Every one of us on this planet is blessed in some way. Though at times we may not know it, or even believe it, we are. The greatest blessing is the gift of life. Following that comes other blessings in our life from the basic (food, shelter, our loved ones) to more unique ones, like a gift or skill we may possess.

We all know that counting our blessings is perhaps the fastest way to usher in positive energy when we need it. But how many of us bless others for being in our lives, for caring for us, and being there when we need them. Blessing others is not something to be practised by our elders but by all of us on a regular basis.  When we consciously appreciate another person we bless them, and  we wish for good things to come their way.  And promote the cycle of positivity and abundance. When we go a step further and bless those who have hurt us, or wronged us we break the chain of negative energy that flows from us or towards us. And replace it with a positive stream of energy.

After all, what we give out comes back to us.