Goodbye British Raj. For over 25 years I associated Indian hillstations with a bygone era. I loved spotting old bungalows and would marvel at the trees and peer at the black and white photographs in shop walls. Over the years, the old has been replaced by a sort of branded bling that blinks at you everywhere. Old buildings have been torn down. Winding grassy paths replaced by tarmac. Cellphone chatter everywhere. And the ‘get rich quick” look in the local peddlars and shopkeepers. It saddens me to see the Garhwal mountains wake up and wannabe like the world. I want to cling to my old associations but I can’t.

Acceptance is a painful lesson. It means realising there is nothing you can do to change something back to olde and comfy. Nobody and nothing stays the same.

Acceptance means making peace with what there is, however it/he/she has become it/he/she still is.

Acceptance means get over it.

Done šŸ™‚

Next Life Lesson Please.