“Only when every shred of inoccence is ripped out of us do we realise the truth about our men.
The little girl in all of us cries one final time, wipes her tears and looks at him straight in the eye.
and asks just one question.
Why. ”

As I write this to you, a baby girl is being buried alive in a village nearby. Or being stepped on by a village elder because she was born a girl. Or being raped while she barely walks by a man who believes his Herpes will be cured if he penetrates her. And if she’s not being hurt physically, she’s facing his wrath, his “superiority” and seeing through his lies.

Here’s a video that makes me cry everytime I see it. Deep down I do know that the Indian woman has had enough, she’s rising up again, and even though it may take a few generations, it will happen.