After nearly 15 years of doing General Tarot Readings for every sun sign, I decided to do something a little different. What to look forward to in the year ahead. Only the good stuff here, short and sweet:)

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Some sort of victory is in store for you, the cards foretell. It could be something you’ve been battling with, or working on. A favourable year for ending projects, lawsuits or conflicts successfully, your confidence will be boosted by the taste of victory.


Too many good things to choose from! 2018 brings you a plethora of choices, equally enticing. You may find yourself a bit confused, but whatever you choose will be the right choice. Look forward to a year filled with so many options – be it while shopping, going out or even partners, especially if single.



Way to go! The card of courage says you’ll be braver this year than ever before! And you will be happy about doing or saying things which you were afraid of earlier. Break free from your old shackles and look forward to a year where fear will no longer hold you back.


Love and harmony is in the air for you. A soulmate may appear. Or you may find yourself doing what you love the most, and earning from it as well! Expect moments of sheer bliss and joy in the following days, and dont you deserve it?:)


A reconciliation is on the cards for you. If you’ve had a disagreement with someone, or just drifted apart, 2018 hints that you may just get back together as partners, friends, lovers. The key will of course be clear and honest communication. Speak whats on your heart and let bygones be bygones.



Success is round the corner for you and with the way you’re headed you could come face to face with it sooner than you expect. Some sort of reward and recognition may come your way! Who else but you deserves it!


The more you give back the more you receive. The Universe blesses your acts of kindness and charity and brings a different kind of peace and joy your way. Your presence will be inspiring to many, and you may not even know it!


A special celebration will make you realise it was all worth it in the end. The sweat, the blood and the tears – it could be at the workplace or in your personal life. Wherever it is, you will experience where all doubts disappear and realisation. And also a knowing, that you are special and deserve to be here.


A moment may appear where you suddenly discover just how loved you are. Friends and family may share their love for you in their own unique ways and express gratitude for all that you’ve done for them. Sit back and revel in the feeling.


Something that was owed to you for a long time may be returned this year. And when you least expect it. Prepare yourself for a year of sudden, pleasant surprises. Lady Luck smiles your way, and makes your day, oops I mean year!



A positive new start comes your way in 2018. It could be a new job, a new house, car or even a makeover. Look forward to starting afresh, and enjoy the positive new energies it brings your way. time to leave the past behind and start anew!


Your heart could skip a beat. Or you could see stars. Theres a chance of falling in love, like you’ve never known this year. Perhaps its someone who you’ve never met before. Or discovering a new facet to someone familiar. Whatever it is, love will be in the air.


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