One person described it as an electric shock running through her body everytime he spoke. And according to her “I went into some sort of overdrive for a few weeks after that meeting , my heart was racing, I was restless and I just had to fly to see him”

Another one declared ” It was her eyes. I felt like I had looked into them forever.”

Recognition can happen in an instant, for some it’s love at first sight, for some it’s a connection that grows in intensity, and for some it’s nothing. By nothing, I mean non-recognition instantly but sooner or later, some where or the other the realisation does strike.

Both soulmates need not recognise one another simulataneously, although both will admit to feeling absolutely comfortable with one another and strangely drawn into one another’s direction. While one may feel the connection stronger, the other may, due to childhood conditioning or past life fears, deny and block the recognition.

As the collective consciousness begins to grow on this planet, more and more souls are beginning to recognise kindred spirits. Some are romantic soulmates, some are friends or colleagues.

Once the connection is ignited, transformation occurs in both souls individually and together. More to follow:)

(If you have an interesting soulmate story to share about recognition would love to hear it. And if you want a Soulmate Tarot Session get in touch)