Tarot cards are relatively new to India. Though the cards have been around since  Medieval times in Europe, they were only formally and professional introduced to India in the 1980s by the late Ma Prem Usha.  Today nearly 40 years later, they have grown immensely in popularity across the country but there are questions that people ask Tarot readers which are more myths than reality.

Here are a few common myths about the Tarot..

  1. MYTH – Telephonic readings are not as accurate as face to face readings   As in all readings the reader taps into your energies through meditation, accuracy levels are the same in both cases. No readings is ever 100% accurate and no reading is ever carved in stone. Online or offline.
  2. MYTH – Tarot cards have to be touched with a particular hand. Many people have asked me if they have to use their right hand while picking out their cards. No such rule exists. Use whichever hand is your dominant one.
  3. MYTH – Tarot cards can only be touched by the reader.  The designs, symbols, numbers and pictures on all 78 cards are for all souls to understand and interact with, and can be seen or read by anyone for anyone.
  4. MYTH -Predictions are valid only for a year.  It depends on the question.Though Tarot is not necessarily a tool of prediction and more of a life guide, predictions are valid for what is specified in the question. For example “Where am I headed professionally in 5 years?” ” What are my chances of relocating in the next 3 years?” “How can I ensure I get the promotion in my upcoming appraisal next month?”
  5. MYTH -Pregnant ladies should not read cards or get their cards read.  I was reading the Tarot the night before my caeserian, nothing happened to me or my baby (now a teenager).

These are just a few of the myths people have. The Tarot is just a tool in the hands of a Tarot Reader who can give you an understanding of your past, your present and all the positive choices you have before you to create a wonderful future. And the more informed you are about what’s real and what’s simply a  myth about Tarot, the more informative and relevant your sessions will be.

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