One of my constant grouses with living in Gurgaon is the amount of promises I get to hear from all levels of professionals and even volunteers. People who claim to do this or that and then dont! I’ve also learnt that 99% of them genuinely mean it at the time of promising but later realise it was a) unrealistic b) impossible to manage with their time schedules c) simply forget about it. And 75% of them go eerily quiet. Now that could mean “It’s not working”, “Im not interested” “I dont know how to say NO to people or admit my error in judgement”

Leaving me wondering and waiting and then feeling disappointed.

I understand it’s a lesson, in lowering expectations and then letting go of the results. And of course patience (a perennial challenge) but the other side of me wants some sort of answer. If you cant do it, say so. It will save everyone a lot of time and frustration. I make a mental note of taking the next promise with a salt shaker in hand.

And the sad part is many of these professionals will visit intuitives and ask “Why am I still struggling in my business and/or relationships?” And the answers will always point to gaps between promises and delivery.