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Sometimes in relationships, one partner wants a little time for himself or herself. Time to introspect, process their emotions, or focus on studies or work. Most often enough the other partner panics a little, fearing the loss of the relationship and starts to frantically message the person, and if ignored they turn to readers, to find out why he or she is not responding to their texts, or if they are leaving them for good.

With the Tarot in cases like the these, the message is always the same. Leave them be. If someone truly loves you they won’t forget you and your importance in their life. Just like fields are left fallow for a while to nourish and strengthen the soil, souls too need a little ‘time out” to recharge their batteries and gain perspective. Understand and respect their need for space. Trust that things will work out. By messaging them repeatedly we only end up creating tension in the space and sometimes it drives the person further away.

Just let go, give them the space. Make them miss you.

They’ll come back when the time is right.

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