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Q : My daughter doesn’t listen to me.

I’ve been telling her what to do and now she’s got herself a job in another city

And all she’s done since she’s reached there is complain about the people and then shout at me.

Why is she suffering?



A :  She’s learning the lesson of Tolerance and Patience.  What you’ve been telling her for the past 25 years to learn, Life will teach her in minutes.

Q : I always tell her to get along with all kinds of people , to overlook differences, to be respectful of another’s culture or religion, to just hang in there and understand the way they communicate before jumping to conclusions. Still, all she does is criticise and complain and sulk around people.

A : It’s her lesson. Not yours. You’ve done your best.  Just let go.

(one second later)

Q: I was wondering now that the kids are grown up, if I should go on that cruise I was reading about. A few of my friends are planning to travel in a couple of months…..


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