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You’ve been wanting to change your job for months now but nothing’s materialised. You may have been called for an interview but then there was silence. You may have reached out to your contacts but no one’s followed up on their promise, or so it seems.  There’s frustration, there’s anxiety and the delays just don’t make sense as you think you deserve a change.

When it comes to these situations, the Tarot never fails to offer memorable insights.


Based on an analysis of career related spreads and the placement of Major Arcana cards, here  are a list of possible reasons why it may be happening in no order of preference. Reasons as to why you are not able to change jobs right now,  may differ from person to person to differing degrees.

1. Unfinished Karma with your current organisation and certain individuals.

2. Time for a Career Shift to a different industry, job description or location.

3. Time to start your own business or consulting practice.

4. Time for learning a few Life Lessons mainly patience and hope, among others.

5. Insufficient self discipline, self motivation and self confidence and unclear professional goals.

6. Your personal life needs more of your attention.

7. Hidden blessings.

If any of the reasons listed above resonated with your situation, introspect and reach a state of understanding. Where necessary take corrective action. Only you know your current professional situation best and trust that you will move in the direction you wish.

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