break. However with clear communications both of you could come back together stronger than before. Singles may feel dissatisfied with life but once again, things improve towards the latter half of 2013. Remember, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the higher your chances of attracting the right mate.

Professionally you may find yourself resorting to just going with the flow. Policy changes, management changes and general market fluctuations may make you realize that it’s best to remain open. Job seekers may have to choose between two great opportunities or will even consider switching careers. A good year for students, 2013 marks the beginning of a positive period of learning.

Overall a year of learning for Capricons. Realise good times don’t last and neither do the bad times. Your best approach would be to accept change as constant and not stay too fixed in your attitudes and ideas.

Lucky Colour – Sky Blue Lucky Crystal – Blue Topaz/Aquamarine


2013 marks the year of winning the war. If you’ve been struggling with an issue or a relationship, chances are high that you will reach a state of triumph. Getting ahead seems to be the keywords for Aquarians who will work doubly hard to reach their goals. Somewhere you will learn that dwelling on the past only leads to pain and by releasing the memories, you will allow yourself to open up to positive, new developments.

Everything’s new this year. New friends, new job, new attitudes. Somewhere a part of you doesn’t want to settle for second best anymore and your new outlook will reflect in all areas of your life.

Wedding bells could ring for Aquarians who may find themselves settling down with a spouse who may be a little too traditional or close minded than they expected. Married couples may relocate or spend time restructuring their finances and budgets. Use caution while traveling and prepare yourself for sudden delays in travel plans.

Financially a year of gains but you may find yourself getting too bogged down by paperwork and bureaucracy. Avoid taking shortcuts and realize everything will work out fine in the ultimate analysis.

Healthwise a loved one may need to consult a specialist for an ailment. Alternative therapy and an all natural diet would be extremely beneficial. Any diet or fitness programme you begin this year will bring in the desired results.

Lucky Colour – Gold Lucky Crystal – Sunstone


Some years are turning points in our lives and 2013 seems to be a monumental one for Pisceans. Something comes to an end and something begins. You complete a major cycle in your life and embark on a new, exciting phase. One that you’re completely ready for and more importantly, optimistic about.

A wonderful year for students or those who want to return to education. This year favours learning in all formats possible. Relocation to another city or country for higher studies is likely. And if you are in the job market, 2013 guarantees placement at an established institution or organization.

Marriage is definitely on the cards for Pisceans, even if you feel you’re not ready for it circumstances may suddenly lead you to tying the knot with a special someone. Your personal life takes a new dimension as you find yourself out more. Expect more parties, social engagements and occasions to meet a whole lot of new, interesting people. Couples renew their vows or decide to leave an unpleasant incident behind them and start anew.

Financially and professionally the cards urge you to be cautious about who you trust. Trust your instincts about a business associate or a colleague at work. Someone may not be who they appear to be. Your earnings may increase but you will have to balance your expenses wisely. Your tendency to splurge may cause some problems in the budget temporarily.

Good health is yours this year. You’ll find that you’re sleeping better and if you’ve been convalescing, 2013 assures you of complete recovery.

Lucky Crystal – Jasper Lucky Colour – Olive Green

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