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For so many years my shadow floated by on the tiny waves


For you to return

Remembering your words promising to not forget me

Or all of us here

Who lived and breathed

and walked this road

and laughed

and cried

Until we heard only Silence

Each night our souls whirled around on the tips of the dark green water peering over the shoulders  of the waves

Waiting for their special someone to return,

And for me, it was you.


You came.

All thirteen years of you standing there with your parents.

When I heard your voice read out my name aloud

I cried into the water

And soon we were all floating on the tearful waves

listening to your sweet shrill Indian accent

Reading  aloud each and every one of our names

You didn’t forget

You returned

And while the other shadows have drifted to sleep I shall float along

these deep green waves waiting

For you to return with your wife and children.

—-Lest We Forget——-


While exploring the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam on a family vacation  my son  felt compelled to walk down the quiet road by the canal in Nieuwe Keizersgracht. He ran up to the plaques on the banks of the canal and called  out to us to see and hear him say out the names out loud individually while he folded his hands in prayer.  We discovered we were at  the Schaduwwade memorial listing names on the plaques opposite their homes of more than 200  Jewish residents of Nieuwe Keizersgracht who were killed during WW2 . And thank God for sending us a reminder to never forget.







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