Prithvi2 October063 months ago my son’s teacher shouted at me to “Let Go” of my excessive need to shelter and protect my 9 year old son. At first I didnt understand it and felt offended at being shouted at but once the ego bit was over I meditated and learnt, or am still learning to let go of

  •  My smothering instinct with my child. I am learning that one day he will hate me for doing so much for him and not letting him be free. I am learning that there are some life lessons HE HAS TO FACE ALONE and I cannot always shelter him from the harsher aspects of Life.  Mothering a child is essential for a child but smothering cripples them, makes them stop valuing things and enables complacency. Its a gradual process both of us are learning to wean ourselves off each other because it’s necessary for his growth and my own peace of mind.

The more stressful and busy our lives get, the more toxicities we see and hear about us in the news, the more becomes the need to find a few minutes of breathe easy-smile inside. And if Letting Go is one of the crucial lessons on my path then bring it on.