Meet my Himalayan Singing Bowl. Gifted to me by a visiting Regressionist from New Zealand over 10 years ago, this ancient healing tool is one of my prized tools  for balancing and healing, cleansing and purifying not just me and my family and clients, but also my home and office. I love playing it walking from room to room or simply meditating with it. It is not uncommon to find people owning 3-4 of these, playing each one alternatively. Me, I’m happy with just one.

According to the Tibetans, these bowls have been around since Buddha’s times and are the quintessential aid for meditation, healing and cleansing practices. They produce a sound that immediately balances our brains, our chakras and deeply relaxes those who hear it. Meditating on the sound helps tune one into the universal sounds of  Universe. Easily available at alternative healing stores and Tibetan antique/handicraft shops, Himalayan Tibetan bowls should always be tested before purchase.

For an idea of what it sounds like, do listen to this video here. And if you’d like a live demonstration after a Tarot/Healing session, I’d be more than happy to play it for you :):)