There’s something very pure and sweet about the pastel pink rose quartz, a translucent crystal that’s common to almost every continent on our planet. Easily available and recognizable by its baby pink hues, this is hailed as the stone of infinite peace and love. And that’s what exactly it evokes in my every time I gaze at it, or work with its energies.

Holding a piece of rose quartz in the middle of a crisis, or when the stress levels begin to boing all over the place brings calm. Allow it absorb all the tension and replace the energies with reassurance and trust.

Rose being the symbol of love and pink the colour of loving vibrations combine to accentuate loving vibes with rose quartz. Placed in the marriage sector of a home, it can help towards restoring calm, harmony, encouragement and loving words. Placed on a work table, it helps to bring in a level of compassion and empathy between individuals.

A heartbreak healer, the rose quartz gently draws in the pain of grief and rejection and replaces it with a gradual acceptance of the situation and most importantly teaches us to love ourselves, a vital ingredient of a peaceful relationship.

In terms of physical ailments rose quartz has been known to strengthen heart and circulatory ailments, and is best worn as a pendant or necklace in the form of healing jewellery.

An aide for love in the highest sense, at a time when the world needs it the most, rose quartz teaches us the power of this powerful energy in the gentlest, sweetest manner.

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