Be The Master of Your Own Destiny

I constantly face people who come to me wondering why someone else’s predictions didn’t come true for them, or if God was really punishing them. As I’ve come to learn down the ages, it all boils down to taking responsibility for our own lives. The knowledge a tarot reader, numerologist, astrologer or psychic can offer is only half the story, the other, more vital half resides in all of us as human beings on this planet. Going to someone for predictions means walking out their door applying their insights in a workable way.

Here’s an example.

A rather gentle faced 25 year old man came to me for a reading. From his energies I knew he was disappointed and close to giving up on believing in anything remotely positive. From the way he slumped down on the chair, I sensed his question had something to do with his livelihood. He looked at me and then at the deck of cards and asked “When will I get a job?’

When I mentioned that the Tarot was based on the present moment and the energies that surround him right now, and could not offer him an exact date he began to raise his voice. Clearly I had annoyed him. He ranted and raved, telling me about a famous astrologer who had predicted a wonderful career for him 6 months ago, but which hadn’t materialized. And that he had borrowed money to pay my fees. And the Tarot was his last hope about when exactly he would get a job.

I turned over a card. It was bleak. And another. Bleaker. I had a strong feeling he was waiting for Lady Luck to come swooping down on him to whisk him away into an airconditioned cubicle in a swank building.

And sure enough, when asked if he had applied for a job anywhere, he said no. Written a resume? He looked away. Surfed a jobsite and he grinned sheepishly.

Which is when we sat and discussed how a Tarot reading or an astro prediction can help him only to a degree, the balance effort would need to be done by him.

A simple rephrasing of the question to “How can he help himself find a job in the next 3 months” provided a lot more insights into his situation ranging from an atitudunal shift from playing out the victim to taking the challenging situation and turning it into an opportunity and simply replaying his achievements to boost his self esteem.

When he left that afternoon, I noticed a subtle shift in his energies. He appeared eager to contact placement agents, and rewrite his resume. And when he called 2 months later to tell me he’d been hired by a MNC I knew he was enroute to success and wished him well.

The beautiful thing about the planets and the cards is that they can tell us the planetary position is favourable or the time is right for us to move in a certain direction. They cannot rule our lives. Nor can they type out resumes or set interviews for us. At the end of the day, we have to help ourselves if we want to get ahead.

Mita Bhan