Every day and in every way we are exposing our bodies and minds to toxins in our lives. Whether it is the polluted air we breathe. Or the chemical preservatives in the convenient food we ingest. The contaminants in water. And unknown to many, the emotions we suppress, the negative thoughts we push away and the energies we absorb from negative environments. Toxins take a toll on our bodies and minds. Stress, diet and the environment being the primary killers. And it becomes imperative to detoxify our minds and bodies regularly.


Detoxification is simply our body working to eliminate and neutralize the toxins we may have collected, bringing ourselves back to balance. Traditionally used for alcohol or drugs, today detoxes are closely associated with weight loss diets, and a number of techniques are used by nature cure clinics, yoga centres, spas, fitness centres and alternative healing practitioners.


Your body is the best indicator for when you need a detox. If you feel any of the following symptoms, you may like to ask your doctor if its time for some internal cleansing.


  1. Constant tiredness, sluggishness and bloating.
  2. Difficulty focusing or concentrating on daily chores.
  3. Low immunity, constantly catching a cold.
  4. Bad breath or body odour from poor diet, smoking, alcohol
  5. Irregular bowel movements
  6. Allergies to certain foods
  7. Recurring skin ailments
  8. Irritability,depression, pessimism



Most people who have been through a process of detoxification feel lighter, healthier and more energetic after a course apart from feeling clearer, more peaceful and able to concentrate better. Best done under the supervision of experts it is always advisable to consult your doctor before trying a therapy or changing your diet.


A number of detoxification programmes are available with health centres – always check out the various options available and ensure it suits your medical conditions. Some of them include:



  1. Detox diets range from fasting to simply having juices, milk, fruits to more specialized ones available at weight loss clinics, spas. Do check what suits you before trying out a diet and make sure to consult your doctor.
  2. Yogic breathing helps clear carbon dioxide from the lungs and stimulates the digestive organs. Asanas with their focus on stretching and compressing the body help cleanse the body.
  3. A number of supplements help in detox which are made from herbs and fruits, however it is best to use them under medical supervision.
  4. Colon cleansing.


Whether you opt for a fully body detox or for organ specific cleansing make sure you research your choice thoroughly to make sure it agrees with your system and do take the advice your doctor.

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