As parents we all know the joys and pains of bringing up a kid in today’s day and age. Admit, we were a better generation in terms of conscientiousness and responsibility, but didn’t our parents also think the same of themselves when it came to us? And yet, all parents want nothing more than to see their child happy, and do their best during exam time. Our children too know this fully well, and in our quest to see our children grow up and excel in a world that’s becoming more competitive with each passing day and so uncertain.

Here are a few tips or learnings which may help us give greater support, encouragement and confidence to our children during the final exams.

  1. Children absorb our feelings. If we are tense about their performance, or stressed they sense it and most of the time adopt the feeling as their own. A mother who paces around the house while her children study will probably have children who cannot sit down and focus. Your best advice is to stay calm. Consciously relax yourself, go for a walk and even if you’re afraid Junior is going to bring a dismal result, make sure Junior doesn’t sense that feeling.
  2. Set a routine and stress on the importance of healthy habits. Explain to your young one that studying last minute is not the best way to do things and reiterate the importance of a good night’s sleep and of course, nutritionally balanced meals. Boost their vitamin intake do try to minimize the junk food, especially sugar before bed times.
  3. Work and Play. Minimise the TV watching and try and get the whole family to avoid watching the idiot box altogether while you’re child is studying. The last thing our kids need is a noisy distraction! Pick up a book, do a crossword instead, children learn best by example
  4. Lemon essential oil or incense sticks boost concentration and clarity. A few drops of Lemon/Orange essential oil in the bath water may give that extra alertness required on exam days.
  5. Make sure your child releases the stress with some form of physical exercise daily even if it’s a brisk walk with you in the evenings. Small stress balls which the child can squeeze before the paper helps release the tension especially if your child is a little anxious.
  6. Remember, nothing helps a child succeed the way a parent who believes in his or her child does. Praise your child for his efforts and express confidence. After all, if you wont, who will.

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