A couple of years ago a dear friend from Malaysia sent me a poem about the friends who come in our lives for a season or a reason. Somehow that line has always stuck with me, and I’ve come to believe in the fact that no one appears in our lives just like that. Every encounter and connection we make with people has a reason behind it, an important learning and a reconnection from lifetimes of yore.

This is when I ask you a basic question. Have you ever met someone who you felt you’d known from a long time ago? Someone with whom communication was effortless and sometimes even telepathic? It may have been a lover, a colleague, a relative or even a stranger you met on a plane, but somehow you knew you understood them in a way that was inexplicable.

That strange connection we’ve all encountered is what I’ve come to understand is a soulmate connection. Not necessarily romantic in nature, yet compelling and magnetic, it makes us wonder why we’ve met them again. Or what we need to learn from them.

Recently a woman came to me with a query about a connection she had with a friend. Purely platonic yet so harmonious, she knew it would never be anything more than friendship yet somewhere she felt they’d reunited for a reason. And that’s when we turned to the Tarot. Strangely enough, the card drawn was the 2 of Cups. The card of harmony, of 2 equals, the yin and yang, of 2 soulmates reuniting. Which reconfirmed her feelings that this friendship was important to not just her, but to the both of them. When we examined the learnings between them, there were many. From the lesson of acceptance to the role of playing a guide in each other’s life. She had a lot to teach him and he in turn was helping her connect with her Higher Self. At the end of the reading both of us felt sated, as if we’d found the answers she’d been seeking.

To elaborate, allow me to quote Lee Ann Wiseman “When 2 soulmates meet in the physical, it is similar to a home coming… you feel that recognition and love deep within your spirit… and know that this is a person you’ve always had beside you, even if not in physical form. Sharing the same dreams… feeling each other’s emotions from a distance… sensing when the other is in need… these are all common among soulmates. It is more than just sharing the same likes and dislikes, it is an instant connection that feels like it has always existed.”

Nice isn’t it? And what’s nicer is that this deck of 78 cards can help us probe further into the connection and allow us to emerge empowered by the mysterious knowledge of the Tarot.