Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse is a rare event. And though it may throw a few of us off gear for a bit,remember it’s temporary and we all have the necessary skills within our souls to cope with energy shifts and gigantic changes taking place astrologically.

After receiving  5 calls this morning for readings I decided to do some research  and here’s what I found :

We usually go about our lives, unmindful of our world, let alone our universe. Now and then, the universe steps into our life with an eclipse and makes us aware not just of the sheer vastness of space, but also of how the seemingly unchanging sky is actually a place of constant motion. Such occasions, to be a part of something larger than ourselves, even as large as the entire solar system, come but rarely. Let us not waste it by cowering in our houses, scared of, literally, our own shadow!

India Science Wire

Eclipses are the drama queens of astrology but rightly so. Things come in hot and heavy during these times with big sweeping changes or the moments that happen instantaneously, yet end up shaping the next twenty years of our lives

This means that things have a way of falling apart around eclipses. We unexpectedly have to transfer jobs, move somewhere else, or a relationship seems to have hit a dead-end. Sometimes one of the most difficult things we can do is let something go that is trying to leave.

Not everything or even everyone is meant to stay in our lives long-term. We are not meant to stay in the same place forever in our lives; instead, we are meant to grow, to open up, and to let ourselves be transformed by what we experience.

Kate Rose, YourTango astrology.

Two extreme and interesting points of view. Our best way forward is to stay on the middle path, retaining our sense of balance and hope. All will be well if not better.

Mita Bhan