“I’m back”

She sat down with a grim look draped in a black shawl that was as heavy as her mood. When she described the politics that was taking place in the corporation she worked for, I began to feel the grayness as well. Behind the whitest of collars are some pretty dirty necks. She had been treated unfairly and now to see people gloat at her expense was just too much to take.

And when she turned over the cards.

The messages were too to the point.

Quit playing the martyr.
Quit now and you’ve lost.
Forgive but dont forget the lesson.
Get up and impress yourself with your abilities.

She grinned.

“I’ll show them”

No, no, not them, show YOURSELF just how strong and resilient you are.

The look she gave me was like watching a 40w bulb suddenly blaze at 200w.


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