A new chapter begins in your life but only after a period of stress and upheaval. Expect tense moments and unpleasant encounters with difficult people. However if you stick to your stand, keep an open mind and forgive others quickly, things should get a whole lot better professionally and personally by March. Delays in payments and financial matters may turn you into a worry wort, but if you let go and trust that all will be fine in the final analysis, financial matters should improve mid year itself. Romantically a lovely year, single Ariens may find themselves choosing between admirers or having a brief affair with a sensual, romantic soul. Not the year for settling down, the cards do predict a lot of excitement and adventure in the love department. Married Ariens may choose to expand their family and a baby may be on her way. Joint investments and plans take the forefront. Your warning comes by way of trust – give too much and too freely and someone could take advantage of your generosity , be discerning about who you give to and how much. Healthwise a year of vitality but do watch out for stress.

Lucky Colour – Orange
Lucky Crystal – Carnelian


2015 is the year for renewal. Expect a lively year indeed as new relationships are formed, totally different from anything you have ever experienced. New knowledge, skills a new job or even a new home may be in store for you. Do not be afraid to take risks, as they will pay off. Socially you may attract a new circle of associates and friends some of whom may be quite unusual. The emphasis in the months ahead is freedom and spontaneity. Don’t hold back. In matters of property and legal issues, the cards urge you to hold back and think things through before rushing on impulse. A great year for students and job seekers you may find new avenues opening up which will prove highly beneficial for you. Single Taureans may settle down by the end of the year. And if married, there is a chance that the both of you may holiday in a totally new destination or make plans to relocate. Health remains good as long as you eat right. Digestive problems may require relooking at your diet. And if you were planning on a new fitness regime, this is the year to bring you results. Your only warning is not to be indecisive, take a stand and follow it through

Lucky Colour – Grey
Lucky Crystal – Grey Cats Eye


Success comes your way as you finally begin to learn from the lessons from the past and stop repeating old mistakes. A busy year, your high energy levels will keep you occupied with meetings, projects, chores and social outings. Financially things get gradually better and if you are able to curb your impulses and save right, you should find yourself with a rather large nest egg by the year end. Key words are focus, persistence and application of knowledge, however don’t overdo things when your body protests. Health matters are good but there could be a minor setback in the mid year which may make your plans go a little awry. Marriage plans may get delayed as you choose to focus on work matters and if you were planning on a major investment, things should work out in your favour towards the end of 2015. Watch out for petty, jealous people who may try to sabotage your good work or try to put you down. Remember nobody has power over you.

Lucky Colour Silver
Lucky Crystal – Hematite


A longstanding battle may end this year or there may be a parting of ways of some sort for Cancerians. Nothing to fear, as in the long run it will be for the highest good. Watch out for quarrelsome people and avoid arguing as its just a waste of precious energy. A good year to declutter, streamline and organize your life, you’d do well by putting things in order both at work and at home. Don’t rely too much on other peoples commitments, as you may get disappointment. Concentrate on being as self reliant as far as possible. On the personal front, stale relationships may come to a close and new ones come to the fore. Don’t look back, just move on. Financially a year of moderate gains and the cards guide you to not take too many risks or spend impulsively. A change may come your way professionally mid year which although appealing, may not be good for you in the long term. Your keywords to 2015 is peace and to avoid conflict as far as possible. Health remains stable, take precautions against seasonal allergies.

Lucky Colour – Sky Blue
Lucky Crystal – Blue Topaz


This is the year where you need to be prepared to accept the positive contributions and influences of others in your life. Its not about you alone anymore, but more about the team, the family, the community now. Learn to delegate and share responsibility and praise – and watch the accolades come your way. A difficult phase at work could lead to great success, so hang in there and try not to complain too much. A wonderful year for going overseas for higher studies, the cards favour short trips, travel to new locations and overall a year to broaden the mind. Health expenses of a loved one may cause a bit of worry but should sort itself out. A friend may turn out to be the opposite so be careful with your secrets. Married Leos may renew vows and discover greater comfort in their companionship, but only after learning how to share.

Lucky Colour – Pink
Lucky Crystal – Spinel


Planning leads to success, and proper planning leads to greater success. Your natural ability to focus on details will bring you awards and accolades. A project you’ve been working on for a long time concludes successfully and if you were due for a promotion, this is your year to shine. A capable woman may prove to be a wonderful guide. Business matters run well and you may start planning a new venture or consider diversification. Financially a year of gains and professional praise. Family matters may go through a temporarily tough phase as a loved one feels neglected. Women may squabble and drag you into their fights. Steer clear of politics and concentrate on work at hand. Health matters are stable except for a nagging back pain which would need medical attention. Your only warning is to not get too bossy or controlling of other people. Remember everyone makes mistakes, allow them to learn from them.

