generic-fire-flamesAnger is something we all have. And the more we keep it inside us, the more we burn. Relationships get affected. Inner peace goes. And we find ourselves seething over something or someone. Recently a number of people have turned to the Tarot for ways to douse the anger inside them or in their families. Apart from conventional anger releasing techniques – counting to 10, leaving the room, physical exercise, aromatherapy, chanting mantras have also helped millions for centuries.
Sacred words of power, mantras are believed to be potent and effective in removing an obstacle, enhancing a quality or attracting what we want. Where anger is concerned, the mantra “OM HREEM TAHA” is known to be an effective way of reducing the “fire” within oneself or one’s home. Best chanted daily as part of your meditation routine or during an angry episode to minimise the negative energy.

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