Laughter is one of the nicest gifts the gods have given us. It’s liberating, healing and yet so infectious. There are so many different kinds of laughs for so many different things. And each one of us possesses a unique laugh, that has the power to lift us from here to up there in seconds. A good laugh can bring tears to our eyes, an ache in our tummies and a sense of complete surrender. Think back to a time when you laughed so hard you cried out to stop but secretly wished it would last forever. It could have been a scene in a movie, a joke a friend told you or a sight that’s indelibly etched in your mind. Chances are you will laugh or smile just thinking about that moment. 

Laughter is truly magical. It makes instant connections between people. Dissolves stress instantly. Makes us forget the struggle and the pain for a few seconds. And brings us as close to our real selves as possible. In fact the more we can laugh at our own selves the more we evolve.

The wise ones tell us to laugh often. And the clever ones have made millions writing books and healing programmes around laughter therapy and its curative powers. Laughter is magic. And it has a way of bringing us back to the basic. When I take life a little too sombrely, or feel weighed down by responsibilities and chores, I turn to the funnies (movie clips, jokes) or I just ask my son to tell me his favourite joke about the sick banana who wasnt peeling too well!

What can you do today to bring some laughter power in your life today?:)