Isnt Love the most complex and compelling subject in the world?

The more I connect with the energies of Love during meditation, the more questions the Tarot answers about Love, the more I realise just how little I know about this subject. Over the past few weeks the majority of the Tarot and Psychic readings have to do about the various shades of Love in our loves. Some of you came asking about a long lost love, some wanted to know about whether they had found their soulmate, some hoped to find answers to a loveless marriage, and some just wanted to know if Love was coming into their lives. And I asked what is this thing called Love?.

Excerpts from My Meditation Journal

  1. Love comes when it wants to. Nothing and nobody on this planet can make anyone fall in love with us. And the only way we can be ready to receive love is when there’s adequate amounts of love within us. Love of self is the first step to attracting loving energies in our life. And it doesnt apply to single people alone. And it has nothing to do with being selfish or changing our wardrobe. Loving oneself begins with honouring who we are from inside, accepting our light and our shadow and becoming willing to operate from a source of strength and not fear.
  1. Love is not about changing the other person. Impossible. Speaking from personal experience, the minute I believe someone can be ‘rescued’ I am entering into heartbreak highway with no exit signs on the side. Love is about acceptance. You are perfect as you are. Just say it to a loved one and see how liberating it feels.
  1. Love is addictive, it is a high and all we do is hold on to the memory, the look, the connection. Our whole lives are spent searching for that happy high. But Love is not a drug for the low times. Love is oxygen, all around us from the time before we were born and it will endure for a long time after we die. The first step in learning about Love is becoming aware of the amount of Love already in our lives. By focussing on why she left or what he feels restricts our joy in Love. Love exists in so many shades, and in so many places. Discover what you love doing for instance is a way of tapping into the forces of Love. I’ve seen faces light up when I ask them “What do you love doing?” and someone says “golf” or “singing” or “I used to really love dancing” Or in my case “writing”

And finally as I try desperately to write more on the subject I remember the song “You Cant Hurry Love” by Phil Collins from the 80’s and laugh, because there is no crash course in Love and it’s taken me 40 years to reach to this point.

Mita Bhan