Nostalgia strikes all of us. It could be a song which triggers off the memories. Or just driving past a neighborhood from one’s childhood. Or a face that keeps visiting us in our dreams. Nostalgia is rather like looking over our shoulder with a question mark in our eyes. Sometimes it brings a smile, and sometimes a tear.

I know, I know, we need to live in the present moment and the Tarot, well, that’s what it’s based on isnt it? But what if we still had unanswered questions from the yesteryears? What if we wanted to know why someone came into our lives and left an indelible mark on our hearts that we still cannot erase, even after so many years?

Recently, I had the privilege of reading the answers aloud for a screen actress who was in town recently.

She turned to the Tarot to help figure out some things from her past. With her permission I would like to share an excerpt of a truly memorable and educational session with the cards.

“Why can’t I say goodbye to his memory?” she asked, and as I shuffled the cards, the card of ‘harvesting your history’ fell out. A very apt card, it spoke of learning from our past to help us evolve into better human beings.

Needless to say the rest of the cards which she drew out of the deck were as mind blowing as her original question. Together we interacted with the Tarot and with each card we turned over, we learned something new and sighed a little with relief until we came to her last card.  The card of Karma. That’s when we both smiled. Everything made sense, to her and to me.

By simply asking the question and reconnecting with his memory, she had completed a cycle in her learnings as a soul, and was ready for the next stage. Lena Dena was complete:)


This was a true story of soulmates who united for a reason. And never forgot each other. How could they? They’d seen lifetimes together, and in this one, he came as her teacher. To teach her about so many valuable life lessons.

And she, came as mine. To remind me just how important the past is to our growth, as that is where we made our choices to become who are we. No choice we made is wrong. No decision we took is bad. It’s all part of the learning on this planet.

Copyright Mita Bhan. All Rights Reserved