Tarot Forecast 2017 by Mita Bhan




If there’s anything you need to learn it’s the lesson of Patience and the year ahead is going to teach you just that. Be it in your professional life or your personal, you may just have to encounter situations where you will have no choice but to just wait it out. Delays may be expected in your plans and frustration levels may go high, but the minute you realise it’s only a lesson from the Universe, it will be more bearable. You will be your courageous self too in the months ahead and a risk you take may bring in great payoffs, literally and figuratively. Go on and change your  job. Dare to dream. Ask the one you love for a date. Being bold is the key to getting what you want. Your health is at a peak in 2017 and this would be a great year to incorporate some fitness or strength training into your daily routine. Financially things may appear slow, but in the long run, it will be worth the wait. Delays are expected in the personal life so if you’re single and looking, you may have to hold on a bit longer. Or if you want to expand your family, there could be some temporary obstacles. Don’t worry. Things will work out in your favour ultimately. Have faith in yourself and remember you have reached where you are because of all the trials and tribulations you have overcome. You’re stronger than you think. And this is the year where you can exhibit it internally and to the world around you. Lucky Colour Orange.  Lucky Stone Carnelian




You begin a new soul cycle in your life and begin to realise things that used to bother you no longer don’t. A part of you becomes maturer, mellower and perhaps a little bit cynical as well. Train yourself to keep focussing on the bright side and the blessings to every situation and you will find 2017 is your year to embark in the right direction. The next 24 months herald changes in your physiology, your mindset and the world around you. You may relocate, change jobs, get married, start your own business or simply go in for a drastic makeover. The old no longer excites you and the new you is willing to explore and experiment with the new. Professionally a period of success awaits you. Negotiations conclude favourably, projects run along smoothly and you begin to get the credit and recognition you rightly deserve. You may also learn that the more you trust in a Higher Power the better your life goes. Stop micromanaging and begin delegating. A new friendship could deepend in the months ahead. Married couples enter a deeper stage of commitment and intimacy. And if planning to travel on work or holiday 2017 should see a lot of arrivals and departures. Healthwise a relatively stable year, though you may find yourself taking a lot of care of loved ones. Financially a few major expenses on your home or car may leave you worrying  but relax, you will make up for it. Lucky Colour White Lucky Stone Clear Quartz







Ignite your spirit of adventure in 2017 and do things you’ve never done before. A positive phase reappears in your life (after a while) and you may find yourself enthusiastic about a new hobby or a passion. A great time to learn a new skill, develop a hobby or for those looking at higher studies, the months ahead open up your mind to new possibilities like never before. The emphasis this year will be on the youth. Either young people will feature prominently in your life, or you may feel like indulging in activities from your childhood. Anyway, you are already natural youthful and the Gemini in you will want to try out new ideas and things that are current and keep your spirits up. For those on the spiritual path, greater self discovery is in store for you. Remember we can only grow when we confront our own limitations. Romantically you may find yourself pursued by a young admirer. And if planning on kids, expect 2017 to herald good news in your direction.  On the health front pay attention to when your body tells you to stop, in your eagerness to rush out and try new things, don’t pull a muscle or nerve. Lucky Colour Sky Blue Lucky Stone Blue Topaz




Theres a part of you that’s getting bored and restless and theres a part of you that wants to escape the mundane and the real. If this has been happening to you of late, ask yourself what needs to change, and take the necessary steps to change it. 2017 brings all the boring, grey areas in your life up into the forefront. Examine your job, your relationships and find ways to enliven the stale air with some fresh energy. Old relationships may suddenly fade to the background. And if you are beginning to feel the job no longer interests you then you may start searching for what really makes you happy this year. You wont feel like listening to other peoples advice because a voice inside you may be telling you deserve to do something that’s true to you. Find it. Personally this is the year of self discovery and realising you are no longer who you were. But who do you want to be and how will you become it? Inner work will bring in rewards and joy. Marriage plans may be shelved as you choose to spend more time with yourself or at home, where you are at your happiest.  You may reach out to new groups or new hobbies just for a change and discover that this is what you were meant to do. Financially a stable year but your health may need a check up especially if anxiety’s been getting the better of you. Alternative therapy will be highly beneficial for stress related ailments. Lucky colour Purple Lucky Stone Amethyst




