Dear Mita,

I dreamt of a beautiful young boy crying. He was looking at a tiny scratch on my leg and was shedding tears at the pain he thought I must have felt. It was so touching. And yet I kept telling him no big deal. I cannot forget the depth of his sensitivity. What does it mean? – Mumbai 45.

Dear Mumbai 45,

All our lives we are taught to be kind to others and be sensitive to their needs. Rarely are we taught how to receive the kindness of others. Just as important as it is to give love, it is as important to learn to receive loving words and feelings graciously. As Alexander Mc Call Smith says  “Gracious acceptance is an art –  Accepting another person’s gift is allowing him to express his feelings for you.”  Perhaps your dream was a message to learn to acknowledge and receive the love from all the wonderful souls in your world. And experience happiness that comes from sharing love:)

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