Mulla Nasrudin was talking with a friend about his love life. “I thought I had found the perfect woman,” Mulla said. “She was beautiful and had the most pleasing features a man could imagine. She was exceptional in every way, except she had no knowledge.”
“So I traveled farther and met a woman who was both beautiful and intelligent. But, alas, we couldn’t communicate.” “After further travels, I met a lady who had everything: perfect mind, perfect intelligence, and great beauty, all the features I was looking for, but…”
“What happened?” asked the friend. “Why didn’t you marry her at once?”
“Ah well,” said Mulla, “as luck would have it, she was looking for the perfect man.”

The idea of perfection is a trick we play on ourselves. What is perfect? Perfect is now. Whatever you are or are not experiencing right now is perfect for you. When it is no longer perfect, it will no longer be now.