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Another Way To Ease Their Pain

In the past 2 decades, Reiki healing has gained global recognition and acceptance as an alternative form of therapy for all living beings. Originating from Japan with roots in Buddhism, this gentle practice mainly involves the focused direction of positive energy to a particular affliction, condition in both man and animal.

Absolutely natural, with zero side effects, Reiki works best as supplementary therapy to allopathy speeding up the healing at a mind-body-soul level. Gentle in its approach this ancient Japanese practice alleviates symptoms, soothes, promotes better sleep, contributing upto 30-40% of the total healing. Effects vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of condition and at a human level their openness to receiving positive energy. In some cases, Reiki energy and prayers may be channeled to ease the suffering and passing of the soul

Research and practice have revealed how quickly all animal species and human babies respond to Reiki healing as compared to adult humans. Their purity and their openness to the wonder of life allows almost instant absorption and assimilation of the positive energy. And it is not strange to experience a cat purring or a dog wagging under the hands of a practitioner.

Reiki Healing is of two varieties, distant and hands on. With the use of specific symbols, the practitioner focuses on the patient by way of deep meditation especially if the animal is at a remote location. And in hands on sessions by placing his/her hands on specific charkas (energy centres) on the animals body. A Reiki session can last anywhere from 10-30minutes.

Responses to Reiki treatment vary depending on a variety of reasons, the history of the affliction, how deep the wound etc but the overall general response appears to feelings of peace, better sleep, improved appetite, return to cheerfulness. The energies work excellently as soothers, calmers at an external level to both animal and owner/caregiver and internally demonstrate subtle, positive results over the following hours or days.

As a principle, Reiki believes in an exchange of energies between the patient and the practitioner.

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