We all know what anxiety feels like. The butterflies in our stomach before a big exam. Or a nagging worry that just doesn’t let us find peace. In most of us, anxiety comes and goes and is quite manageable, but others who have chronic anxiety may experience symptoms such as constant tension, worry, edginess, fearfulness and restlessness. Such cases may need to supplement allopathic treatments with something more natural and gradual like energy healing, yoga, meditation or even healing crystals. Trusted for over thousands of years by ancient civilizations, these coloured gifts of Mother Nature have been known to alleviate and absorb a number of symptoms associated with anxiety by as much as 30-40% over time.

Healing crystals work very well as supportive therapy to allopathy. They can be worn as healing jewellery or placed on the chakras during a healing session with a therapist or simply placed in the bedroom or office. Or even carried around in your wallet or purse. The most commonly available healing crystals for absorbing anxiety include:

Blue Calcite, sky blue in colour and easily obtainable works gently and gradually in absorbing worry and other negative emotions. Best worn as a pendant set in silver, it can also be carried around in a tumbled form and held during an episode.

Iron Pyrite works well as a shield blocking out unnecessary negative thoughts and somewhere teaches us to differentiate between a real and imagined fear. An energy booster it works to overcoming the fatigue that can come with nervous tension. Best placed next to the pillow or placed on the chakra during a crystal therapy session.

Rose Quartz, the pink stone of love and compassion also works well to stabilize agitation and anxiety especially if it involves worry about a loved one. Best worn as a bracelet or a necklace, this crystals works at all all levels promoting a sense of peace and calm with extended use.

Amethyst, purple in colour this “worry stone” works as an absorber of sad feelings, unnecessary worry, insomnia and restlessness. Commonly available, amethyst is best worn as a bracelet, pendant set in silver or placed by the bedside to promote better sleep.

Most healing crystals will be available with an alternative healing store, your local jeweler or with a healer. Do remember to be patient with results, crystal healing is gradual, natural and works at many different levels subtly. An important note to always remember is the importance of cleansing and energizing healing crystals before use to maximize their effects.