For mere mortals like me, unconditional love is an aspired state, one that I consciously strive towards understanding or attaining. Like a kid who’s been told if she jumps up really high, she can pluck off a star from the night sky. And so the little girl in me jumps and falls, jumps and falls believing that one day I will get a twinkly piece of starlight in my palms. And in the process I think I’ve learnt a wee bit 🙂

Freedom is the key to unconditional love. No traps. No expectations. And absolutely no questions ever.

We are all unique souls on our unique path. No soul can ever claim ownership upon another soul. Yes the mother can carry a child in her womb and man and woman can reach states of blissful unity but the other’s soul still belongs to them.

Freedom is scary, exhilirating and brings with it a different sense of responsibility altogether. To love unconditionally means being responsible for one’s own inner peace, path and dream first. And then bringing forth that love to the world around us.

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