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Some people are just consumed by their own negativity. They seek help but then start to argue, berate, belittle the person trying to help them. They refuse to acknowledge there could be a problem in their attitude or their way of looking at things and end up draining others with their refusal to see the positive in anything. It could be their anxiety, their fear or their bitterness that blocks them from receiving help, love and advice. And they end up frustrated and leaving loved ones and even those who try to help them drained. Recognise such people and protect your energy. It’s okay to say No to them. Block them from calling. And ignore their provocations. Saying No to someone who doesn’t want to be helped is simply an act of self preservation. Your first priority is to yourself regardless of what you do for a living or how they may be related to you. If someone disturbs your levels of inner peace, just say No.

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