Being an Indian woman has been both a blessing and a curse. There have been times in all our lives when we’ve wondered why we were ever born. Few celebrated our birth and many told our parents why they stopped at 2 GIRLS, why didnt they “try for a boy”. We’ve seen the look in the eyes of many men. We’ve been ignored. We’ve been silenced and “put in our place”  And yet we know we’re the rocks.  Thrown about, stepped on and callously strewn about, but  there’s still something unbreakable within our souls, a strength or Shakti that’s there in every woman on this planet. A force so divine and so indescribably powerful that I can only humbly say I’ve only tapped into a teeny weeny piece of it and I’ve only recently begun to understand why it’s great to be a woman.

Over the following posts I will be exploring Womanhood with meditation and my trusted deck of cards and sharing my learnings. Your feedback as always, is welcome:)