Stay calm under the pressure. The cards foretell temporary phases of stress that need to be handled with a cool mind. Not a year to take impulsive decisions and not a year to crumble under temporary bouts of pressure. Remember before a new cycle begins, old stresses need to be released. And if handled correctly, everything should be resolved smoothly. On the workfront you may feel bogged down by hierarchies and paperwork. A superior may act erratically and it would be wise to ensure all lines of communication are transparent. Businesses should pick up the pace in the second part of the year. Students may have to face temporary delays but again the cards are clear – stay cool and all will work out well. Your clearheadedness and determination will help you through tricky situations. On the family front do watch your bouts of irritability. An argument with a loved one could release a lot of built up pressure and you will find things to be much better after letting go of the old stress. An old friend could help you out and if you’re on the hunt for Mr or Miss Right, remember not to be in a hurry. By the end of the year things should be clear and you would probably be grateful for the ups and downs you’ve had to face.  Not a year for taking financial risks, the cards urge you to stick to the tried and tested and watch your tendency to splurge.  Lucky Colour Brown Lucky Stone Smokey Quartz




2017 may be the year of letting go. Of old attitudes, beliefs and practices. Of relationships that no longer aid in your mental, spiritual growth and of places you were once attached to. It’s time to make a fresh start with a clean slate. And that can only begin when you identify what you no longer need and release it. Declutter your wardrobe and drawers. Delete old messages and mails. Change is in the air and positive things can only be ushered in when we say goodbye to the old. Renewal will take time though and there may be moments when you find yourself worrying needlessly about the future. Relax, everything will be alright in the ultimate analysis. New commitments and partnerships are in store for you in the months ahead, both personally and professionally. You may enter a new partnership. Or lend your skill to a new team. Engagements and marriages are also highly possible towards the end of 2017 as a fresh, new, improved you emerges. Look out for a recurring ailment that may need imeddiate attention. And rise above the gossip of the petty people. You no longer have the time or energy for mundane matters as you plan for a brighter, bigger future for yourself. A great year to embark on a new study programme, students will excel as Virgoans have a naturally sharp, analytical mind. One warning try not to clash with figures of authority, stay on the right side and all should go well. Lucky Colour Green Lucky Stone Emerald




The year ahead sees you with a sense of accomplishment. Everything you’ve struggled for and planned finally begins to take shape and make sense. There is a sense of victory in your energy as you realise your blood, sweat and tears have led you to the point of feeling recognised. You deserve it Libra!  People will start taking more notice of you and you may even get the recognition you so rightly deserve. Gains and glory could be yours and only you know how much you’ve struggled to get to this point. Your only advice is to maintain clarity of thought. No more dithering and being indecisive. Set clear goals and work towards them. Don’t listen to your critics. And be your own best judge (and friend) In the social front someone you thought was a friend could let you down. There may be bickering and differences in your personal relationships but it will be resolved. Remember most people have never seen you this magnetic and confident and somewhere they could feel insecure around you. The more assertive you are the better your life could be. Financially a year of gains leading to long term security. Travel plans could be made in the last minute. And your health is good. No more wasting time procastinating it’s time to do something with your life. And shine. Lucky Colour Silver Lucky Stone Labradorite




As the year begins you’ll find yourself sorting out unfinished business, organising yourself and chasing dues. Paperwork may bog you down and the bureaucratic atitudes around you may frustrate you but you will be determined to tie up all loose ends once and for all. A new project or business idea will occupy your mind and you may discover there is a lot more work than you originally envisaged. If the monotony gets to you, you may need to take a break to disconnect from it all and simply recharge your batteries. Personal relationships will be satisfactory and you will discover just how valuable loyalty is in your life. Trusted family members and friends will provide much needed help and advice when you need it.  Property matters will take time to get resolved and settled. Be patient and try not to lose your cool with people who are indirect or sly. Marriage prospects may be delayed for the single and looking but it doesn’t mean it wont happen. Trust your gut about someone who you feel isnt being truthful to you. They arent.  Health matters need a little more change in your part. How about a new diet or exercise routine? Lucky Colour Yellow Lucky Stone Yellow Chalcedony




