Tarot 2016 Forecast by Mita Bhan


Aries – Just like humans get older, souls too evolve to higher levels of consciousness and 2016 sees you wiser and more powerful than ever before in terms of spiritual growth. A wonderful year for students or those who want to go overseas for further studies, the cards promise gains and glory.  All forms of learning are favoured this year. An elder male may prove to be a great ally or mentor so it would be in your best interests to follow his advice. Singles may find themselves committing to their partner, and if engaged, this is the year for wedding bells. In terms of finances, the cards urge you not to take unnecessary risks, and focus instead on the tried and trusted.  Play by the rules when it comes to buying, selling or investing.  Regardless of temptation, don’t succumb, the price will be too high to pay later on. A year for letting go of toxic, fake relationships you’ll find yourself relating to and reaching out to connect with people and groups of a similar wavelength and philosophy.  Lucky Colour – Navy Blue. Lucky Stone – Iolite




If the past has been cloudy, expects spots of sunshine in the year ahead. Your hard work pays off. And you realize the rewards of patience and tenacity are well worth it. Your mood may become more optimistic as you learn to let go of the past and take steps to recreating your life beginning with yourself. A wonderful year for children and if you haven’t any, then do reconnect with your inner child. Promotions, increments, profits rule the days ahead, one word of advice, remember the good times don’t last so do save for a rainy day. For those willing to strike out on your own, you may decide to start your own consultancy or business. Jobseekers get good news. And if you were planning on the holiday of a lifetime, this is the year to enjoy it. Take care of your health especially if you’re outdoors a lot. Nothing serious, but don’t ignore the symptoms in the early stages. A friend could turn into a lover.  Married couples can look forward to a joyful addition in the family. Singles may feel like they’ve come close to finding “the one” but the cards ask you not to rush into a commitment before getting to know them better. Lucky Colour – Orange. Lucky Crystal – Carnelian



2016 brings out your sensitive, intuitive, nurturing side like no other year. Your inner voice speaks louder than ever, so do listen to your own gut, it wont let you down. You may also choose to withdraw a little from socializing or prefer to hang out in a smaller group of friends. Old relationships that no longer serve your growth will be forgotten and you may make friends with a powerful and influential woman. Don’t suppress your feelings as it can only make you sick. Express your anger by explaining, show your love and look forward to a year of closer ties with special friends. A wonderful year for deepening bonds of love, or finding a new love, 2016 promises a lot of emotional highs along the way. At work, you may discover your passion or realize that when you’re really happy doing what you love, you earn much much more. Finances appear to be stable. And if there are any challenges it’s your moods. Try not to over give your energies or allow yourself to get overwhelmed by other people’s demands. It will only leave you cranky and tired. A good year to learn how to consciously relax and access your intuition. Lucky Colour – Light Grey. Lucky Crystal – Moonstone



The worst is over. The days ahead bring in gradual hope and recovery. If you’ve been ailing or suffering from financial losses, 2016 promises better days. But you will need to be patient and very, very positive. Remember, everything happens for a reason. You may have had to face some tough tests and if you’ve learnt the lesson, you could be well on your way to greater growth, wisdom and prosperity.  In personal relationships, this is the year to learn how to set clear and firm boundaries between you and other people. You may have a tendency to give way too much to your loved ones, leaving you drained and sometimes quite miserable. 2016 teaches you to say No without explaining yourself and decide just how much you want to do for others. Old relationships either fizzle out or renew themselves. A promising suitor reveals his/her true colors.  Family members may need to be kept an arms length over a personal issue. Take care of your health. Financially a better year, the cards still urge you not to splurge excessively. A trip overseas could change your outlook forever. Lucky Colour – Gold. Lucky Stone – Pyrite



One chapter in your life comes to an end and a new one begins. You may find yourself more broad minded and open to new ideas and opportunities. A risk taken will be worth it. A year for new beginnings. You may switch careers. Leave an existing relationship. Marry someone totally not your type. Or do something the earlier you would have never dreamed of. A wonderful year for international associations and travel, you may find yourself working on an international project or meeting with a lot of people from foreign lands. Watch out for overindulgence as there may be a tendency to gain weight this year. Financially a good year for investments. Expect a promotion if it had been due for a while. An exceptional year for students, you could get the institution of your dreams if you put your heart and soul into the preparation. Singles may meet someone who could mean the world to them. Just don’t take them for granted. Good people slip away without a word. Lucky Colour Steel Grey Lucky Crystal Labradorite


