Do you generally like being in or around large bodies of water like the sea or the lake? Are your happiest childhood memories around splashing in the sea?

Do you find you are able to relax instantly with the sound of running water?

Chances are you’re a Water Baby who is most calm and natural around water. The curative powers of water are well known but water babies have a special affinity with these precious drops of existence.


According to alternative healing water heals at all levels – mind, body and soul. Here are a few practices involving water healing:


The Sound of Water is said to lower blood pressure, bring tranquility and clarity to the mind and reduce anger and sadness as it allows us to look at our problems objectively and with calm.


The science of Hydrotherapy uses water to rejuvenate, maintain and bring back health. Treatments could range from steam baths, foot baths to the application of compresses. Aquatic physiotherapy involves bringing relief and mobility to the joints in a heated pool environment as well as spinal and orthopaedic ailments to name a few.


Water is vital to our survival and our healing. Water not only cleans our skin but detoxifies us internally and soothes us on the mental plane.


In Ayurveda, sipping hot water throughout the day aids and strengthens the digestive system and promote inner balance.


The Water element is one of the 5 basic elements or characteristics of Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Every one of us is a unique blend of the influences of all the elements – namely water, wind, earth, fire and metal. Symbolising the kidney and the bladder, imbalances in the water element leads to ailments like water retention, infertility, night sweats and anxiety.


Used in traditional purification rituals in almost all cultures, Water in its essence symbolizes purity, cleanliness and peace.


Water heals inside and out. Even if we’re not water babies we still need it to live and stay healthy in the body, in the mind and in the soul. Drinking 8 glasses is a widely recommended by all doctors for hydration and inner harmony.



Mita Bhan