The more you realise that a good phase always follows a bad phase, the more you begin to relax with the cycles of life. A part of you begins to get more realistic and practical and not take things at face value all the time. 2017 sees you finding a little more inner peace as you begin to take stock of your life and react with a sense of wisdom. Relationships flourish in this period and you could find yourself making new friends or connecting with people who you never thought could have been your type. Your health looks good and your renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm will allow you to take a few risks and dare to do things you’d never done earlier. A great year for self growth, which will help you manage your business and work affairs  better. Crises and miscommunications get resolved smoothly and deadlines met. Financially things begin to stabilise and you start to feel optimistic about the future. All is not lost, and you realise just how productive a calm mind is. Just watch out for some unpleasant and unecessary gossip. Avoid petty minded people and steer clear of controversy.  A deal could end in your favour. Lucky Colour Orange Lucky Stone Carnelian




Get out of  your shell and socialise more. This is the year for alliances and associations that are mutually beneficial and enriching. The year blesses partnerships and teams at all levels, so the more you reach out to common minded people the more you stand to gain. Travel is favoured in the cards and you may find yourself dreaming big and taking risks especially in the business front. Avoid procastinating and remember opportunity doesn’t knock twice. A good year for students wishing to pursue higher studies and even for marriage alliances, the year shows promise in everything related to interaction and socialisation. The only challenges you face this year are related to practising what you preach. Dont talk, do. People will believe you by your actions and not your words. Health matters remain good. And financially after a few hiccups, things should begin to get smooth mid year. Avoid splurging unecessarily. Lucky Colour Brown Lucky Stone Quartz






You may find yourself stuck quite a few times in the year ahead. Especially when it comes to making choices and important decisions. Don’t be swayed by public opinion and don’t let friends and family tell you what you should do or think. This is not the time to play the role of the martyr, but a time to delve deep into your own inner wisdom and do what you feel is right. Look for the truth instead of listening to gossip. Avoid delaying and procastinating. Take more accountability for your actions and things will move swifter. Step out more instead of getting too absorbed in your own problems. You are not a victim of anyone or anything. Take charge and get things right again. Professionally you may feel frustrated but delay the job change. Business may be slow but will pick up the minute you look around for fresh ideas and a new approach to handling the old problems. In your personal life, being assertive will get you what you want. Don’t allow yourself to get pushed about and stand up for what you believe in. An older man in the family or friends circle may be a bit dominating and you might find yourself tested on quite a few occasions. Financially things may feel like they have come to a standstill, but if you take charge, the situation will improve considerably mid year. Time to sort out your documents and get a little more organised if you arent already. Lucky Colour Gold Lucky Stone Pyrite or even Gold metal.





A year about learning balance 2017 urges you to understand the need to maintain the right balance between giving and receiving. Don’t give too much, and don’t take beyond your needs either. Tighten your reins and control your expenditure this year. You may have a tendency to splurge on the unecessary or lend your money to the wrong souls. Expect delays in the repayment of debts and do think twice before making any financial decision.  Steer clear of get rich quick schemse and double check all documents. On the work front you may feel your work is going unnoticed or unrewarded, continue working hard anyway, this year promises rewards but only after delays and a bit of frustration. Relationships may be strained as you may feel used by loved ones or feel like the one whos doing all the giving. Your peace will come through finding balance through meditation and outdoor activities. Reconnect with Nature and realise everything has to have its ups and downs before reaching a state of harmony. In healing matters, pay a close eye to dosages of medicine.  Short trips and holidays will help manage stress levels. If on the lookout for Mr or Miss Right, then the end of the year should bring some pleasant surprises your way. Lucky Colour Silver Lucky Metal Silver