Not knowing is a wonderful state to be in.
There’s a delicious warmth in trusting that the Universe knows what’s going to happen. There IS a Divine plan in place and sometimes when I reach the point of mental exhaustion trying to figure out the mysteries I have no option but to surrender.
Just give up to a place of absolute emptiness, the void of ignorance perhaps. And allow whatever’s meant to be to happen, or not happen. It’s no longer in my power.
Initially, it’s scary because your mind wants to control but it cant. My mind is too unevolved when compared to Universal Intelligence. Just too dumb to get it. When I discover that I cannot know anymore, I cannot plan, I cannot preconcieve, I sink into a cushiony cloud of Trust that whatever happens, happens for the Highest Good of All.

Aah Well, do allow me to wallow in my cool pool of mud of ignorance. 🙂