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gongxifacaiChinese New Year brings back so many happy memories of my childhood in South East Asia. And thanks to FB I can now wish happiness to all my friends from a long, long time ago. And share the happiness with all my readers as well. With a short Tarot forecast of how the Year of the Water Snake will be like for you. If you dont know your Chinese Animal sign, do visit http://www.chinese-tools.com/astrology/sign.html

Here goes:)

Snake –  The more open minded and flexible you are this year, the more success will come your way. Feeling insecure, holding on too tight to relationships, acting possessive over belongings and ideas will only delay your progress. Let go and prosper. Love is in abundance around you this year and the more you express yourself, the more you will receive. A wonderful year for starting a new fitness regime or diet and maintaining your health!

Horse – Don’t get daunted by the enormity of tasks you have to do. Push away any doubt and discouragement. Set clear goals and gallop your way way to success. This year you have a chance to demonstrate mastery and skill putting you firmly on the path to recognition and attention over the next 6 years. Expect to travel frequently, sometimes with very little notice . To brighten your chances of success and joy, work on your interpersonal communication. Try not to let your impatience show so much!

Sheep/Goat – Take charge of yourself. Stand up for what you believe is right. Fight for a cause. This year urges you to emerge from the coccoon of security and do something that brings greater meaning into your life. Watch out for hierarchical organisations, bureaucracy, oppressive bosses, stand your ground. Don’t ignore any ailments, especially if they’ve to do with your digestion or legs.

Monkey – A crisis may sweep you off your feet, but if you’ve been paying attention to the signals, the damages wont be that great. Use the year to mend relationships and rifts. Sort out documents. Be clear in your communication. And remember what’s truly important and what is just useless. You may discover who was a true friend and who never was. Clear the air this year and you’ll discover great peace.

Rooster – Listen to your gutfeel. Your intuitiveness is heightened this year and you may find yourself constantly having to decide and choose. A major change is in store for you. Could be a new job, lover, or place you’re living in. Keywords are cooperation and connection. A soulmate may be found!

Dog – A wonderful year for learning. Students excel and those who wish to pursue a short term course or learn a new skill, this is the year to do it. Watch out for battles with traditional minds, especially at the workplace. Your radical ideas may not be too well received and you would need to work harder on building a great team to stand by you. Marriage is a possibility for singles and if ailing, expect recovery.

Pig – A new chapter unfolds in your life. Something comes to an end and something begins anew. You may find yourself transforming, or may choose to go for a complete makeover – in your appeareance or in your home. Don’t splurge too much as the bills could pile up and take you by surprise. A lovely year for trying something new, and making a new circle of likeminded friends. Not a year to be shy at all. Get out and show them what you’re made of!

Rat – This is the year for taking a risk. And looking forward to a burst of positive energy. Many of you may feel rejuvenated and renergised by a new hobby, a business, or even a holiday to a new, exciting place. Stress levels and irritability may be high at times, so make sure you get lots of down time and breaks. Financially a good year, you may choose to invest in property or art. If married, cards indicate a pregnancy.

Ox – Lady Luck smiles brightly in your direction. And all the hard work of the past begins to pay off. Expect much deserved rewards and recognition. However, remember lucky phases dont last too long so do keep some money aside for a rainy day. Spending time outdoors will nourish your mind, body and soul. Watch out for jealous women.

Tiger – You may feel bored and restless more often in the months ahead. A part of you is itching to break free from structures and a part of you may feel scared of the thought. Do something for your soul. Learn a new hobby or a skill. And if you’ve been wanting to change your job or even careers, take a deep breath and do it. Financially expenses may increase towards the end of of the year so make sure you’re always within your budget. Steer clear of too much drinking or smoking as it could take a toll on your health.

Rabbit – Finally a sense of security emerges, as you get closer to your goals. Your position is secure and you are able to establish yourself as someone who’s not only intelligent but also very talented. Ignore your critics and concentrate on believing in yourself. The year ahead promises interesting and unexpected opportunities coming your way both in your professional and your personal life. Don’t procastinate or take too long in making a decision!

Dragon – The year ahead urges you to move with the times. Let go of past attitudes and habits. At work, you may find yourself getting overtaken by the young and the restless. So bring back that roar of fire and reclaim your power. With knowledge. Delays may test your patience. And if you’ve been waiting to hear from someone, expect to wait a little longer. Not a year for rubbing up people the wrong way, just roll up your sleeves and think anew!

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