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Image by Richard Austin

Before we began her reading, I told her the Tarot cards could answer “why” questions in a way no other tool of divination could. Her eyes lit up for a second and she prepared herself for a session.

“Why me?” she demanded, as the cards were shuffled and laid across her. “Why do I always face the challenges? The delays? The obstacles on my path. The heartbreaks. The hidden enemies. Why me?

We meditated on her energies and this is the message her cards revealed.

“If you had it easy in your life you would have been a selfish and blindly ambitious person who would have stepped on people’s toes, cared little about their feelings and would have not shared your wealth with the underprivileged. You would have been explosive and impatient with the slow and the elderly. You would have bragged about your wealth and status to others and few would have warmed upto you.

Adversity came in your life to teach you patience, persistence, hope and compassion. If you received everything you wanted when you desired it, you would have turned scornful and fearful of losing what you earned.

Adversity has shown you the value of everything you have because you’ve worked hard for it. Adversity has also taught you to give to the less fortunate with compassion and little expectation, because in your heart you know man is never grateful for what he gets freely.

You have learnt to expect little from others, experience has taught you self reliance. You have also learnt that good things come to those who wait. Success is yours, you have already accomplished things few would have only dreamt of. You know it’s not a huge windfall, it comes in bits and pieces and in your case success will be sweeter.

Your soul has learned quite a few lessons in your lifetime. Now in order to get what you want. Just Let Go.

We smiled and she checked her diary for her next question….