Our mothers were our first teachers of our unconditional love. And then came our pets. And when we became mothers we learnt too. But the love was only restricted to a few souls around us. This morning I knew I had to learn a little more about unconditional love.

And my teacher was a 14 year old Afghan Hound who’s in his final days. Probably the only soul I’ve met who receives healing without a single complaint about his aches and pains, his only concern which he communicated to me was will his owner be okay without him. His message brought tears to my eyes and also a deeper understanding of love’s mysterious ways.

Such selfless devotion, loyalty and unconditional love can only come from an animal. Love is timeless. Love has no form. And when you’re ready to learn, God sends his messengers. May this beautiful creature be blessed and may his owner be absolutely okay when its time to say goodbye to his trusted companion.