Lucky Colour – Green
Lucky Crystal – Green Tourmaline


Finally a step up for Librans. If you’ve been struggling for the past few years with something ,welcome a new cycle of change in 2015. This is your year to rejoice, expand your horizons, travel and taste freedom like never before. You’ve learnt to ground yourself and now in the following months you’ll see yourself flying. Look forward to a new life, a new job, a new home and be assured that whatever comes your way you will deal with it in a balanced manner, working for harmony and the greatest good of all. Marriage is a surety for single Librans. Expect celebrations and a reunion with old friends. Financially a good year to reap the rewards of past work. Businesses may flourish and if you’re considering travelling or studying overseas 2015 is your year. However one warning, learn to remain flexible and open minded especially when faced with something new. Healthwise a good year to embark on a new diet plan or fitness regime.

Lucky Colour – Yellow
Lucky Crystal – Yellow Chalcedony


If 2014 was your year of making plans then the coming year is of execution. Of ideas, plans, business ventures, investments, you name it. The following months will see you quite busy with paper work and meetings, and deep in your heart you know it’s all going to pay off. Expect changes in the professional front, all for the better of course. And if you were planning to set up your own business or consultancy then 2015 is the year. You may meet someone of the opposite sex who will be your mirror image and the association may be quite intriguing. Financially a lucky year for Scorpions. Hard work begins to show results and your colleagues and associates may be quite envious of your success. Watch out for a recurring ailment and make sure you steer clear of intoxicants, remember everything in moderation. A surprising encounter could lead to a lifelong friendship.

Lucky Colour – Navy Blue
Lucky Crystal – Iolite


A year of making some hard choices and sticking to them, 2015 may have its share of difficult moments but with preparation and planning all should be fine.
Your instincts will be at their sharpest and it would be best to trust your gut feeling about all matters. If you feel someone is lying to you they are. Expect delays in communications and travel. Work may have its frustrating moments but if you stick to your guns things should get resolved soon enough. Financially a year of moderate gains but again the delays may frustrate you. People who owe you money may ask for more time or may avoid you altogether. A good year to do something creative, or take up a new hobby, the cards favour self expression and bring recognition to those in the Arts. Marriage plans may get delayed and a special someone may reveal his or her true colours.

Lucky Colour – White
Lucky Crystal – Clear Quartz


2015 will teach you how to let go. If there is any relationship, habit, attitude that no longer serves your higher purpose, circumstances will arise to teach you how to let go. Learn to trust more and believe that everything happens for a reason. Work matters may keep you busier than usual, and if you’re self employed, remember to take frequent short breaks to keep the stress levels down. In personal relationships, remember givers have to set limits as takers have none. A greedy individual may keep demanding things from you and putting your foot down will be your ownly choice. Health matters remain stable, just watch out for overwork. Travel, relocation and overseas studies is favoured this year so be ready to pack your bags at a moments notice. Marriages may get finalized and if married,your children will be your source of pride and joy. Try not to obsess over things from the past, make the most of your present moment.

Lucky Colour – Brown
Lucky Crystal – Lepidolite


A year of celebrations and good news in store for Aquarians. You get that promotion you’ve been eyeing, you marry your long time sweetheart, you attend a reunion, you name it. Your social life will be more active than usual and a new set of friends could introduce you to people and places you’d never imagined you’d see. Just make sure you don’t over indulge in the good stuff as your health may get affected mid year. Workwise a wonderful year for putting plans to action. Clients and customers will appreciate your product or service. And if you were planning to venture out on your own 2015 is the year for starting your own business. Pay attention to your dreams, your sleep patterns may change and some premonitions may come true. Avoid procrastination and make sure you exercise regularly. An old acquaintance may return in your life with an important proposal. Your only warning is to do everything you want, but in moderation. Avoid splurging on things you don’t really need and don’t overindulge in the good stuff.

Lucky Colour – Turquoise
Lucky Crystal – Turquoise


If you’ve been taking things easy till now, you may be in for a surprise in 2015. Expect to be working extra hard – be it at home, in school or at the workplace. Greater responsibilities may be placed on your shoulders and you may find yourself burning the midnight oil trying to get things completed in time. Be patient, minor delays surround your plans. And just when you were beginning to think that it’s all thankless, you will get rewarded. Moderate gains are indicated with the promise of increase over the following years. A friend may turn against you so watch your words and be sure to return favours. Healthwise all appears to be stable, but the health of a loved one may cause temporary stress. A dominating woman will need to be tackled diplomatically and if you were dreaming of buying your own car or house, 2015 may see you closer to your dream.

Lucky Colour – Purple
Lucky Crystal – Amethyst

Mita Bhan