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essential oils with herbal flowers for aromatherapy treatment

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One of the most popular ways of destressing and treating a number of ailments, aromatherapy has become a favourite among thousands of people worldwide. Claiming to restore harmony between mind, body and soul, aromatherapy is absolutely non invasive and natural. Here are a few essential oils that may suit your Sun sign.


The ideal essential oil for fiery Ariens is Pepper essential oil.

Pepper, is fortifying, strengthening and an excellent digestive stimulant helps when rubbed on the abdomen. Burn a few drops while meditating or if grappling with a problem, remember not to use more than 3 drops if you have sensitive skin



Ruled by the planet Venus, Taureans would greatly benefit from Ylang Ylang essential oil, a sweet smelling balancing oil that helps calm emotions. Distilled from a Malaysian flower, burn a few drops of Ylang Ylang to ease anger and anxiety and helps enhance sensuality. Great as an evening bath aid, this wonderful scent helps promote relaxation and aids sleep.



Peppermint essential oil is perfect for the restless Gemini. Ideal for clearing up the mind and the excess nervous energy, inhale 1-2 drops of this oil on a tissue to dispel headaches and confusion. Peppermint oil’s fresh, minty top notes makes it ideal to use as blends and helps to keep coughs and colds at bay.



The perfect destresser for the moody and emotional Cancerian is Roman Chamomile. Perfect for aches, pains and removing anxiety, use it regularly to soothe and calm yourself on tough and tiring days. Calming, balancing and deeply relaxing a few drops of Roman Chamomile in olive oil or almond oil makes for the perfect massage oil.



Frankincense for this fiery sign is what the ancients recommended for Leos. The perfect aid for calming and slowing down breathing in tense moments, inhale a few drops of this wonderful oil on a tissue or simple burn it. Traditonally burned as an offering to the gods, this divine scent is a valuable aid in meditation,purification rites and prayer and helps allay fears and anxieties.



The calm gentle qualities of Lavender makes the ideal essential oil for the Virgo person. This popular and versatile oil balances and normalizes emotions. Very effective in massage or in bath water, a few drops of Lavender on bed linen also aids insomnia. Use frequently and find yourself smiling more.



The sweet floral aroma of Geranium brings out the natural charm of Librans. Uplifting, balancing and refreshing the scent of the Geranium helps ease depression and creates a sense of security and comfort when burned regularly or blended into a massage oil. Used in perfumes and to counteract moodswings, Geranium uplifts in a few minutes.



Intense and passionate Scorpions would do well with Patchouli – a popular scent used extensively all over the worlds. A powerful aphrodisiac, patchouli adds a sensuous, erotic element to the air and is wonderful as an uplifting massage aid. Also good for skin care, the soothing, stabilizing and slightly hypnotic qualities of this perennial shrub helps grounding in meditations.



Allow the clean, fresh and citrusy notes of Lemon to revive dullness and tiredness. The ideal spring cleaner for the mind, Lemon essential oil is useful in meditation to aid clarity, concentration on foggy days. Allow its unique fragrance to pick you up on days when you’re drained and disappointed. If you have sensitive skin don’t go beyond 3 drops in your bath oil



Deep, smoky and earthy, Vetiver essential oil is known as the “oil of tranquility”. It helps centre you when you feel disconnected and offbalance. Its earthy fragrance is popular in aftershaves for men and perfumes for women and helps promote grounding, stability and calm. The ideal aid for baths, a few drops in bath water helps relax, soothe and restore your energies after a tiring day.



Sensuous, deep and mysterious Sandalwood essential oil helps not only to purify but also soothe and relax tired minds. The longest lasting aroma among essential oils, the exotic and slightly erotic qualities of sandalwood make it perfect as a cooling, calming aid. Psychologically sandalwood aids spiritual practice and cleansing rituals and has been used in incense for centuries, it calms irritation born of frustration and helps still and quieten the mind, while bring harmony and balance into your life.


The powerful heady fragrance of Jasmine helps bring harmony and peace into the Pisceans life. Sweet, exotic and intensely uplifting this essential oil when burned or blended in a massage oil is emotionally warming and uplifting. An aid to those lacking in self confidence or lethargy, jasmine’s euphoric qualities have been said to immediately purify and uplift the energies around. Avoid in early pregnancy.

These are suggestions only and are not substitutes for conventional medical or behavioral health care treatment, but rather as an ancillary modality or as complementary healing.


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