six of swords

Images of 6 of Swords from the Fountain Tarot and the River Styx Tarot.

Many souls do not feel at home in their country of origin. And yearn constantly to be  somewhere else. By the sea. On a mountain. Near a river. In a different city. The locations may vary but the feeling stays the same. These are the souls who ask the Tarot if they were destined to migrate.

Another set of souls have begun to feel disenchanted by their country of origin. The struggle gets too much. And there is a constant wanting for a more organised life, more spending power, better climate and more advanced systems.  Of these, I find there are souls who act upon their yearning and take the necessary steps towards the realisation of their dream. They would have met immigration lawyers or begun the process of application. And their questions to the Tarot usually revolve around possible time frames, future job prospects and financial security. And the second set who don’t like their current life, want to leave the country but take no steps in this direction  or have had their applications rejected and ask questions related to “Will I ever leave this country?”

And finally there are a few souls who end up in another country due to circumstances they never envisaged. A marriage proposal. The transfer of a spouse. Grown up children who have settled in other countries. Before they even realise it, they’ve moved to another home far away. And they learn to adapt and accept the changes that surround them. Their hearts and warmest connections remain rooted to their homeland and their questions revolve around the wellbeing of their family far away.

If there is one card in the deck of Tarot which answers the question of migration it’s the 6 of Swords.  The card of voyages, passages, moving to a new set of circumstances and leaving the past behind. And if it doesn’t appear it doesn’t mean the querent is not relocating, it just means there are karmic lessons to be learnt and business that remains unfinished. Or the energies aren’t quite right for you to know the answer at the time of the reading.

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