There’s a side of you that  may have become introverted and reclusive of late and this year promises a complete change. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be out and about, meeting new people, going to new places at a drop of a hat. It’s not time to hide again dear virgo, its time to show case your skills and talents. At work, you do have the potential to get recognition for your work so make sure no one takes credit for your abilities. Those in business may get their work featured in media, or have customers talking about their products. A lovely year to go in for a make over – a new fitness routine, a new look or wardrobe 2016 brings in positive, refreshing changes, even if you don’t want them! Engagements and even marriage is in store for those wanting to settle down. Couples get closer and realize the power of commitment and communication. No more hiding, its time to come out with your feelings, your dreams and your hopes. You have way too much of brilliance within you to hide, don’t you agree? Lucky Colour – Silver Lucky Gem – Diamond


No more sitting on the fence. No more procrastinating. No more waiting for answers to appear miraculously. This is the year for taking action. Making choices. And do step sitting on the fence. If you don’t take a stand, or choose a side, you could be in for some unpleasant surprises. A year of changes, you may find yourself relocating or switching careers or even finding a new life partner. Romantically you may find yourself  surrounded by admirers or having to choose between committing to two equally lovely souls. Listen to your heart. Financially there may be phases of anxiety and frustration. Expect delays and minor disappointments and a wake up call to make some major changes and not be so trusting of others.  Bring back the balance in your life, practice meditation and pranic breathing to regain your centre and develop your sense of inner peace. Lucky Colour Red Lucky Crysal Red Jasper



Your creativity peaks in the month ahead. You may find yourself playing the role of the nurturer or the giver in a relationship. And if you’ve been struggling to find peace in the past few months, this is the year where you will discover the more you learn to make peace with your past, the better your present and future will be. The lesson of acceptance looms large in front of you. Let go of the things you cannot change and embrace what is around you. Women play a prominent role in your life, time to get in touch with your feminine side. Professionally a year of  ideas, long term plans and setting innovative projects into motion, expect to spend many late hours at the work place.  A good year for personal finances you will find your investments have paid off and you may be in the mood to splurge and buy that car you’ve been dreaming of or disappear to that exotic destination for a much needed vacation. The good life surrounds you dear Scorpio and you deserve to enjoy life. Lucky Colour White Lucky Gem Diamond



Oh there’s a lot to do in the months ahead. Responsibilities, chores, duties you name it. Just be careful not to overextend yourself or take on more than you can handle. Learn to delegate. And do set clear boundaries with the people who are simply using you. If there’s something you’ve been ignoring for a while, you will probably realize that there’s no escaping it or going around it. No more living in denial about a few things in your life. Someone’s mask falls off and you see their true colors. A reunion brings you back with an old flame or friend. Do be careful about your health mid year, a recurring condition could be cause for minor concern. However with timely treatment things should go fine. Financially a good year for consolidating your investments. Gains are indicated but only after a bit of hard work and struggle. Relationships may be a bit trying as you realize not everyone has your heart and honesty. Learn to forgive and let go. Lucky Colour Turquoise Lucky Crystal Turquoise



Your patience is going to be tested yet again so time to take a few deep breaths and get used to delays. People will turn to you for advice and strength during tough moments so fight to stay positive for others. This is the year of giving. Giving of your time, energy and love to those around you. Just remember not to expect the same back. The lesser you expect the more peace you will get. Professionally there will be hurdles but victory is clear. Dues will be cleared and a promotion or increment may come your way. Singles can expect delays in marriage plans but in hindsight it’s better to wait for the right person than settle for the wrong person in haste. Your health will be good. Just get started on that diet and exercise routine you’ve been promising yourself for a while. Stay optimistic during the darkest moments and be pleasantly surprised. Lucky colour – Steel Grey Lucky Crystal – Pyrite



Busy days ahead for you. Your diary will be full of appointments. And you may have to travel frequently at a moment’s notice. A new kind of energy comes within you which people will start to notice. Perhaps it’s a new found optimism or a deeper knowledge of your inner worth. Whatever it is, people will be drawn to you and you may find yourself socializing a lot more than ever before.  A wonderful year for singles as you will have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and a few really interesting ones. Married couples have a busy year full of guests and celebrations. The only real challenge in the months ahead is sustaining enthusiasm. You may start a project with great gusto but lose interest half way or promise a bit too much to people and realize that it’s a but beyond your means. Stay grounded and don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Lucky colour – Pink Lucky Crystal – Rose Quartz



Be extra vigilant in 2016. Trust few and most of all trust your own instincts. This is the year where it’s wisest to be cautious and not take unnecessary risks especially when it comes to work and money matters. In your professional life make sure your communications are crystal clear, unnecessary misunderstandings may crop up which could cost you a lot in terms of stress and time. Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed during negotiations. Personally a pretty smooth year ahead, you could find yourself getting even closer to your sweetheart and if married, you may plan a child. Don’t be impulsive and don’t allow anyone trick you into doing something you may later regret. Financially a good year but do remember to guard your possessions as there’s a possibility of a theft or loss. A recurring health condition may require minor surgery. Lucky Colour Green Lucky Crystal Jade

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