We’ve all had times in our lives when we felt devoid of energy, listless and completely disinterested with life. Thankfully, it is a temporary condition for most of us. But, for those who feel tired often or are simply fatigued, here are some crystals which help uplift the energy and spirits.

Easily available with jewellers, feng shui and crystal healing stores, these crystals are affordable, have no side effects but must be cleansed under running water at least once after buying them. They may be worn as jewellery in the form of bracelets, pendants or rings or placed in strategic corners of your home and office.

Here are some Crystals which can work as energy boosters.

Clear Quartz (Sphatika)
Available in cut or polished form and in raw clusters, clear quartz has been hailed as ‘battery of the soul’ by healers over centuries. It not only helps dispel toxins but helps restore our body’s energy balance. The quartz is beneficial for the mind, body and the spirit. A clear quartz works at all levels, bringing in a sense of calm, clarity and harmony.

Green Tourmaline (Turmali)
Deep leaf green in hue, this semi precious stone is found in most jewellery shops. Also known as verdalite, it is best worn as a pendant or a bracelet in silver. It works as an all round healer, restoring the balance and bringing back positive energy. It not just dispels toxins and fears but aids in restful sleep and raising energy levels too.


A powerful combination of both amethyst and citrine, this purple and yellow stone helps you get clarity. It thus improves our focus and brings in harmony, making us optimistic. This stone will help you find a solution to any problem.

Citrine (Sunehla)

Ranging in shades from yellow to brown, citrine is hailed as the carrier of the sun’s rays. It is a powerful cleanser and regenerator of body cells. It works as an effective chakra activator and energizer; especially the solar plexus chakra (at the stomach). It also brings in joy and improves your physical energy too.

Healing crystals work in restoring energy, vitality and harmony into a person’s life. Slow and sure, these gifts of mother nature have helped millions of people through time. They can be used as effective complementary healing aids to reduce stress, anxiety and tiredness.


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