“Silence can change the personality of an individual. Through silence a person controls anger and speech. One grows stronger through greater determination and self-confidence. One is more at peace and free of tension. There is conservation of energy and a person experiences greater inner strength.”  Chanakya Niti

Somethings happened to the phone lines – my line appears to be “unreachable”, only messaging and whatsapp appears to be working. I’ve had to reschedule telephonic readings, message friends and family who’ve called and to experience the bliss of a completely silent morning and afternoon.

It’s been nearly 7 hours since I last spoke and I’m loving it:) It’s allowed me to connect with my innermost self and draw deeply from a limitless source of pure energy. I guess the past few days had been hectic and my body needed to have a day of absolute ssssshhhh to recharge:)

My son is calling out for me from somewhere. Should I reply or appear with a scribbled note saying “yes?”