Hamsa2When someone hurts us or our loved ones intentionally, it is our natural instinct to want to lash back. Anger arises, angry thoughts bob up and before we know it we’re sending the person negative energy. Leaving both sides boiling because the negative energies are simply bouncing back and forth, multiplying away and before we know it’s a war. Or at least that’s how wars end up starting dont they? And nobody wins, because both sides suffer. Always.

The Ancients have warned us again and again not to curse anyone. Why, because curses hold power. Consider them fireballs energised with your negative thought. And though they work they always bounce back at the sender 3x in intensity. The wise ones have told us to forgive our enemy, bless those who curse us and some even tell us to thank them for allowing us to release negative energies and karma with the act of forgiveness. It’s a hard practice, we’re humans after all past life karma et al but surely there is power in the words of the greatest minds of the past. Speaking from personal experience as a student of life, forgiveness is possible.

Here’s a tip to get you started.

Everytime you think about or hear about someone who has been cruel to you or your loved one, spare yourself the angst and the unecessary negativity, try saying Bless You instead of F#%$#@! You.

It works 🙂